Poem: Choices


I can’t blame anyone else but myself

Nobody made me let them cut my eyes

No one made me go into disguise

Nobody made me sell my birthright prize

No one did it to me but me

No one lead me to it or made me do it

There’s no one to maim with shame but me

And there’s no gain in that anyway.


I never listened to anyone anyway

I just ate their disappointment

translated it too deeply

I let it sink in to become poison

Judgement, criticism, not enough

That shit is toxic stuff

But it was my choice

It was my interpretation

Their true intention was always love

Mother says it was


Love lost in translation


Maybe I’m still shell-shocked

From that original wound

The arrow remains somewhere in memory

Pull it out slowly no don’t, just leave it alone.

Live with it, grow over it, try not to despise it

Wounds are often inherited

Unless you stop it.


I Choose to finally see that they loved me

I Choose to accept it

Because it’s true

They never meant to harm me

We were all fending off nightmares

In our own private hells

The devil’s spite burned bright

Kept us in prison

But hope never left us

Jesus never forgot us.


This is our human legacy

This is our homeward journey

This is what we learn or don’t learn

Everyone must endure the fall

Swim upstream like gladiators

To reach forgiveness

Through Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.


Grace is salvation

A reward beyond earning

God is pure love

Look at a baby and you’ll know

God is phenomenal

Love is not sex or mere emotion

Sex is temporary corporal explosion

Love is God who created all beauty

Beyond this man made plastic ruin.


    1. Thank you. I think sex between people that love each other is beautiful but even that is temporary, I think people often confuse hormonal bonding response for love but it’s more like an addiction.

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      1. You have described it very well. Majority of people have no idea what love really is, the vibration of love which is a pure essence and it travels long distance, well from God to us, it keeps families and relationships intact.

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  1. I really see an indomitable spirit here rising above past trauma here. You seem to be “circling your self-critical wagons” away from you. Making them face outwards means that over time they will no longer hold youself hostage to self-criticism. Your work is full of passion as always.

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    1. I appreciate your compliment and your perceptive ability to understand the process of healing. The more I name an issue, I feel closer to healing it, when I run away from it, it follows me relentlessly. Thank you for reading my work and sharing your insight❤️


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