Poem: Freud was an ass, not a donkey

Freud was wrong

about so many things

especially Oepidus and Electra

the Greeks and Romans worshiped

the sun and believed

in half human, half animals

what would they know about reality?

When humans first crawled out of caves

and started walking upright

they made fences and wars

social rules and boundaries

they stopped fucking their children

they stopped fucking anyone’s children.

That’s when civilization really began

when we stopped using each other like meat.

Love is the evolution of humans

it’s the most unselfish,

generous gift that gives life meaning.

It’s not what Freud projected

from his own deviance

confusing lust for love.

Children don’t want to fuck their parents

sons don’t want to kill their fathers

to marry their own mothers.

Freud was such an ass.

Lust is fearful

a rapist of trust

lost in the darkness


creeping like a serial killer.

Love is a revealer

a mirror

gently leading back to yourself.

Even doctor’s know

true healing is self healing

not an outside rescue force.

The first step is

awareness of what is broken.

The second step is a will to live

not just survive,

life without fulfillment

is a waste of paradise.

The third step is trying,

learning and growing.

Freud was an ignorant pervert

who convinced the world

that his mental illness was universal.

No wonder his grandson

Clement was a pedophile.


    1. Yes he wrote it. He compared gorilla’s social behavior with human behavior (patriarchial harem structure with young males kicked out of the tribe, returning to kill/replace the alpha male), but humans aren’t gorillas. The ability to go beyond animalistic behavior is what differentiates humans from animals. Freud also slept with his neurotic female patient, I’m not a fan of his theories.

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