Epic Prose Poem: Kill Them With Kindness (an ode to conspiracy theories)


The propaganda is/they care so much about us/Corona virus commercials still trying to sell us/gas-guzzling cars with 0% financing/because they care so much about us/Unemployment is worse than the virus/Pretending to care is the golden rule/the latest trend in media violence school/mainstream media is in bed with Hollywood/their dualistic mantra is to Kill them all with Kindness/so don’t be surprised/if they’re ordering a hit—-a red scarf suicide kit/CIA assassins’ doorknob calling card flag/I don’t trust government propaganda ads/or celebrity mouthpieces anymore/I regret that I used to believe/in their false miracles.

Masks on masks off/It’s safe but it’s not/pseudo wanna be doctor/the vaccine king Bill Gates/flew on the Lolita express/Don’t forget who you’re trusting/He supports eugenics/You and me are non-essential peasants to him/Shelter in Place/close doors and make arrests/of bankrupt hairstylists and restauranteurs/while career politicians like Nancy Pelosi/display her wealth and ignorance/her ridiculous collection of hoarded gourmet ice cream/sublime gelato to get her through/her shelter in place in her mansion how rude/could she possibly relate to poverty?/Isolation days seeped into months/of Netflix YouTube bingeing/one world in dystopia sinking/trapped in indefinite lock-down gloom and doom/stay in your place/in your pajamas all day/in restless boredom and anxiety/Will 5G kill us finally?/or just make us sicker, fatter/GMO-induced cancer/apathetic or brainwashed/diseased by corporate empires.

“Kill them with kindness” he said/Kevin Spacey’s cloaked threat/in All-American family man/anti-hero roles masking the pedophilic underneath/poking the fire pit like a devil/or domestically aproned/smiling like Martha Stewart/like a cookie-baking serial-killer satan/that dude is creepy.

Red velvet cannibal feasts/in witchy pop culture splendor/Marina Abramovich’s artifice of blood-bath spa/human meal sacrifice zeal/Crowley cakes in gold-leaf flakes/for celebrity vampires to self-adore/self-crowned in narcissistic godhood/fire pit spits/bleeding lakes of squirming snakes/pig’s blood splattered on the clay child/effigy of goodness defiled by pain/Comet Ping Pong’s grotesque celebration of fear/rape as porn/spirit cooking is cannibalism as the new norm/evil deeds done in plain sight/semen urine menstrual devouring ritual/consummation of shame and adrenalized torture.

Brad Pitt mentioned kindness in his Oscar acceptance ritual/with his golden mane and aged gigolo smile/with his skull ring and Freemasonic mudras/flashing their elite gang signals/his good looks were designed to distract/like the magician’s winking sequined assistant/all celebrities attract us as eye sex candy/drop-dead gorgeous brain-numbing role/that’s why they’re always in nude scenes/or leaking sex tapes/that’s how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian crawled their way/into the porn industry of fame.

These celebrity sycophants/hypnotized our attention/fed on our admiration/from birth to death they stole our time/we sang along/we imitated their brand/we wore their rags/pierced our sex and ass and forked our tongues/They drained our youth and morality away/but finally their spell is broken/they lost their dark pearl/their illusionary power of allure.

Their Hollywood magic/was always dark and tragic/their mirrors have shattered/imploding disco balls of shrapnel/slimey perversions have rotted to mold/like the poisoned apple at the mythic fall/when the misery of duality began/according to the legend/innocence was lost then/but it will be revived again/as soon as it’s reclaimed/when we collectively regain inner consciousness/break from the nightmare of subliminal indoctrination/the false bliss of ignorance.

Ellen Degeneres pretended humility/while awarded a humanitarian prize/She mentioned kindness as if she knew anything about it/lounging in the hanged man position of Tarot/eating bon bons in her royal mansion/Is she on house arrest? I really hope so/Don’t let her off the hook/make all of them pay with their lives/if they hurt any children they deserve to die/or at least serve a life sentence in prison/with no probation/Her true tyrannical nature is evident/when the cameras are off/the horns are on/firing everyone without notice/because she cares about herself first and foremost/covid-19 lay-offs show her true priorities.

What’s hidden will escape/the dungeon pit of hate/float out of the moat by mistake/hide in the woods by the lake/until their hunting party passes/the most dangerous game exists/in aristocrats’ killing castles/Bathory’s elixir of blood bath gore/satanists and vampires in power suits adorned/with military regatta rows of stars power insignia/for Michael Aquino the demon incarnate/Religions’ sanctified pedo swirled triangle robes/draped on unholy rapist Popes/paired with blood soaked red pedovore leather/poor Heather O’Roarke/ “They’re here!” was her famous warning but we didn’t understand/Steven Spielberg used real skeleton cadavers/for a meaningless plan/for a horror film had no respect/sacred human bones were mere props to him/Was that how he treated live people too?/Issac Kappy pointed a finger at him and creepy Tom Hanks.

Freedom is won or at least begun/in waves of momentum/lucky survival fate/Accidental revolution/Peasants are we the people/It’s time to reclaim/our intelligence and power/We the peasants make the world run/Essential workers are everyone/not just grocery store clerks/or McDonald’s to go/contactless delivery is bullshit and they know it/There’s no logic to their rules/Close the schools/Flood nursing homes with virus/Blame every death on corona/statistics equal profit.

Conspiracy theorists research clues/hidden meanings in symbols/breadcrumbs shining a pathway through/Connect the coincidental signals/step back and reveal the patterned plots/blooming like a constellation flower/if I told you so/would you believe and know/hidden in plain view is an inside joke/decrepit Rothschild’s got his beady lizard eyes/on the slavery of humanity prize/Rockefeller and George Soros don’t care for you/We’re cattle/mindless produce to them/The bigger picture comes in fragments of perception/theorists aren’t geniuses/we’re just intelligently guessing/because mainstream media won’t tell the truth.

We’re searching in the dark for remnants of reality/In a mad world, dissenters are the voice of sanity/We’re code breakers of mysteries/clothed in the guise of idiocy/Inventors, scientists and pioneers were all laughed at/before advanced knowledge was revealed/We might be wrong about some things or maybe all/but I’d rather be wrong/while attempting to discover/than fall following the hierarchy of orders/like lambs to the slaughter/without any questions/Think before you do what they expect of you/question their suggestions/There’s no law against thinking yet/We’re thinkers not followers/creators not consumers/We’re born as free people not slaves.


Kevin Spacey is seriously creepy; all of his accusers have suspiciously died or have dropped their accusations. Clinton, Gates and Spacey all rode the Lolita express to Epstein’s pedo island.