Barry Seal: Reality vs Hollywood

I saw “American Made” on dvd when it was first released. It was a moderately enjoyable film to watch like most films starring Tom Cruise. I didn’t know about the Mena conspiracy or the connection of Barry Seal with the Iran Contra affair. The North American media blackout guaranteed that most Americans would never know the truth.

Now I want to rewatch the film, see how much Hollywood altered the reality and glamorized the whole US government’s corruption and hypocrisy. The so called war on drugs has imprisoned how many poor people and made millions for the wealthy elites. Why wasn’t Clinton impeached?! I don’t care if Trump is impeached, I’m not on his side either. It isn’t an accident that poor migrants are fleeing from drug cartels that the US government essentially sponsored. I’m sick of the corruption in the FBI and the rest. If you’re a whistleblower, going to the FBI or even the police is probably the worst thing you could do.


  1. I’m surprised by your feelings about Tom Cruise. He seems like the embodiment of everything you hate about Hollywood. Or anyway, he’s the embodiment of everything *I* hate about Hollywood.


    1. I didn’t mean to imply that I like Tom Cruise, yes he is very Hollywood. I’ve watched his films throughout the years and thought some were watchable, some were really awful like the “Last Samurai” among others. “American Made” was an ok film, plot-wise but it wasn’t something I’d recommend to anyone, it was mediocre like most of his, and all Hollywood mainstream films. I poked fun at his Top Gun 2 with my Seoul Sister Films parody. I’m not a fan of him. I used to love movies, but everything has changed. Now I occasionally watch a film on a library dvd or free streaming. I won’t pay to watch them anymore. If anything, I’ll watch a Hollywood film to deconstruct the propaganda within it. My guilty exceptions to this are films that feature Asian actors, but there are barely any films like that.

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      1. My son is into the Mission Impossible franchise. Every now and then I’ll watch a movie with him. When I watch a Tom Cruise movie, I can’t separate the actor from the character. All I can see is a cocky, dick scolding Brooke Shields that she should just follow Scientology to get over her postpartum depression.

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      2. He certainly is deep into Scientology’s grip, he is their official poster boy. I think he is seriously brainwashed literally by that group, they are persistent. A decade ago, I went to a job interview for an “office assistant” position in San Francisco, they made us watch a Scientology video! There was no mention of this in the job ad, or that it was a requirement to join their group to get the job. Out of maybe 15 candidates, only two left the interview, me and a guy who fumed about getting roped into essentially a fake interview. They didn’t want us to leave! He seems like a puppet and a fool to me, I almost feel sorry for him.

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