Poem: Ironic (haiku in 12 variations)


I think it’s so strange

That the same people who say

They love animals


Purchase them at stores

Cut up their raw carcasses

Eat them with delight.


They’re so horrified

When third world cultures eat dogs

While they carve up pigs.


While they mutilate

Gentle sheep, lambs, geese, chickens

Cows, pigs, snails and frogs.


Using subterfuge

They re-label the creatures

Beef, pork and poultry.


Hiding their true names

Cows, pigs and chickens

Covers up the shame.


They proudly proclaim

“Free range” to hide the murder

“Grass-fed” masks slaughter.


Hunters aim their guns

Display decapitated

Bison, deer, tigers.


Then they dress their pets

In winter coats, boots and hats

But just the cute ones.


Intelligence and

Cuteness is arbitrary

Perception is all.


Who gets to decide

Which animals are eaten?

The lucky humans.


We’re just like babies

We’re defenseless and helpless

Without our weapons.

I’m not vegan, I’m pescatarian. My son eats meat. I just think there’s so much irony in how we treat animals depending on their designated value.


      1. My posts can be somewhat depressing to read! ☺️, I’m grateful you appreciate them. I admire the positive message in your posts, Sylvester, your writing always inspires me.❤️


      2. Haha, nothing wrong with speaking your mind 😊 Everything is not all sunny and bright in the world we know. Thank you very much, Judy and I’m glad to provide some Inspiration. ❤️

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    1. 😘Hi David, I wish I could go vegan too, I’m almost there but not quite, I eat seafood. I used to like shrimp too but after getting then as pets in my aquarium I feel so guilty now to eat them🍤😳!

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      1. I guess food is a cultural thing, Judy.
        But cultures do change over time.
        I just try to avoid meat, but I could
        never do without yoghurt, having
        grown up in a lucky country flowing
        with milk and honey. My daughter
        has gone total Vegan, but she did
        it slowly. I was in Nepal recently,
        and it was easy to go vegetarian,
        as their traditional cuisine is so
        spicy 🌶️ yummy 😎

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      2. I admire vegans, your daughter is awesome❣️ I think if most people were vegetarian, it would help the planet, and we’d all be in better health. Good vegetarian food with the right spices is heavenly! I love spicy too❤️

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