1. Hi John, I agree, some people are dumb. What the US did to the a Japanese in WW2 was wrong and so was what the Japanese soldiers did to the innocent civilians that were Koreans, Chinese and many others during the same time period. Karma sometimes plays out instantly. War is foolish, it’s often inspired by greed and benefits the rich while the poor do their dirty work. I think racism and narcissism are closely related.

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  1. Oh, this breaks my heart unbelievably! 😥 It makes me so angry to see what so much of this world is coming to. (sigh) There is absolutely no excuse for being a completely clueless jerk who seeks to harm or hurt another human being. I am so sorry anyone is having to endure such a heartless act.

    You speak 100% truth – racism is absolutely rooted in fear and misunderstanding. I can only pray one day it will change. Love changes lives. Hate never helped anyone.

    Praying you & yours stay safe in this madness. 💛

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