Predictive Programming: Part One: Vampirism (by Elites) in films

Various films have a vampiric or cannibalistic theme that seems to parallel conspiracy theories about Adrenochrome, I’ve compiled a list of examples of this theme in films that I can think of. Is this predictive programming that’s designed to desensitize us to an unthinkable horror?

1) Jupiter Ascending: Aristocratic ancient aliens harvest humans and humanoid species to create Regenerex, a youth serum that keeps them gorgeously beautiful and immortal.

2) Ultraviolet: A government laboratory accidentally unleashed a plague that caused certain people to mutate into vampires. These victims were experimented on to become soldiers but were later hunted down to be killed. Blood tests routinely screen the public for the disease, everything is sterilized, people wear face masks and martial law is in place.

3) The Dark Crystal: An evil reptilian species called Skekese killed all Gelfings (who resembled fairies), because of an ancient doom prophecy. They drained their life force essence with the power of the dark crystal, which extracted a serum. The emperor regularly consumed this essence to achieve rejuvenation and health. After they killed off all of the Gelflings, they fed off of the peaceful Podlings’ life essence too.

4) Dune: The Baron of Harkonnen is a sadistic tyrant who has surgical plugs implanted in his victim’s heart, he kills his victims for pleasure and injects his diseased body with a serum.

5) Mad Max Fury Road: Slaves are tortured and drained of their blood, they’re referred to as blood bags and are hung upside down like meat. Drivers receive the victim’s blood intravenously to restore their diseased bodies. The drivers are nihilistic and they worship all things shiny and chrome, they spray their mouths and teeth with silver paint. Is this a hint to Adrenochrome?

6) The Golden Compass: Poor gypsy children are secretly kidnapped by the government, their spirit animal which are called Daemons are surgically removed and they’re kept imprisoned in warehouse laboratories. The theme reminded me of circumcision and the kidnapping/sexual trafficking of children.

7) Twilight: A teen love story that romanticized vampires as: elite, wealthy and powerful heroes. The heroine Bella eventually becomes a vampire but before she transforms into one, she drinks donated human blood through a straw when she’s pregnant with her half-vampire child.

8) The Matrix: Humans are manipulated and used as living batteries to feed ruling A.I. who secretly enslave humanity.

9) Interview with a Vampire: Vampires are powerful aristocrats that have a secret society and code of behavior.

10) Byzantium: A mother and daughter vampire story that has feminist themes, vampires are part of a wealthy men-only secret society, they act as the invisible hand of justice in society, but a female prostitute breaks the rules when she steals the secret of vampire immortality.

These are a few examples of vampirism by Elites, that I’ve noticed, I’m sure there are many more. Vampires used to be frightening, seen as evil and parasitic but are now depicted as super heroes.