Poem: False Heroes: Ginsberg’s a Creep (both of them)

Why is Allen Ginsberg celebrated?

He was a proud pedophile

A member of NAMBLA

The pretense of “Man/boy” love

He wore it like a badge

A license, a banner, an excuse.

Rape is never about love

Rape is about power

Control and manipulation.

Groomers disguise slavery as love

Children don’t know anything about sex

Because they are innocent

They’re not ready or able

They can’t get housing, a job

Their brain is still forming

Because they are children

Why is this so difficult to understand?

Children are not adults

Stop fucking them!

Stop killing their hearts!

You decrepit monsters!

Were you ever innocent children?

Did you hatch from a leviathan?

Are you even human?

Hiding under a minority flag

Branded with a hijacked rainbow

Being gay isn’t a license to cripple

Being gay doesn’t mean and

Shouldn’t never condone

The atrocious celebration of the rape of children

But Ginsberg said it was natural

To devour the innocence of a child

He said the children wanted it

What a fucking psychotic

He put his agenda on full force

Civil liberties and etc

They’ve repeatedly tried to change the laws

Lower the age of consent they say!

Redefine prostitution they say!

They’re speaking for the People they say!

But We’re not invited

to their Clubs

and Causes

that have Nothing to do with Us

Money and Lust that’s the bottom line

For those who crawl upright

pretending to be heroes.







Fuck you dead Allen Ginsberg!

and you too RBG!

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump

or the Democrats

what’s the difference?

I think they’re All Corrupt,

All Bought and Sold

and Controlled.


    1. I never knew about Allen Ginsberg until recently, it shocked me. Ruth Bader Ginsberg probably didn’t say the quote on her photo, but she was in favor of lowering the age of consent to 12 yrs old, (Alan Dershowitz who was Epstein’s lawyer and who was also accused by Virginia Roberts wants to lower age of consent too, I wonder why!). RBG is also for decriminalizing prostitution. If she had her way, rapists like Jeffrey Epstein would’ve continued to traffick and rape girls without any interference.

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      1. Not sure, Judy. I read that claims she supports the lower age of consent are misconstrued from the fact that she once referenced a completely unrelated statement in a bill that proposed that.


  1. I didn’t know Allen Ginsberg was a pedophile.

    I never read his poetry because my mother had read a few of his poems and said they were pure unadulterated crap and since my mother (who wrote poetry herself) generally had excellent taste in poetry, I never bothered wasting my time reading any of his work.

    I didn’t know Ruth Bader Ginsberg was into.pedophilia either.

    I always thought there was something demonic about the woman whenever I saw her on television and thought it was a pity that she didn’t hurry up and kick the bucket.

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    1. Haha😁! I used to think the Beat poets were great, I read “Howl” only and some of Kerouac’s poetry. I found out about Allen Ginsberg recently and was grossed out. He was so proud of his perversion towards children! I don’t know if RBG is a pedophile, but she wants to lower the age of consent to 12yrs old (Alan Dershowitz wants it lowered too) and she wants to decriminalize prostitution. How convenient for all the pedophile politicians to make child trafficking Legal!

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