Toy Story and Voodoo Donuts

Woody is inside of a pentagram, his badge is also a star/pentagram.

Look at Woody’s belt, is that a demon? It doesn’t look like a steer/bull

“On a sunny Saturday, Voodoo rakes in piles of cash—literally. With four registers each taking in at least $1,000 in small bills on a busy shift, you have a mountain of greenbacks. I once creaked opened a door to find a team of managers feeding tall stacks of rumpled bills into a wheezing bill-counting machine. It looked like a scene from Scarface, but without the cocaine and machine guns.”

The Simpsons always reveal information (hidden in plain view) under the guise of coincidence and comedy.

Macaulay Culkin seems very disturbed to me, he was in a band called the pizza underground which featured Velvet Underground’s songs parodied to pizza themes. Pizza = young girl in pedo code. He tweeted that Rami Malek eats babies. He also explained the meaning of red shoes = cannibalism/murder of children during an interview a few years ago.

Wierd parody article about kidnapping Malek