Alfred Kinsey used pseudo-science and protected pedophiles

I think that Alfred Kinsey used pseudo-science to satisfy his own sexual needs.

Alfred Kinsey’s book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” was published in 1948, and inspired a sexual revolution. He was portrayed as a pioneer and hero in the bio pic film, “Kinsey” starring Liam Nielsen, but I think he was a deeply disturbed person who used the cover of science to explore and satisfy his own sexual needs and personal rebellion against a sexually conservative society.

The sexual abuse of several hundred children by pedophiles was presented as “evidence of children’s sexuality” in his book. The serial pedophiles were protected with anonymity and I think they were even encouraged to continue abusing children under the guise of collecting scientific data, Kinsey’s mentor taught “Mr. Green” (Rex King) how to record his molestation and rape of children and Kinsey continued to interview him for three years. How did Kinsey justify and get away with this? It’s bizarre how so many of society’s “heroes” were actually villains.

I believe that scientific study isn’t more important than human life but Kinsey and his band of pseudo scientists apparently didn’t understand that. In several shots in the video clip, the scientists actually laugh while they describe his utilization of pedophiles. Kinsey legitimized pedophila with his false representation of children’s sexuality, which was unscientifically based on a pedophile’s diary. “Mr. Green”, who’s real name was Rex King, molested countless babies and children and timed their physical reactions which he claimed were orgasms. His descriptions of these babies and children’s “orgasms” included convulsions and crying.

Screenshot from the documentary, Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles” the serial rapist, “Mr.Green” was a pseudonym for Rex King.

“He (describing Kinsey), circumcised himself, with a pocket knife, without anesthesia” (direct quote from the documentary), “Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles”. Was he so desensitized that he had to inflict pain on himself to derive sexual pleasure? He encouraged his staff to have orgies with each other but warned them that they’d become desensitized due to the constant sexual activity/visual stimulation, (repetition leads to desensitization, porn creates this numbing). He hired a film technician to tape his staff and other volunteers in “scientific” porn films. His book legitimized every form of sexuality, including bestiality.

All humans are sexually created, but it doesn’t mean that children are physically ready or mentally able to experience it. Babies are not meant to have babies. Just because a twelve year old female starts to menstruate, it doesn’t equate to being a mature, sexually active, woman. Humans are capable of murder, rape, torture…does that mean we should murder, rape and torture? No.

Children are humans and humans are sexual, but children are not ready to have sex. Babies are learning how to stand, walk, eat and defecate; they can only handle basic functions and children are learning to read, socialize and communicate. Sex is complicated even for adults, children are simply not capable of consensual sex. Young children are curious and they may naturally masturbate; but it’s within their own private exploration of their own body; it doesn’t imply that they’re ready to be with another being sexually, especially not an adult. Sexually abused children often abuse other children or they become understandably phobic of sex because the abuse is extremely traumatizing. Abuse survivors carry the burden of shame usually for their entire lives. The rape and molestation of babies and children is atrocious. Kinsey should have been jailed as an accomplice; he willingly withheld knowledge of sexual predators of children.

Below is the link to the documentary on YouTube, please be aware, it is disturbing but it’s full of revelatory truth. I think Kinsey was a pervert who supported pedophilia by protecting pedophiles. He spread false information about children’s sexuality as well as human sexuality, to support his personal agenda for sexual “liberation”.

Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles


  1. I totally agree with you on Alfred Kinsey…he and his pedophiles should have been convicted for their crimes. Children should be protected which is difficult in our culture that is hyper-sexualized.

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    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. I had no idea of the extent of what they had done until recently. The film, “Kinsey” glamourized the story and made him seem heroic. It’s awful that Kinsey is applauded for starting the “sexual revolution” which I think caused the hyper-sexualization in western culture especially. I think he was a sex addict and definitely not an ethical scientist/researcher. I agree with you that Kinsey and all of his crew should have gone to prison, along with the pedophiles that they protected.

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      1. I’m glad you appreciated it, when I write about controversial topics I worry that it’s depressing to readers, but I feel compelled to expose the truth at the same time. Thank you for sharing your comment.

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