Poem: Voyeurism

Every time we watch a movie

A moving image so false it’s based on real

Every time we go into a cinematic trance

Strobe light dancing romance

photographs in time to music’s powerful rhyme

I could memorize the Bible

if it was accompanied by muses

All day long actors pretend so much they’re real

Convincing even themselves

Entrancing themselves

Like liars forget which line is real

Like when you hide something

So deep in the wishing well

You can’t remember where it is

Which spell lies?

Which reality is?

Where are we now?

Do you really know?

Or are you pretending like the rest of us

The Emperor has no clothes

Don’t kill the messenger

Don’t attack those who know

We’re the fools disguised in truth

hidden in plain view I suppose

If you have no clothes.


  1. Yes actors pretending so much they’re real, they even convince themselves.

    Like that scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet where an actor in a stage troupe is playing in a play actually weeping over Troy’s ill-fated queen Hecuba and Hamlet asks the question, “What’s he to Hecuba and Hecuba to him?”.

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    1. I think Shakespeare was an unmistakable genius, impressive that you’re familiar with his lesser known writing. Do you think he was the only author or many authors? I’d like to imagine it was just him.

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      1. I believe it was only just him.

        My dad when he was taking a course in English literature in his University years actually did as his project for that course whether Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.

        In his research, he noted that John Milton (the author of Paradise Lost) in writing essays on Shakespeare 10 years after Shakespeare’s death obviously in his writing believed that Shakespeare wrote all of the works attributed to him.

        He also discovered that some lesser playwrights of the time (jealous of Shakespeare) wrote plays mocking Shakespeare and what they considered his pompous style.

        So they obviously believed Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.

        Among the lesser known playwrights mocking Shakespeare’s style were two named Rosenkreutz and Guildenstern.

        This confirmed for my dad that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare since the two non-descript courtiers in Hamlet who were killed very early on in the mission they were sent on bore those names.

        My dad figured what better way to make fun of one’s critics than to have them appear on-stage in one’s play as a couple of fools who are killed early on in the mission they’re sent on.

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      2. Thanks for sharing this awesome information that your father researched. I agree with him, I think the rumor arose out of jealousy too. People couldn’t believe that one person could write so prolifically and so well. I love that Shakespeare ridiculed the two critics in such a hilarious way! Brilliant! 😊

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