Clip from “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded” c2011

This video doesn’t exist

The clip is from the introduction of “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I highly recommend both “Slaying the Dragon” and “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I streamed this through Kanopy a free app through my Amazon firestick. You need a library account to access Kanopy.

It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US.


  1. You know Hollywood recycles characters, storyboards and movie plots and tries to repackage them. A lot of ethnicities are still stereotyped in a sly glossed over fashion. Will have to check both these out.

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    1. Yes they do, and they’re constantly sending subtle or obviously racist messages that the white dominant culture is the savior of minorities, when it’s the opposite. Thanks Syl


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