Predictive Programming, Plandemic and “George”

Gates always seems to be diabolically smiling when he talks about viruses and vaccines because he’s making $$$$ off of manipulating fear and suffering.

2020 Quarters feature a bat:

Madonna 2019:

Bill Gates 2019 and 1997:

“…the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted a global pandemic exercise called “Event 201” on Friday, October 18, 2019, in New York City. The exercise was intended to illustrate the pandemic preparedness efforts, response decisions, and cooperation required from global businesses, governments, and public health leaders that the world will need to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.”

The Gates Foundation gives grants in the millions to media organizations. HR6666 officially embeds the snitch culture. REMDESIVIR: This is the Fauci COVID drug.
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The Avengers 2011:

Corona beer + a Barilla pasta ad that looks like a virus. “By ‘George’ we did it” is also on a sign in this screenshot, (referring to the George Floyd riots)?

Pandemic Boardgame 2008 and online 2013:

London Olympic Games 2012:


Fauci 2017:

Why does everyone trust this man? He’s closely allied with Bill Gates.

Plandemic – A Must-See Micro-Doc About The Medical Mafia & Dr. Fauci

The Elephant in the Room:

The death rate of the Corona Virus is still very comparatively low, at approximately 99.7% survival rate; so why are we still overreacting by shutting down the entire world? Wasn’t this shelter-in-place a temporary solution to “flatten the curve” (not an indefinite, “house arrest” as the new normal). The hospitals are NOT overwhelmed with Covid patients and never were. Why haven’t we quarantined ONLY the most vulnerable? Nothing about this extreme response is logical. Why were covid patients sent to nursing homes against the advice of health experts? MSM won’t address this point of intentional murder of the elderly in NY and Michigan (which happen to be Democratic states).

Why is the approximate 99.7% survival rate NOT important?

What has happened to the human spirit? Why are we so docile and unquestioning? Positive Change will only happen when enough good, conscious people dissent against corruption and idiocy. It has almost been 5 months of madness, when will logic prevail?


  1. My hats off to you on writing such a well-researched post, Judy.

    I’m totally blown away by the information you assembled here.

    I didn’t know about bats being depicted on coins.

    Are those American coins?

    And Madonna’s 2019 Eurovision performance that I was unaware of- that seems to be a total prophetic depiction of the Coronavirus from the Crowns to people wearing masks to the virus looking pompoms.

    And Bill Gates 201 Event virus stuffed toy- a dead ringer for the Coronavirus.

    Interesting the 201 Event was held on October 18th – ironic since October 18th is supposed to be the Feast Day of Saint Luke the Physician and Healer in the Catholic Church.

    And I had heard of JFK Jr.’s political magazine George but I never read it.

    How much more prophetic can you get than the lines Worst Case Scenario- An Overpopulated Planet Choked To Extinction By A Lung Attacking Virus? in the JFK Jr. Bill Gates interview?

    And I remember watching the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics on TV – a ceremony I found quite bizarre to say the least.

    But the photos from the ceremony you show here look so prophetic especially the mannequin that looks like Boris Johnson in a hospital bed.

    And the fact that Covid-19 has a minimal 98% survival rate is the most important fact in this year of media driven virus hysteria – a fact never mentioned by the so-called 4th Estate whose supposed reason for existence is the pursuit of truth.

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    1. Thanks, Christopher I’m glad you liked my post. I’ve been piecing together bits of information (there’s even more that suggest that COVID was a planned event). The coins are from the USA, they started making new designs on the back of quarters and the bats were featured in 2020. Madonna seems to be at the center of many occult propaganda, I always dismissed it before as a marketing ploy but it seem clear to me now that she’s deranged. She and Gates and so many celebrities are being exposed, they were all at Epstein’s island. I think the circumstantial evidence is becoming impossible to ignore, but people keep ignoring it. 🤯

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      1. Humans like to be comfortable and ignoring and avoiding are better comforts as it does not lets them to think which is equal to wasting time I guess for humans.
        This is really sad.

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