Poem: The Working Poor (haiku in 5 variations)


All workers have skills

Most of them have family

Depending on them.


Most workers had moms

Who brought them into this world

With so many hopes.


Workers work so hard

For practically nothing

Not enough to live.


Even though they’re not

True slaves they’re treated that way

As second class pawns.


Their rent is raised high

Their pay is at poverty

Soon they’ll be homeless.


    1. The conditions are probably worse in China and other countries that literally enslave workers, even using child labor. I was watching a program about customer workers in North America who receive minimum wage. Even working full-time they have to rely heavily on welfare, which the corporations leave US taxpayers to fund. It’s shameful how much wealth is horded by the wealthiest people. When robots start replacing human workers, I can’t imagine how bad it’ll be.


      1. Yes but I’m suspicious of universal income, the proposed $1000/month isn’t enough and how to fund it seems like a mystery. Replacing people with machines seems wrong to me. Scary times ahead unless something major changes.


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