Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (haiku and videos)

Where were Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson getting tested for antibodies, at UCLA or their home? In this photograph the furniture behind her matches the furniture from (the two video clips below) what I assume is her home.

If Hanks has diabetes, it’s dangerous for him to donate plasma, so which narrative is true?

The message seemed coded to me and the background looks staged, like the previous SNL set. The corona typewriters are ominously in the background.

It seems like obvious propaganda that a child named Corona DeVries was bullied (while schools have been closed?) and Tom Hanks befriended him, super creepy. The boy seemed to struggle to read his own letter!

Hanks talks about the great reboot and stresses how 2020 marks a change as if Covid-19 will never go away.

“The revolution will be typewritten.” Tom Hanks. He was predicting a comeback of typewriters years ago. What revolution was he predicting? A corona (crown) pandemic reset?

They’re the King and Queen

of the Corona Virus

propaganda pawns.