Poem: Do humans hate themselves through Plastic Surgery? (Haiku)

Wei Ding, unsplash.com

Fake: eyes, nose, lips, chin

Buttocks, cheekbones, hips, dick, breasts

Legs, hair, skin and tears.

Kim Kardashian seemed like a perfect example of plastic surgery insanity. Doesn’t her back hurt from carrying those fake breasts and butt, or do they somehow balance out? I thought she was naturally pretty, she reminds me of Michael Jackson.


  1. I really cannot understand why anyone would like to look like them or copy their ridiculous looks. The amount of effort needed or was needed to get your buttox small and flatter and now they look like over pumped up tyres.

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    1. Haha! 😆 I really don’t understand the huge butt look either! It looks uncomfortable too, and does she buy custom made clothes? Big chest, tiny waist, big butt is a cartoon look. She was inspired by the film, Who killed Roger Rabbit?

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