Poem: Strange Disney

Disney was always so strange to me

I preferred Hanna-Barbera’s

Flintstones and Scooby Doo

or even Warner Brothers’

Sylvester and Tweety Bird,

Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner

were graphically violent but funny.

But Disney just seemed weird to me

with odd, disproportionate characters.

Mouses and Ducks were the same size

But the Dogs were segregated

Pluto was Mickey‘s naked, collared pet

Goofy walked upright, fully dressed

Why was Pluto the designated slave?

To teach kids about hierarchy?

I thought the Mouseketeer

headband ears were weird

fetishized, cult-like, “join the club”

Britney Spears was their creation

need I say more?

Their animated films

were violent and traumatizing

full of witches and magicians

motherless orphans

and psychedelic acid trip scenes.

They even used real human bones

for the Pirates of the Caribbean

it’s supposed to be an amusement ride

not a horror show!

Who invented roller coasters

and horror movies?

Why is adrenaline fear

considered wholesome family fun?

Mickey is the alpha

so he gets to wear pants

but certain males like Donald

wear a top without bottoms

I guess to show off his feathered assets.

Monkeys do this too in colonies

they display their ass

to the dominant male

who then pretends to hump them

as a sign of acceptance!


  1. I’ve always felt the same way about Disney.

    I never did like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy.

    The Flintstones was my all time favourite cartoon show.

    I also liked Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw.

    And of course Bugs Bunny.

    But like you, I always found Disney cartoons strange and dark.

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    1. I admit I watched modern Disney films and thought some were good, like WALL E was cute but Disney is getting weirder and owns so many companies now, like Lucasfilm and Marvel.

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    2. I watched every Flintstones episode after school, (reruns of the show). Fred was such a dumb, tyrant and poor nice guy, Barney made constant excuses for him. I liked the parody commentary of animals that worked as sinks, showers, washing machines etc, they often complained 😀, I liked how they used their feet in the cars, haha!


    1. That’s so true! I think maybe it affected us subliminally, but not consciously. There was also racism against people of color that was accepted back then, but now is so obviously offensive.


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