Racism Against Asians = Business as Usual

Have you heard about Michael Lofthouse’s racist rant against Asians? Unless you live in Northern California, I bet you haven’t heard this story. Racism against Asians doesn’t make headline news. We’re the only minority that gets discriminated against without any repercussions.

Michael Lofthouse hasn’t been fired from his CEO position at Solid8, a San Francisco tech company. He hasn’t been charged with a hate crime. His life will go on uninterrupted, business as usual. I don’t believe a word of his “apology” especially because he didn’t apologize directly to the Chan family and he continued spewing racist hatred in a tweet following the so-called apology.

This is the real Michael Lofthouse, he’ll continue hating Asians without any consequence. He won’t be fired because “cancel culture” is not designed to acknowledge racism against Asians.

How is this incident less important than the viral “Karen” choking her dog and calling the police on a black man video? Amy Copper was fired from her job, had her dog taken away (yay!) and lost her housing, she was publicly shamed for what she did. She learned her lesson big time. But why did that story go viral on a nationwide level? I think Michael Lofthouse should receive the same kind of consequences but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.

Any Cooper and Christian Cooper, a tale of two Karens with the same last name, but because Amy was a racist against a black person the video went viral. Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King actually shed tears over this story on the air.

I’m glad the waitress stood up for this family but I find it amazing that she has become the focus for this story. A GoFundMe account was started for her and has raised a lot of money. Why? Did she suffer in any way? There’s no GoFundMe for the Chan family, not that they needed a donation fund. What’s going on in our world?

Why isn’t hatred of Asians treated the same way as hatred of black people? All racism is wrong but it’s treated very differently depending on your race. There is no public outcry and no resources for Asians who are being attacked. COVID-19 isn’t the only trigger for the discrimination against Asians. This is what happens on a daily basis, it just usually doesn’t make it to the news. I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

Another incident of hatred against Asians, that didn’t go viral. In this case at least the racist woman, Beth Taska, was asked to resign from her leadership position at Topa Equities. She also issued an “apology” while saying the depiction of her on the video was false, she tried to blame her mask for her racist rant.

Hiroshi and his family are North Americans, the United States is their country.
Beth Taska, another “Karen” that thinks she’s in charge of who gets to be in the USA
So did the mask force her to say,”You can’t be in this country?”

Since COVID-19, 2000 incidents of racism against Asians has been recorded as of July 1st, I’m sure the numbers are much higher.


    1. I’m glad the story was released nationwide but I have a feeling it was to attack Trump’s idiocy. News is used as a political tactic, they show what they do to serve an agenda. Lofthouse hasn’t been fired though because there wasn’t enough public outrage.

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      1. You’re missing my point that this story and other stories about racism against Asians is not on front page news like other stories of racism, which are constantly and prominently featured. The coverage of news is biased to feature stories that fit their agenda to incite rage (and to therefore receive the black vote). Most people can’t see the agenda of the liberal media, that’s why I’m highlighting this story and issue.

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  1. No, Michael Lofthouse’s racist rant against Asians wasn’t reported in Canada.

    Anti-Asian racism doesn’t get the publicity that other forms of racism does.

    I think there were 2 stories about anti-Asian racism in Canada the past few months.

    One was anti-Asian grafitti in Vancouver that appeared shortly after the Covid virus arrived in Canada.

    And then locally where I live in Calgary, a slogan Go Home was written at the back door of a Chinese restaurant which was reported on local TV news.

    There was another news story (I forget the subject) which occurred in Calgary.

    The reporter on the story locally was Krista Dao who I knew when I lived in Vancouver.

    She and her sisters worked as waitresses in their parents’ Vietnamese restaurant on Denman Street in West End Vancouver where I used to have dinner every night the 1st 3 months I lived in Vancouver.

    When the restaurant closed at 6 PM instead of 9, then I started having dinner at other restaurants in Vancouver.

    Anyways this Calgary based news story that Krista did all the reporting on was shown on the Chorus Global TV local news affiliate.

    But it also made the Chorus Global TV National News.

    And when they showed it, all scenes of Krista interviewing people were edited out.

    They showed the people being interviewed commenting but they didn’t show the interviewer.

    Instead they had a white woman standing with a microphone reporting the story intro and then summing it up at the end of the segment.

    A national viewing audience outside Calgary would be left with the impression that it was this white woman who was interviewing people and reporting the story.

    But it was Krista.

    Because when the story was shown on the local affiliate, the camera showed Krista asking questions and the interviewees responding to her questions.

    But I guess the National network has an anti- Asian bias when it comes to who’s shown reporting the stories on the national network.

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    1. Thank you for your informative comment. I sometimes feel like I’m just talking to myself here, but your response validates what I personally see and experience about racism against Asians. Culturally I was raised to be quiet, uncomplaining and obedient; there’s an old custom of suffering in silence that I think still operates in the asian community. We don’t have protests, we don’t have a political presence and therefore our issues are usually ignored.

      I can see that support for this issue is accurately reflected in the post’s statistics, (so far out of 75 views only about half liked the post). That says a lot to me about how people view this issue. If I had only posted about the hate crimes themselves without comparing it to the viral news coverage of racism against other minorities, (specifically hatred against black people); I bet the likes would be higher. But I’m not going to let that stop me from writing about what I perceive, what’s the point of being a writer, if you have to censor your perception?

      Thank you for sharing the story about Krista Dao. You’re very perceptive, Christopher, I think most people wouldn’t have noticed how they presented her story by replacing her with a white reporter when the story went to a larger audience. That’s very insulting to Krista. I’ve heard complaints from Asian reporters about how they’re depicted. Their makeup was done in an exaggerated way to highlight their “exotic” features. It’s almost like a costume. A reporter complained about this and was conveniently fired. I saw this on a documentary, I think it was called, “Slaying the Dragon”. I appreciate your support, Christopher💖

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      1. You’re welcome, Judy.

        I’ll look for that documentary Slaying The Dragon on YouTube.

        Asians have very much been discriminated against and nobody seems to be paying attention.

        My dad who was half way through writing the 2nd volume of a 3 volume History of Western Canada he was working on when he died had uncovered tons of information about how Asians were discriminated against in cities throughout Western Canada (he did note that Asians were far better treated in most small towns and rural communities in the Canadian West for the most part) and was going to bring that out in his book.

        It was sad he never got the chance to finish it.

        Since I couldn’t find his will after he died, the house and its possessions were sold and the proceeds split between my sister and myself.

        My sister who doesn’t have much of an interest in history (or anything else of real value either) got her hands on the manuscripts first and threw them all out.

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      2. I’m sorry that your father didn’t get a chance to finish the later volumes of his book. He sounds like a highly intelligent and conscious person. I’m sorry also to hear about the lost will and how your sister threw away his manuscripts. She sounds very insensitive. When my mom passed away, I felt sad that her funeral didn’t show who she was outside of her Christian faith, there was more to her than just that. I think you understood your father and you should’ve been the one to go through his belongings.

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  2. I missed out the story. I need to google it over the weekend and see if I can find vids of it.

    In this part of the world, depending where you live, racism is Asians targeting Asians. Like in Malaysia, it’s the Chinese because we are the minority here but in Singapore, Chinese are the majority so racism are targeted at Indians.

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    1. Hi Kally, thanks for your comment. That’s sad to hear that Asians are fighting each other on the world wide level. In the USA I’ve experienced a lifetime of being treated like an outsider although I’m a citizen of this country. I can’t speak any other language but American English but I’m treated as a foreigner here because of my ethic roots. Racism against Asians has always been present here but it rarely receives attention. The point of my post (and of my blog in general) is to share information about being Asian-American, specifically Korean-American; not to solely complain but to get the information out to people who might not be aware of the issues we silently endure. Many people might find my post controversial but my point isn’t to shock but to inform others of what I see as a buried/ignored issue.

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  3. Oh Judy, this absolutely breaks my heart. There is so much volatility and hatred being spewed out like venom in our cultures today. It all literally makes me want to cry. I am so sorry that you, your loved ones, or anyone else has had to endure such injustice. My ex is/was Vietnamese. I saw how he was treated in public and it still makes me angry when I think about it. There’s just no sense in any of it.

    I’ll be honest with you – I am a bit outraged, just as you are, that no funds are being set aside for causes that affect the Asian community. (sigh) Common sense just isn’t nearly common enough. It really isn’t.

    I’m proud of you for bringing this very important topic into the light, where it belongs! I’ve shared on Pinterest and Twitter. I hope people across the globe will start to take a good hard look at why they believe what they believe and why they do what they do. It’s true, “All it takes for evil to prosper is for GOOD men/women to do nothing!”

    Sending all my love to you and your family. I pray each of you is well! ♥

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    1. Thank you, Holly! Many don’t seem to care about racism against Asians, maybe they aren’t aware of it? Asians often get grouped into white culture but Asians have disadvantages, like how they are discriminated from going to the Ivy Leagues, they have to receive 200 points above other minority groups to be accepted, regardless of whether they came from poverty. I think the suffer in silence attitude has allowed Asians to not speak up or organize together. Thank you for sharing this post and being compassionate. I think people can create change through uniting💖love to you and your family too🙏🤗🌷

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      1. Or deport him if he is here on temporary visa . It’s injustice to deport other cultures because of the color of their skin and exempt others…Racism is now too obvious, & sadly left rampant.

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      2. I’m not sure if he’s British, I assumed he was a US citizen because he’s a CEO of a company based in San Francisco, California but I agree with you that criminals of any race should be deported back to their country of citizenship. Lofthouse hasn’t been charged with a hate crime or fired from his company though although other racists have been fired for the same exact actions.

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  4. That’s messed up! I wear a hijab and I’ve seen and faced so much racism! It makes me so angry that people do this! I’ve gotten immune to it, but not everyone handles it well! My prayers go out to all those people who’ve faced this!

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    1. Thank you. I’m sorry that you get harassed because of wearing a hijab, you shouldn’t have to go through that. I think you’re strong. I think many groups suffer in silence, only certain issues are in the foreground. All racism and bigotry is wrong and I hope we can all unite against hatred and ignorance.

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  5. They have reported on Asians during the lockdown and before being attacked on the streets and subways of NYC. Luckily people filmed episodes, otherwise it may not have made the news. No it is only one group, but one kind of death that takes center stage. There has been an upsurge in attacks on Jews in NYC and racism towards them. The BLM and anarchist protestors defaced Catholic churches in areas and try to take down Catholic statues. Nick Cannon spoke at a few BLM events. His racist views are starting to fall in line with Farrakan and other BLM spokespeople who hold anti white views. Saying all whites are racist is one.


    1. I think the current racial divide is politically motivated. During election years this seems to happen. Soros funded BLM and the donations they receive (millions, goes to the Democratic Party) that’s why there’s censored reporting of the riots in mainstream media. BLM isn’t following the peaceful protests of MLK, they are following Marxist ideology.

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      1. Their thinking is full of absolutes like: all cops are bad, if you’re not with us you’re a racist enemy, etc. I think their core strategy is about creating anarchy followed by Marxism.

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  6. Before even reading your caption for that restaurant video when I first saw this the other day, I have to say I was completely weirded out at this overdone hero-exaltation of the (white) woman involved, by the news company. It was just strange all the way through. But that’s what sells. The trail thing, where this other woman lets out that, “go back to your country” – I can attest that I heard that kind of racial slur all the time when I lived in Vancouver, where there is a thriving Asian population (and I always did say something against it though just as my mom had). But yes, you are right. There is a lot of racism against Asians and it needs to be brought to the foreground to be understood and eliminated.

    So much racism is ingrained ignorance passed down through generations. I don’t know if public shaming is the true answer to solving it. I didn’t really feel comfortable with the way that waitress shouted down the racist man. Sometimes it’s much more effective to take the person aside quietly and tell them it’s inappropriate. They may not even be aware of it, that’s why. Now we have the problem of people using the shame of others as a method to gain fame and even go fund me accounts (as in the case of this waitress), whether inadvertently or not (and whether or not they give a bunch or all of it to charity). That isn’t right either, and does not aid the karma of society as a whole. Thanks for sharing this Judy; always interested in your blog, and your personal writing is amazing. 💛

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    1. Thank you, Lia. I think you’re right that certain stories sell depending on the angle that’s presented. Right now good, non-racist white people are being attacked if they mention certain things and the white privilege/white guilt makes stories about white activists or this waitress get highlighted to alleviate the situation. I think whites are being harassed for being white and it’s wrong. Racism is about division and fear of others and I don’t think it can be healed through more division. I think empathy and correcting economic inequality and opportunity is needed but not at the extreme anger directed at modern people that were never slave owners or racists. Terry Crews recently advocated for being non-racist and viewing people as equals and he received back lash but I think he’s heroic. Thank you and your mom, for standing up against racism against Asians in Canada. I think we can all do what we can, to create a better world. 💖

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      1. Dear Judy, as a white gal I certainly do appreciate your answer very much. Thanks for your compassion and understanding that yes it’s awkward and challenging all around for those who are interested in making positive change, and we do all have to work together to make it happen. Hugs and sincere gratitude. 🤗💞🙏🌷

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      2. I’m glad to connect with you, Lia. I think we’re all a family on this planet and we need to help each other and stop the division. Shaming good white people is hateful, it needs to stop. There are good and bad people of all races, the good ones are aware and the bad ones are ignorant. Hugs to you💖🙏🌷🤗

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  7. Money rules. Media works for the people who give them extra money.
    It is because of the internet we get to know acts recorded by local people otherwise I dont think so it matters to be on News Channels.
    Its all about numbers, sadly. Human is greedy.

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  8. Thanks for tying these stories together, Judy. I was watching a comedian being interviewed the other day about how comedians are always pushing to see where the boundaries of societal comfort with various taboo topics are. And a revealing finding he mentioned: He found that American audiences are largely okay with racist jokes if they are directed at Asians, but not if directed at some other races.

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    1. I wish I was surprised but I think it’s very true what you mentioned. I think Asians are seen as uncomplaining. It makes me frustrated that not many Asians seem to speak out. Thank you for sharing your comment💖

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