Poem: It’s a game

It’s a game

It’s a trick

Democrats vs Republicans

It’s a lie

It’s a switch

They’re on the same side

They’re not on our working class ticket.

All their lights are green $$$

All our lights are dead red stuck and lead.

Sheep are raised to be eaten.

It’s a game

It’s a pretend competition

Coke vs Pepsi

What’s the fucking difference?

They’re guests to each every other’s

High society weddings and yachts and islands

Diamonds galore.

There’s creepy Madame Maxwell

Smiling at Sir Princess Chelsea

There she is again sneaking

at Randy Andy’s palace

of privileged dungeons.

Instead of being subpoenaed

Young, once-thin now plump Trump

whispered bawdy jokes in rapist Epstein’s ear

Clinton and Spacey and all the rest

Riding high, flying round trip on Lolita’s Express.

It’s a game

It’s rigged

Pre-ordained and blessed by the Vatican.

Democrats and Republicans

What a fucking mess.

Don’t believe a word they say

They’re all in bed with each other.

Trump isn’t saving you from anything.

Biden/Warren/Bloomberg/Sanders are all Richie Rich

They want us to be their bitch.

It’s a game

It’s a ruse

That we will always lose.

And they will always win.

So stop playing with them.


  1. Yes, there’s really only one political party in Washington DC- the Perpetual War, Sleaze, Corruption and Pedophilia Party.

    There’s a right wing of the Party that calls itself Republican.

    And a left wing of the Party that calls itself Democrat.

    But it’s all one and the same- a fire-breathing locust with the head of a demon and the tail of a scorpion -that flashes one wing to one group of people and flashes another wing to another group of people.

    But neither group notices that the creature has one and the same deformed head and body.

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    1. Truth❣️ Those politicians were basically born into position, they were in the same boarding schools and now not-so-secret clubs, not to mention the boring scandals of their buddies, the European royals. They’re all in on it, world wide corruption.

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    1. Ha! Maybe that’s how the Bilderberg group choose the new political puppets. I want to like Bernie Sanders but I’ve been tricked too many times by the Democrats, so much hope in Obama for nothing.

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    1. Wasn’t it Kissinger who wanted to decrease the population through wars? Or maybe that’s on ALL their agendas. I think the Burn is too socialist for their taste, maybe he’s not phoney enough to be a true democrat. 🙂

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      1. The Bilderbergs have declared that
        in the future they’ll only require a
        workforce of 550 million peasants
        to keep them in the luxury lifestyle
        they’re accustomed to. Plus they
        don’t want the ever growing
        population of the working classes
        consuming all THEIR natural
        resources They’re very environment
        that way 🤔 On the other hand, it’s
        the worlds richest who are actually
        consuming most of the planets
        finite resources.
        Social society, à la Euro socialism,
        is the way to go. As opposed to the
        dog eat dog survival of the greediest
        type capitalism found in post Reagan

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      2. Reagan! He kick started 80s Wall Street greed, trickle down never trickled down to the peasants of course! Roger Stone branded his campaign, “make America great again” then rebranded it to trump, so lazy!


      3. Ronald Reagan, the actor, was
        nothing more than a hired puppet
        mouthpiece for Goldman Sachs.
        He was selling cigarettes and
        chewing gum, when Wall Street
        said, “Hey, this guy is handsome
        and dumb! Let’s make him President.
        Then we can have some deregulated
        fun.” About the some time, a Harvard
        economist figured out that the future
        is the rich getting richer off the back
        of the poor getting poorer.
        In the bible it’s called user usury,
        and it’s a big sin. Today, pay day
        lenders are popping up everywhere,
        as those credit card companies get
        under your skin.

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      4. That’s what those celebrity puppets do, they use their influence to sell trash products for their corporate masters, they’re required to be dumb, superficial and photoshop-worthy, having Alzheimer’s is a plus. Reagan conveniently forgot the crimes he committed while in office and the 80s era jump-started the homelessness crisis when all the mental hospitals were shut down. The haves drain the resources of the have-nots as they always have, they’re mummified aristocratic vampires raping trafficked children on yachts. Underneath the failed plastic surgery and haute couture they’re living zombies. Jesus talked about the impossibility of the rich to reach the kingdom of heaven because of their obsession with wealth and unchecked power and warned about hurting children. Karma is waiting for all those do-evil-ers whether in this life or the next.

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  2. The middle class dreamers
    are going down with the ship,
    as the great American dream
    hit a shark infested reef.
    In Australia we also had a big
    business sock puppet in power,
    courtesy of a CIA covert
    coup d’état.
    I was living in the bohemian part of
    town at the time, and witnessed an
    explosion of poverty stricken street
    kids hit the skids. It was recession
    punishment time for the workers
    who had the temerity to democratically
    elect a left wing Prime Minister
    (just like Chile and Argentina, only
    without the bloodshed, thank Kissinger.
    I think he must’ve had a soft spot
    for Australia).

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