Predictive Programming: Part Two: Cannibalism in films

I found this image in google search, even as a joke, I find this shirt disturbing, especially on a baby.

The theme of cannibalism is even more prevalent. These themes aren’t just in horror movies either. I think it’s more disturbing when they appear in dramas or comedy because you’re not expecting it there. I think predictive programming is used for various reasons: to desensitize the public, profit from revenue, keep society at a low, fear-based primitive level of consciousness. I don’t recommend watching these films but here’s the list.

1) Cloud Atlas: Cannibals have taken over Earth, and clones were cannibalized as “soap”, a liquid food that was both a food and a drug which you could overdose from.

2) The Heart of the Sea: Sailors resort to cannibalism while stranded at sea.

3) Snow Piercer: In a dystopian future the only remaining survivors live in a train. The wealthy patrons have fine foods, drugs and luxury while the poor became cannibals.

4) Escape from New York: Cannibals live underground in NYC, a prison colony.

5) Alive: a plane crash causes survivors to resort to cannibalism, (a typically wholesome Disney film).

6) The Santa Clarita Diet: a Netflix horror/comedy series, Drew Barrymore portrays a cannibal living in the suburbs.

7) The Bad Batch: a dystopian society of cannibals, really disgusting film, I couldn’t watch most of it, I had to fast forward through the gore.

8) Soylent Green: This is a classic cannibal horror film starring Charlton Heston. I never saw this film but it has a well-known phrase, “Soylent Green is people!”

9) We are What We Are: A family of a religious cult that practices cannibalism. This is another gorey film that I don’t recommend watching.

10) Warm Bodies: A zombie apocalypse love story where love has the ability to transform the dead back to living.

11) Delicatessen: A quirky love/horror story set in France, a naive man is lured in by a false job advertisement to become prey in a cannibalistic hotel.

12) Sweeney Todd: A barber enacts revenge by killing his clients and serving them to unsuspecting guests.

13) The Neon Demon: A horror film about a 16 yr old runaway who rises in the predatory modeling industry; she’s graphically cannibalized by jealous, older models.

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