Media’s Sexualization of Children

What do these films have in common? They’re both marketed for 11-12 year olds. 11 year old tweens can watch Winnie the Pooh, while wearing sexy black knee high boots over their preadolescent, shiny thighs, just like their celebrated role model, Taylor Swift.

Children are sponges, their minds are so impressionable, and the media “swiftly” saturates them with overt sexuality early on. The corporate, pedophilic media wants little girls to idolize and emulate the sex doll/stripper look.

When I was a pre-teen, which is now called, tween; I was unaware of the influence that Madonna had over mainstream sexuality. I listened to “Like a Virgin” and “Papa Don’t Preach” although I didn’t know what sex was, except for what I’d seen in movies. My sex education was concocted from western media’s pop culture of soft core pornography.

I watched Jaws in the theater when I was only 6. Our whole family went to see it, instead of Star Wars. My brother and I wanted to see the space opera not the skinny dipping shark attack but our Father was won over by the poster of the naked female swimming. When I was exposed to sex scenes during childhood, I felt uncomfortable, and weird.

Kids are exposed all the time to debased objectification of women and now children too are being obviously sexualized. There’s a novel by Jeanette Winterson called the Stone Gods that perfectly describe a dystopian future where a version of pedophilia is commonplace, (freezing your body’s age to childhood). She’s a great writer, I recommend the book.

Another example of the sexualization and theft of childhood is Desmond is Amazing. He’s a self-described drag kid. He wears adult, female drag outfits, some have bras/fake boobs. His flamboyant make up, colorful false eye lashes and tons of Diva runway model attitude are full of pretentious theatrics and staged subculture drama. His mother encouraged him to be a drag kid, so she could vicariously live out her failed party girl fantasies through her autistic son.

Even if he wasn’t autistic, I think what she’s doing is to him is child abuse. He performed a strip tease in a nightclub and the audience threw money at him while he danced.

His mother allowed him to socialize with convicted killer, Michael Alig, one of the original party monsters. Alig killed his victim with a hammer, he dismembered him and got caught because he bragged about the murder. He was a contemporary of the drag queen, Rue Paul. Desmond started watching Rue Paul’s Drag Race with his mom, when he was only 2 yrs old.

Desmond seemed disoriented and drugged on the disturbing video footage with Alig. Where was his mother? Who leaves a 10 or 11 year old boy with 2 adult men, complete strangers, one of which was a former murderer? Woke Culture is insane.


  1. The first time I noticed the celebs influencing children especially little girls was when the Spice Girls were popular, little girls changed from wearing frilly girly clothes to dressing like a slut. It always shocked me. Children were losing their childhood. Thank you for sharing this information. The media is responsible for corrupting the minds of the young and it is hard to keep in check because many parents do not care what their children experience. The child stars are about their parents wanting money who are prepared to sell their child for this. Disgraceful.

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    1. I totally agree. I understand that kids want to grow up fast but the music industry should have girl/boy bands that have age appropriate songs and image, not sex kittens like Britney Spears (poor thing, she’s all used up), Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé etc. But the industry purposefully brands their talent as sluts to make $$$. I’m a feminist but I get frustrated with radical feminism that promotes prostitution as women’s empowerment and dressing “sexy” as if it’s a sign of wokeness/intelligence. We can all wear what we want, but it advertises a message that all women want to be objectified. Perhaps by law, child star’s parents shouldn’t make any money from their child’s success. They’re like vultures.

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      1. I agree, though I am not feminist due to the radical stance they take. I just believe in being feminine. They makes women victims before they are. There should be strict laws around children working and what types of films and music they can appear in and also what the adults are doing in the film.

        I remember growing up in Melbourne Australia we had a morning TV show for children and teenagers I used to watch it. They had a rule for the celebs i.e. groups or bands appearing on the show they had to be clean and presentable and so they should as they influence the young who are their fans.

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      2. I like feminism that sees the genders as being equal, not the same, but equal in their differences. I feel sad for the new generation of children that have to navigate this society. That show sounds respectful, I wish life was like that again, that we would protect children’s innocence again. Innocence is precious and children are reminders of what’s good about humans.

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      3. I like to see the genders as equal too in their skills I do not think anything can be defined as being suitable for a man or woman. Children should be allowed to be children these days they are subjected too much to lifestyles they should not see or be apart of.

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      4. So true, some foolish politicians and lawyers want to lower the age of consent to around 11-14 yrs old, (Alan Dershowitz) supported that and he was allegedly with Virginia Roberts when she was being trafficked by Epstein. I thought NAMBLA was a sick joke, but it’s an actual group of pedophiles, (Alan Ginsberg the beatnik was a proud member!) crazy society we live in.

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      5. So sick! I’m not surprised but at the same time I always am surprised, shocked and horrified at how commonplace it is to traffick kids and all the bribes and black mail. The public hasn’t known for so long because of the media silence. Thank you for sharing this information.

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      6. Thank you. I know what you mean, evil lurking in the expression of serial killers and pedophiles have an insane look, especially when you can see the whites of the eyes above the eyeball, for instance Jimmy Saville looked like a madman. But many evil doers look charming and eerily normal.

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    1. I was shocked too, Drag Queen culture is for adults not kids! But now they’re creating Drag Kids, why? I’m bracing myself to watch the Drag Kids documentary on Netflix, Netflix is notoriously part of the extreme liberal problem. His mom is either brain dead oblivious or she’s psychotic. She befriended Alig, the killer so why didn’t she (at the least) supervise the meeting with her son? Just awful.

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