Poem: the emperor wears no clothes

Road trip with Raj, unsplash.com

Everybody knows

the emperor wears no clothes

but everyone’s afraid to say the obvious.

Spinning politically correct lines

will get you far in their crimes.

Brown nosing and kissing derrières

will get you higher up in their inner circle.

No one wants to be shot dead

in a staged mugging.

No one wants to be strangled

then hung on a door knob dead

in a faked suicide thread.

No one wants to “go for a ride”

with the political mob.

It’s not safe to speak anywhere

everywhere they’re always listening

Big Brother is alive and well

Apple, Google, Facebook glistening

metallic, robotic, despotic

distracting us in an electronic trance,

a technological spell, spun from hell.

Alternative opinions aren’t allowed

you have to join their brand and crowd.

Dissent isn’t legal anymore.

Say the wrong thing,

go against the flow,

you’ll suffer a consequence

worse than you know.

Say your honest thoughts aloud,

and you’ll get the firing squad.

Get canceled

Get framed

Get jailed

Get maimed

Get tortured

Get blamed

Get labeled

Get ridiculed

Get slandered

Get ostracized

Get sued

Get booed

Get overdosed

Get suicided

Or get with the program

if you want to survive.

The emperor wears no clothes

and everybody knows

the death count is still rising.

It’s circumstantial evidence

that conspiracy theorist’s show

but what are the chances

that ALL the whistle blowers

are suddenly, conveniently dead.

The emperor has no clothes

and the voice of innocence

won’t save us this time.

Freedom of speech was murdered

just like our right to privacy

just like our right to fight hypocrisy.

Truth was sacrificed,

hung by an exercise cord

or hotel robe sash

or fancy silk tie

or prison uniforms

tied in a row

in a gaudy orange bow,

like a horse head Godfather gift

bloated swimming with the fish

in cinder block wet cement shoes

gagged and silenced

by an assassin’s violence

all the dead celebrities

wish they could say

what we already know.

Vice News, “The missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students”. This is not only happening in Mexico, this is happening everywhere that corruption exists. https://youtu.be/0jt-urgNN3A

Clinton Body Count Epstein Suicided Mena Iran Contra Barry Seal Medellin Part 2″ https://youtu.be/oZESsg0AwJU

“Clinton Body Count…Part 3” https://youtu.be/K9vOqs2SMX8

“Clinton Body Count…Part 1” https://youtu.be/f5yK2hp7W1k

Stranger than fiction! “Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary-Serial Killer for President” https://youtu.be/YUceQ5d3ebo

YTMostCensored, The Clinton Body Count: Part 1 https://youtu.be/8MFzw-ftHcE


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