Yellow face montage from “Slaying the Dragon”

There were plenty of actual Asian actors available but non-asian actors were used to portray them instead, the real Asians were used as back fill they weren’t allowed to be in the lead role, this is known as yellow face, (when it was first done to African Americans it was called black face, those portrayals were even worse). These caricature racist portrayals weren’t questioned at all by the mainstream public, I wonder why? Can you recognize the two famous actresses in the photos below? 1st photo Clue: she liked to wear pants not skirts, 2nd photo Clue: the magically mean mother in law. I remember watching “Breakfast at Tiffanys” and “Charlie Chan”, I cringed when I saw those racist depictions, I was a child, but I still inherently knew it was wrong.  Asians were framed in a sub-human mask.



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