Poem: Celebrity Slaves (haiku in 7 variations)


Celebrity slaves

to the almighty dollar

lose what they gambled.


They hypnotized us

as larger than life icons

but they’re just puppets


to the unseen hands

that control society

1% elites.


Scapegoat sacrifice

their narcissism killed them

cloaked in suicide.


Casting couch sell outs

they prostituted themselves

all for stupid fame.


Are they clones or bots?

Why do they look so alike?

Do they even know?


Was that what he meant

when he asked, *”Do androids dream

of electric sheep?”?

Philip Kindred Dick’s book inspired the masterpiece film, “Blade Runner”


  1. Once again… You nail it! Without mincing words… You just said it. It’s the story across globe… 1% is what control them all. And we fools see their life to be so glamorous… Ignorant to the core. Sad!

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    1. Thank you for your support! 🌸🙂 I think maybe they got entrapped or blackmailed along the ladder to fame, but they still signed up for and benefit from it at least materially. I used to admire them, thought they were so talented but I no longer see them that way. I’m glad to have a regular, uncelebrated life 🙂, no one can take wealth/possessions with them when they die; better to have a good, humble life. 🙏

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