Media: Indoctrination

“What if there are hidden messages that aren’t subliminal?” ~quote from Under the Silver Lake

I almost want to laugh at this, but it’s not funny. Too much truth here, not perfect truth but something about this clip summarizes it all….I don’t literally believe in the devil, but there are some sickos that do, maybe they’re running our world. Moloch in the shape of an owl is on the dollar, and in Bohemian Grove where the political leaders burn an effigy of a baby. Good vs evil, right vs wrong, we all have choice. We can choose to align with and be good. Money is only paper or plastic, and plastic is definitely not good.

Alive with Pleasure?

This last clip is a reflection on the demise of our society, this Camp fashion is a perfect example of Woke Culture. There’s a nihilistic tone in these outfits. Baphomet is a hermaphrodite. It’s the death of family. Genderless equals sterile. The Georgia Stones agenda is depopulation. I think there’s an erosion happening, a pretentious degradation. Humans are naturally beautiful, how we naturally are without the props and gaudy costumes. Soon they’ll be no hiding, just in your face destruction. My child saw a picture of Kim Kardashian, and said, “She looks like a vampire.” Children can see more clearly than most adults.


    1. I think it was sneaky before too, even cigarettes were promoted as a health product. Now the marketing is blatant in it’s suggestiveness, anything for profit regardless of the effect.

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