Cults and Trafficking

Bennett and Argento first met when he was only 7 yrs old. She portrayed his mother on the film, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Anthony Bourdain paid a settlement to Bennett for the sexual abuse claim that Argento seduced and raped him when he was 17. An adult woman sleeping with a teen is a crime, yes males can be raped too. We’ve been conditioned to think this isn’t true but the adult, whether male or female, is the one with the social power and advantage of life experience. Psychological manipulation is abuse not empowerment.
Argento and her indoctrinated children doing the symbolic all seeing eye and As above so below hand sign/mudra.

Why were so many child celebrities raped or in a cult when they were children? Why do so many celebrities know each other or are somehow connected before achieving fame? There are too many coincidences and parallels to ignore.

Rose McGowan, a Weinstein Me Too movement accuser was in the Children of God cult, as was River and the Phoenix family. I think the Me Too movement is a celebrity distraction away from the real underbelly of worldwide trafficking. Actress Alison Mack tried to recruit celebrities to the Nxivm cult which trafficked not only women but children too.

“According to a March letter from Department of Justice officials to a federal judge, Raniere had a “history of sexual assault and other abuse of girls and women” dating back to the 1980s, when he was in his 20s. In one instance, he is alleged to have had sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl; in another, with a 15-year-old. “Keith said to me multiple times that it was OK for little girls to pleasure their fathers sexually,” recalls one former harem members. ‘He thought that was fine.‘”-quote from the Hollywood Reporter article below.

Alison Mack tried to recruit Emma Watson who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films. Mack allegedly branded the inner circle female cult members.

Notice the Masonic hand placement inside of the jacket.

People are constantly trying to make an image for you. They`ll dress you up and tell you to pose a certain way and take all these pictures… they want a certain image, so they create that. And unless you`re spending a lot of time to create another image to counteract that image, theirs will win. So right now, I`m kind of dealing with a lot of false ideas of what I`m about. River Phoenix

I was looking for images of River to include and found this collage of photos, in several images, River poses with the Masonic hand and covered his one eye. Did the photographer make him do this? Maybe celebrities have to join, or they join before they know what they’re joining. There’s definitely something going on. I think River was an innocent soul who got caught in the darkness of this world.

River had a conscious, gentle personality. I admired his talent, activism and his spirit. He died of an overdose on Halloween in the Viper Room, a club which was then owned by Johnny Depp. I don’t know why or who was involved, but I think he was sacrificed that night intentionally. R.I.P River Phoenix 💖
“Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.”~ River Phoenix

River and his sister Rain playing music for the Children of God cult, they had to raise money for them as street performers. The Children of God cult bizarrely worshiped children; they also encouraged prostitution, pedophilia and children having sex with each other. The Phoenix family said they left the church/cult because of this reason. River said in an interview that he was raped when he was only 4 yrs old.