Quentin Tarantino is such a clueless, Ass.

This is the real Bruce Lee, he was a martial artist first, actor second, not the other way around.

Tarantino is the original fanboy director who worked at a video store before he copied from the masterpiece films that he admired. He incorporated near exact replicas of the original scenes in all of his films; that’s not originality, that’s theft.

I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but I’ve seen the clip of the fight scene between Bruce Lee and Brad Pitt’s fictional stunt man character. The scene made me roll my eyes with disgust. Bruce Lee wasn’t a saint, he basked in celebrity and was arrogant to a point, but the way that Tarantino depicted him was shameful.

Why did Tarantino pay so much homage to Kung Fu movies in Kill Bill 1 & 2? In the first film, Uma Thurman’s character wore a yellow jumpsuit with black stripes just like Lee’s costume in Game of Death, and the old, kung fu master training scenes in Kill Bill 2 imitated classic Kung fu films, (my brother and I used to watch them), those stolen scenes and martial arts genre, were the best thing about the film.

The original Kung Fu movies inspired George Lucas too, another famous thief.
Uma Thurman’s white savior character beat a whole team of Katos. Does Tarantino realize how much he hates Bruce Lee? It seems obvious to me.

Bruce Lee as Kato in the tv show, The Green Hornet he was supposed to star in the tv show Kung Fu, but they chose a non-asian actor, David Carradine to portray an Asian character! I always hated that blatant, yellow face show.

Interesting that Carradine was chosen by Tarantino, the same Caucasian actor who stole the lead role from Lee, coincidence?

Your words, prove my point, Tarantino.

Why did he decide to humiliate Lee’s legacy this way? Uma Thurman’s character fulfilled the white savior/white alpha role, just like Brad Pitt’s character did in Once Upon a a time‘s absurdist scene. Tarantino justified his scene by saying the Brad Pitt character, Cliff Booth was entirely fictional so that’s why he could beat Bruce Lee? He missed the point that he took his image and belittled it. It fulfilled a racist fantasy parody where the tall, white, alpha savior beat the little, yellow, boastful Chinaman and put him in his place. In your dreams, Tarantino. I don’t trust his sense of judgement or perspective, wasn’t he best-friends-forever with piggy Weinstein and didn’t he defend the pedophile & rapist, Roman Polanski? What a creep you are, Quentin, you said you admired Bruce Lee??

thank you Joe Rogan.

I’m glad your film didn’t win the Oscar for best picture. Go home and copycat, Parasite…you know you want to.


    1. Thanks for your supportive comment, Dan. It seems nowadays there’s much creative license to alter reality in films, “based on a true story” equals embellishments and added drama. So many of our heroes have fallen into disgrace, sex scandals and corruption; so when a hero to so many, Bruce Lee is taken down by Tarantino for no other reason than entertainment; I feel a sense of justified outrage. White folks are not the problem, it’s the specific white folks who have the power of influence through films, books, media that are the ones I’m angry with. They’re the ones who created the white savior image, that’s who I’m calling out in this post. Bruce Lee wasn’t perfect but he deserved more respect. As the woke culture says, “Cancel Tarantino”.

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  1. I remember buying a pack of videos once and among them was a video of a movie made in Hong Kong in the early 1940s.

    It was an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations

    And the movie starred the young Bruce Lee as the young Dickensian hero Pip.

    But this Hong Kong produced film treated Dickens original work with respect and Bruce Lee did an excellent job (he was a very talented actor as well as Martial arts artist) of portraying Pip.

    The Hong Kong producers treated another culture’s work with respect unlike bozos like Quentin Tarantino and George Lucas who steal themes of Asian art and culture and then try to pass off those scenes and ideas as their own.

    I didn’t know Quentin Tarantino had once worked as a clerk in a video store.

    I remember when video stores were the thing back in the day (1980s and early ’90s) and seeing all these nerdy looking guys who worked there who seemed to know every movie ever made, a friend of mine remarked, “The reason they spend all their time watching movies is they know they can never get laid.”

    This probably explains the phenomenon that is Quentin Tarantino whose name should be Plagiarizer Galore.

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    1. Wow, I wish I could see the movie of Bruce Lee as Pip! Sounds very cool. I think adaptations are ok, just like you said, they give credit to the original work. Lucas was so blind to his theft of asian culture without acknowledgement or inclusion. He’s a terrible script writer too! “I have a bad feeling about this….” was repeated throughout Star Wars, he subconsciously knew he was wrong? Ha!
      Tarantino was a total video store nerd, I bet that becoming famous saved him from a lifetime of virginity! I’ll admit he’s good with dialogue, but he filmed scenes to an exact duplication of the masterpiece films and no one will catch this unless they’re aware that his stole them. He started that trend of fanboy directors who don’t create, they replicate, badly!

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      1. In the early 1990s I started watching Japanese and Korean films when they became available in video stores in Canada so when Pulp Fiction came out, the first thought that entered my mind was this Quentin Tarantino fellow seems to be ripping off scenes from Japanese movies.

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