Indiana Jones and Star Wars’ creepy pedophilia, Sorry to burst their bubbles!? (again) :)

Indiana Jones:

Yes I liked Indiana Jones when I was growing up, who didn’t? Harrison Ford had massive charisma and he did a great job in his usual reluctant hero role, as dashing, funny and adventurous, Indiana Jones. The action was fun and well-paced and the settings were wonderfully exotic, all highly entertaining elements that can create a good movie. But I recently came across back story information about the film. Dr. Jones had a relationship with his feisty love interest, Marion, when she was still a child. Spielberg and Lucas discussed this, they brainstormed that she was supposed to be around 14 yrs old when she first met and had a fling with him. He was a colleague of her father, he was definitely an adult, already a professor/archeologist. In the film, it’s suggested that Indiana broke her heart when he left to continue his various adventures. She said something like, “I was just a child!” How creepy! Yes they had great chemistry based on their fighting banter but why did Spielberg and Lucas think pedophilia was acceptable? I wasn’t aware of this hint, when I was a child watching the film. I didn’t even know what sex was yet, I’m proud of that, that I was allowed to be a child, not rushed into the adult world. In the final Indiana Jones film, (which was awful), Jones and Marion get married and he realizes that he fathered her child. It was a happy ending but I wish their backstory didn’t have that Lolita aspect. Why couldn’t Marion have been in her twenties when she first met Indiana? Come on Spielberg and Lucas, stop romanticizing pedophilia!

Star Wars:

Why was Padme Queen of Naboo, (rhymes with Taboo!) when she was just 14? Why wasn’t she a Princess instead? Why refer to a girl as a Queen? She was elected, she didn’t earn the title by birthright. When children are portrayed as functioning in adult roles in film and media, it’s a subtle form of programming. It conditions the audience to think that children are simply shorter versions of adults, capable of handling complex adult issues, which isn’t accurate at all. Even if she had the additional support of adult counselors, it still doesn’t change the power and level of responsibility that she was given over an entire planet, (minus the underwater Gungans).

Another strange element was the fact that young Anakin Skywalker was about 9 yrs old when he met and fell in love with Padme who was about 5 years older. Yes they were still both children, but the age gap is more significant at earlier stages of development. Padme would’ve been going through hormonal changes, she was not yet a woman but was growing into one. While Anakin at age 9 or 10, hadn’t started puberty yet, he was in a whole different stage of life. He was portrayed as a genius boy mechanic that could fix droids and pilot racing pods. I have a 10 year old son, he is a typical kid and although he’s smart and sensitive, he definitely isn’t ready to fall in love or have romantic crushes. He plays with mostly boys, they still play versions of tag and goof around making fart jokes, he loves video games and books, that’s the average maturity level of a 10 year old. I guess there are genius exceptions, that go to college when they’re kids, but they’re still not ready for dating. I can see how as Padme and Anakin got older, the age difference balanced out but still, Lucas was once again, catapulting young children to function at maturity levels that weren’t realistic.

Not to mention the cringe worthy sibling attraction between Luke and Leia! Yikes!


    1. Haha! With all the celebrity scandals lately I can see that connection, but no I was referring to his character, Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford, the actor is happily married.

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  1. I was an Indiana Jones fan.

    I didn’t know that Jones’ love interest was only 14 when they met.

    And what you’ve written about Star Wars as well- tones of incest and pedophilia.

    That is disturbing about both George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg.

    I wonder if both men have connections about that sect within Judaism who follow the writings of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai – a late 1st Century and early 2nd Century rabbi.

    Many of bar Yochai’s writings appear in the Babylonian Talmud (a collection – similar to a combined Encyclopedia Britannica and Universal Anthology of writings from various rabbis and scholars from the time of the Babylonian captivity up to the 8th Century AD).

    In it, bar Yochai says it is quite permissible for people to have sex with girls as young as 2 or 3.

    Simeon bar Yochai heartedly approved of both incest and pedophilia.

    Bar Yochai is acknowledged by some Jewish scholars to have been the true founder of Kabbalah – a branch of Jewish mysticism that incorporated into it witchcraft and sorcery (thereby violating the commandment Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of The Lord Thy God in vain which modern society takes to mean you shouldn’t use God’s name in expressions of swearing and profanity but actually meant you weren’t to use God’s name in witchcraft and magic spells and rituals).

    Of course much of the entertainment elite such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande count themselves adherents of Kabbalah.

    A lot of upper level Masonic teachings as well as the Illuminati base their ideas on Kabbalah.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Lucas and Spielberg as well as Stanley Kubrick weren’t in the sect of Judaism that follow Simeon bar Yochai’s teachings (it wouldn’t surprise me if Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t as well).

    The mistake that anti-Semites, Nazis and Neo-Nazis make is in assuming that all Jews follow the teachings of Simeon bar Yochai.

    They don’t.

    Many Jews don’t.

    The things that anti-Semites attribute to a vast Jewish conspiracy are only held by those wealthy Establishment Jews (whose ancestors no doubt did sell their souls to the Devil although they thought he was actually God and not the Devil) who follow the teachings of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai.

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    1. I didn’t know about bar Yochai’s teachings, sex with toddlers?!Pure sick evil! The Kabbalah is trendy in Hollywood and the crazy music industry, I think the audience doesn’t take their demonic displays seriously, they assume it’s for branding or publicity but it’s very dark energy with pedo undertones, and way too many “suicides” to make any sense. I think most Jews don’t follow the dark mysticism that the Kabbalah is about. I agree, it’s certain elites that participate in this, not regular Jews. It’s the same with people that are on the lower levels of secret societies, they’re clueless to what’s really going on and probably won’t ever know, they’re the pawns.

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      1. I did not know about this side of Judaism and can understand now why Jesus Christ had so many disagreements with the pharasies. I knew there was an element at the time of Jesus Christ who practiced evil magic but did not know what it was called. As in all things of darkness not everyone follows or practices it. Pawns is right the minions of evil. Thank you for posting this.

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      2. I didn’t know either, it’s scary that it’s still being practiced. All kinds of sick people in this world but they won’t get away with it forever. Cause and effect, you reap what you sow, whatever’s hidden will be eventually exposed.


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