Seoul Sister Films: Where are the Asians?: Episode Five: Superheroes without Asians

Here they are! Marvel is introducing Asian superheroes! Finally!

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*Correction, Asians have to wear antennae not antennas, but does anyone use proper Grammar these days?

I think it’s sad that there have been almost no Asian superheroes on film except in martial arts films, which is in a whole different genre. There was one exception, a very curvaceous Asian female hero played by Olivia Munn in one of the X-Men sequel films, but she did nothing but show off her Amazonian thighs and sexy body in a skin tight outfit. It was an embarrassing example of objectification. Is she an S & M hero? I don’t think kids should see her in this outfit?

I enjoyed watching “Guardians of the Galaxy”, I liked the first one better than the second but in Part two, I cringed at the character of Mantis, who is portrayed as a naive, subservient, token Asian. Her character is pretty useless in the “Avengers, Endgame” film. She stands in a fight position the entire time, but doesn’t fight at all. Poor sensitive, Mantis.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Continues Abuse of Asian Women In Sci-fi | Bitch Media

All jokes aside, finally Marvel is making an Asian superhero film! Will it be full of stereotypes and white saviors? I hope not, but you never know. Actor Simu Liu revealed how racist the depictions of Asian males are in the media. I’m glad he’s speaking out, more Asians need to do this!

Yes Asians can have great abs too!

“Canadian actor Simu Liu is best known for his role as Jung Kim on Kim’s Convenience. He learned recently that he will play an Asian superhero in the new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

There are Asian actors in Hollywood, they’re just not being cast.
I wish they went with Korean actor, Steven Yuen from the film, “Burning” but the super hero character is supposed to be Chinese so maybe Simu Liu isn’t a bad choice. It’s ironic though that Simu Liu played a Korean character in the show, “Kim’s Convenience” (I’m not a fan of that show because I don’t think it’s an accurate portrayal of a typical Korean family. I’m going to write a post about it.).

Who knew there are so many Asian superheroes? This article reveals the various characters. What’s taken so long for them to be represented in mainstream Hollywood?


  1. Ah.. there will be more Asians typically more Chinese actors coming up in movies. Why? If you notice, a lot of movies are being financed by Alibaba group. Whenever a movie is financed or produced by them, there bound to be chinese roles in the movie even if it means awkwardly squeezing them in like Independence Day 2.

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    1. Interesting, I’d like to see more Asians being represented in general, it seems they’re mostly in side roles if they’re included. I didn’t see Independence Day 2, I hope they weren’t the villains !😄 I think it’s important for Asians to be featured in the leading roles, and not stereotyped, there’s so many of us, we should be positively represented. I think Asians have been marginalized or erased in Hollywood films for decades.

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      1. It’s kind of amazing how there’s so many Asians but we are barely seen😔. I liked Black Panther, but African Americans have mostly overcome being marginalized in films, at least in North America they are almost equally represented as Caucasians in tv shows/movies. I wish Asians weren’t so nice about being ignored/stereotyped. I think it’s like standing up to being bullied, it won’t stop until Asians make it stop. The only genre we have is the martial arts films, they are cool but there’s more to us than martial arts! 🙂 I hope Mulan will be good, strong Asian heroine is a reality, not fiction! 😊

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  2. It certainly is about time for this.

    I like Simu Liu.

    Kim’s Convenience was one of the funniest comedies on television.

    Of course it still might be on television.

    But there’s one room mate in the house I live in who keeps hogging the sole television set to watch every professional sports game in existence.

    So programs I used to watch or programs I might start watching, I’m unable to watch.

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    1. I heard that the original Simu Liu had racist undertones in the Marvel comics, so they’ll change that for the film and there’s an asian female hero, Silk coming up, it about time!

      I watched the first season of Kim’s Convenience on Netflix, some episodes were funny but I’m very picky about authenticity’s I disliked that many non-Koreans were chosen for the roles. It’s because I think many non-Asians think we all look alike and have the same culture that bothers me. Also most Korean parents would speak to their kids in Korean not broken English. But at least the show is trying to show an asian American family in a mostly, positive light.

      A sports fanatic roommate sounds like a nightmare! 😊

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    1. I didn’t notice that! Good observation! I guess it’s the message that Asians are barbaric peasants, when in reality many Asian people and countries are highly technically advanced.

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      1. LOL I’ve been realizing that Asians, at least recent immigrants, are people who are very smart and figured out how to navigate the restricting (towards Asians) immigratin system one way or another and figured out a way to survive even without instant acceptance. A lot of Asians immigrants are wealthy or highly educated, or are very good at managing small businesses. People see Asians as poor peasants, but hey! If Europeans are so wealthy they would’ve just stayed in Europe, not take a sickening boat to America. So the people who have been here for many generations have true peasant blood. And they are proud of it! So why is it suddenly a bad thing to be a peasant!???

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      2. I agree, I think peasants are actually the strongest, they’re the ones who do the hard work and endure/survive with basically nothing. Immigrants are the ones who improve the blandness of the privileged, elite culture. I like peasants and consider myself one by choice! 🙂


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