Poem: virtually ruin us

Moving images and music together

hypnotize our minds not to blink

fusing new memory

and programmed ways to think.

Artificial fantasy blinds

create amorphous dreams.

Societal web of forgetting

seams together virtual reality themes

replaced normality and reformed being

robotically streaming in a brain fog coma

through towers of wire.

Chip your dog Chip with a chip, chip yourself too

make your body an ATM for whose convenience?

Bad is beast is beastie is best is bestie

beast mode compliment now that antiheroes rule

the heavy petting asylum zoo.

Virtually ruin us with monitors to teach us

new Pavlovian addiction tricks

slight of hand illusions mouth watering delusions

optically implanted confusion.

Teach us how high to jump, how far to run, retrieve and be sick

with pharmaceuticals in the water, Prozac and estrogen too

bottled water won’t save you!

Shock us with electrocuting metal piercing collars

police us and steal our privacy with drones hovering

and face recognition assassinations.

YouTube is our new professor, anyone is now a professional

be a channel post, ghost in the host

machine learning.

Alexa and Siri choose which accent to trust

to pretend it’s a she like us.

Ring blue fire screen us for invented safety slavery

airport strip search what happened to my shoes?

Our world’s become a prison, industrial complex refuse.

Big Brother corporations steal and abuse

digging tunnels, blasting rockets,

maiming our worth and existence.

Culling us like weeds, uncomplaining followers

distracted by our monitors.

Night of the living dead when life imitates bad art

we’ve finally become soulless vacuous

zombies with implanted buttocks

suck the fat out and put it where it counts

on the bee stung lips and dream house Barbie boobies.

Someday soon I predict a sale on three tits

and at least 4 extra prosthetic dicks to enhance the body image

Entitlement is the new normal, we shout, “More, more, more, more!”

until it’s over.


    1. Hi Jeremy, thanks! I usually get an idea and jot down a title/theme, then I’ll look through the ideas and I’ll write a post about it. Usually it takes a few hours after re-editing it and looking for an image to match the theme. I’ll often publish and edit it again😁a few minutes later! Longer articles or memoir posts can take a day or longer to re-edit before I publish it, but poems are more spontaneous and quick to write.

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      1. I think it’s all relative. The kind of poetry I write is free verse, it’s stream of consciousness inspired, I don’t have set rules of rhyme requirements so writing poems is a very fluid process, effortless. Then I re-edit it and that consumes the most time, but still I don’t have the requirements of a structured rhyming pattern like villanelles, which are beautiful but I resist writing in a formulaic style. My exception is haikus, I write them and follow the syllabic rules but they’re so brief and simplistic, that they’re also not time consuming to write. I used to start and finish a first draft of a poem during my 20 minute subway commute to work. Now I walk so I miss that opportunity. Many poets here on WP write/post 5 poems a day everyday, it’s amazing. Writing memoir or an article or fiction takes more time for me, because of the inherent structure involved, the grammatical rules and the effort to be coherent and understood.

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