Seoul Sister Films: Where are the Asians: Episode 6: Charlie’s Angels without Asians (AGAIN)

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  1. Unfortunately I believe there is a lot of racism in Hollywood. It is not right for it to exist anywhere. We also miss out on amazing talent that we never get to see or only see in a specific film. We are all one people. Racism is learned and even taught which is shameful for all of us. Your point is well put my friend. Have a blessed day Judy. Love 💕 Joni

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    1. Hi Joni, I think Hollywood and media, have focused on representing only white culture for a long time because that was their target audience/where their profits came from; but the world has changed rapidly, not including the representation of all cultures is strange to me, as if people of color are mere background extras, side kicks or villains, (especially Asians are barely represented). My Seoul Sister Films parody is getting repetitive, and probably the joke is no longer funny, but it’s a window into the perspective of how it is to feel like an outsider, a foreigner in your own country. That’s how I feel like in North America, as an Asian American. Thank you for your thoughtful comment ❤️. Have wonderful day/evening too🙂🌸

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      1. You are in my opinion very justified in your opinion. It is also true of other cultures as we well know. It is time that Hollywood did something about it. There have been speeches at award ceremonies but I always end up feeling like we miss so many talented actors due to their ethinticity which is so wrong. Have a blessed day. Love Joni

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