The breeding grounds of violent activism

I think the twisted concept of “White Saviors” can also be extended to wealthy people of color. Urooj Rahman, 31 and Colinford Mattis, 32 were highly educated lawyers that threw Molotov cocktails into a police car, they were distributing Molotov explosives to random rioters and had a stash of supplies to make more explosives in their vehicle.

What they did was domestic terrorism. As lawyers, they knew exactly what they were doing and they understood the repercussions of their actions. Why did they resort to violence? What does this say about our education system? If students graduate college—and even law school, without basic respect for human life and the property of others, (basic common sense), what’s the point of a diploma? Intelligence can’t just be about memorization, wisdom has to be a component of true knowledge.

They wasted the hard work and sacrifice that their immigrant families made for them, (Rahman immigrated from Pakistan and Mattis was from Jamaica). They wasted the time, energy and money it took to complete college and law school. For what?! To “protest” injustice through destruction? They’re fortunate that no one was hurt by their explosives. For such highly educated people, why were they so stupid?

I think they’re another classic example of how higher education is failing our students and ruining our country. The school system is radicalizing young, impressionable people to champion reverse-racism and violence in the name of “restorative justice”. Mattis graduated from a prestigious Ivy League Law School. I guess that shows how worthless higher education is. The only people I feel sorry for in this case, are their parents.

These two aren’t high school or college kids, they are in their 30s. I don’t feel sorry for them, I feel disdain for all the privilege they had and wasted.

When I attended college it wasn’t a radicalized institution then. Debate was still allowed, there was no cancel culture. Graduating from college used to be part of the American Dream but I think attending Trade school is a much better option nowadays. Typical college grads can’t get a well-paying job or pay their student loans anymore, I think it’s a just a money pit scam, and worse yet they graduate with a skewed, deluded hero complex, an entitled “Social Justice Warrior” attitude which I refer to as the “White Savior Myth”.

Radically liberal teachers and professors are brainwashing students. Here are two infamous examples:

1) Ex-Philosophy and Ethics Professor, Michael Clanton:

The Rolling Stone article below seems very biased in favor of Antifa, claiming that it’s an anti-fascist group, but it’s obvious to me that Antifa is projecting their own fascism onto conservative groups. I’ve included the RS article only because it inadvertently reveals Clanton’s liberal lunacy. Clanton hit several people with a bike lock, but received no prison time, just a mere 3 years of probation. I think Clanton couldn’t survive prison, he’d would’ve been dead within a week.

Fascist “Ethics Professor”, Michael Clanton (left) and conservative debater, Sean Stiles (right)

“…a young anti-fascist dressed in a hoodie, his face obscured by a bandanna, swung what seemed to be a large metal bike lock squarely onto the skull of an unwitting alt-right demonstrator. The victim was a 20-year-old college student, Sean Stiles, who had made the trip to Berkeley from his home in Santa Cruz. Though Stiles had been consorting with the men from Rise Above, the bike-lock attack was unprovoked. Stiles had been arguing with two young leftist women about illegal immigration; when he was hit, he simply put his hands on his head, which started gushing blood, and stumbled off as his assailant disappeared. (Reached by Rolling Stone, Stiles had no comment on the attack.) According to the Berkeley police, Stiles was one of 11 people injured at the rally. There had also been 20 arrests – but the man with the lock was not among them…”

He was not just a professor, but an ethics professor who taught philosophy and critical thinking at Diablo Valley College in the East Bay suburb of Pleasant Hill. In a detail that provoked the chat board’s sardonic ire, his work encompassed “restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.” Once /pol/ had found Clanton’s name, its hackers found his OkCupid account, discovering that he had described himself to suitors as a “gender-nonconforming” sapiosexual interested in “helping to precipitate the end of civil society.”

“On May 24th, the cops used Clanton’s phone to locate him at a large communal house in Oakland. A strike team broke into the house and found Clanton standing in the middle of an upstairs bedroom. When they searched the room, they found a canister of bear spray, two flip knives, metal knuckles, Rayban sunglasses and a Tupperware of psilocybin mushrooms. They also discovered a Billy club stashed inside Clanton’s car.”
The photo on the left of Clanton looks like his profile photo from OKStupid haha! 20 yr old, Stiles on the right was labeled as “alt-right” for debating about illegal immigration, he wasn’t alt-right, he was a critical thinker who was ruthlessly bludgeoned.

2) Yvonne Felaraca:

“A middle school teacher-turned-Antifa leader was among the four people arrested after opposing political groups clashed Tuesday inside a so-called “empathy tent” at the University of California, Berkeley…”

Felarca, who has been identified as the leader of the Antifa group By All Means Necessary, is also facing separate charges related to participating in a violent melee with white supremacists in Sacramento last year.”

I keep seeing the media’s biased descriptions: Alt-Right, White Supremacist, etc referring to conservative groups but no mention of the radically violent actions of fascist—Antifa and BLM. It’s sad that we have to filter out the biases of news media which is supposed to be neutral. The posts that I write on my blog, are all opinion pieces, I’m not claiming to be a journalist.

“Four protests have turned violent on campus and in the surrounding streets in recent months, prompting authorities to tighten security as they struggle to balance free speech rights with preventing violence.

David Marquis, who identified himself as a senior at the school, said he was tired of the protests on campus. Marquis was outside the protest area and described the scene.

“If you look at them, it’s ridiculous,” Marquis told the Los Angeles Times. “You’ve got a guy with purple hair with a f—ing lightsaber talking about Hitler. It’s hard for me to take any of this seriously.”

I don’t want these radicals to teach my child, or anyone’s child, anything. If teachers can’t be peaceful role models anymore, our society is doomed. Violence is not the solution to injustice, violence is not the way to win an argument, lashing out in violence, is proof of stupidity.


  1. A well-written thought provoking piece, Judy.

    Your sentence “If teachers can’t be peaceful role models anymore, our society is doomed” about sums it up.

    If professionals such as lawyers, teachers and professors are now engaging in open violence, society is in serious trouble.

    There were two notable occasions in history when professional people were engaged in brutal acts of violence.

    One was the French Revolution with its subsequent Reign of Terror.

    And the other was the Russian Revolution with its subsequent decades of terror.

    This doesn’t really bode well for America’s political future.

    On a lighter note, I enjoyed your reference to Michael Clanton’s OKStupid profile photo. 😂

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I sense that elements of both the French and Russian revolutions are resurfacing. It’s said that all major revolts and wars were instigated by the puppeteers that rule over us. I think what’s currently happening, race wars will spill over into rich vs poor to bring about Marxism in the form of Globalism, one world government. People are so easily manipulated, just like they were brainwashed to support the nazis.

      Michael Clanton makes me 🤢, his OKStupid profile was so PC loaded—full of trendy, non-sensical, pseudo-intellectual non-binary rhetoric…🤮! I bet he thinks of himself as an Antifa superhero with his cowardly bike lock and bear mace.

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    1. While I tend to initially agree, I would rather counter their elimination of free speech in their classes by the introduction of more free speech by teaching the art of debate.

      If we fall to the level of the Marxists, we end with only silence. We need more free speech.

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      1. Yes, free speech is a foundation of our country. I welcome the intelligent nature of debate vs irrational violence, shouting and labeling others as racist (just because they can’t win the argument through logic). I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought socialism was a good thing just a few years ago, I had been brainwashed to think that way. Socialism/Marxism is the loss of our freedom, liberals don’t realize this.

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    1. I agree, how did they pass Law School? They have no regard for laws. Their poor parents are probably devastated and perplexed. They could’ve fought for their cause in a lawful way, I guess they felt entitled to riot. This generation seems very out of touch with reality, sorry to generalize but I don’t understand the “Social Justice Warriors”.

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      1. I would be disgusted if my teacher son was spewing out this far-left, radical nonsense to impressionable youngsters in high schools. The ‘plastic’ anarchists, many of whom in the UK have never worked a day in their life, are ignorant beyond belief and their behaviour is sickening. And yes, I agree, many of this generation are out of touch with reality!

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      2. Yes, it’s amazing what’s happening in education. They’re teaching lies basically, that’s why college students are so radicalized now. I think the same anarchists are in the US, they’re unemployed (but are paid rioters) both Antifa and BLM have so much $$$, allegedly funded by George Soros. I think they feel empowered for the first time in their lives, they think they have a heroic purpose through beating people up and destroying property. Mad world.

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      3. Thankfully my son left teaching and he’s now a physiotherapist. Yes, I don’t mind kids being taught about the history around the world, but don’t rub ours out like it never happened and stop defacing our monuments!!

        I’m with you on the Antifa and BLM and know where they’re getting their money from. The thing is, it’s not being spent on what they say it will be!!

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      4. Wow I hadn’t heard about that, how can that be legal? People that support BLM/Antifa have no idea that they’re being duped. The same is true of many “charities”, Haiti hurricane relief is a good example. The Clinton foundation is very corrupt.

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    1. I’m afraid so! I don’t know if life just naturally goes in waves of intelligent evolution vs ignorant destruction but we’re at a very low state of consciousness.


      1. So true. The bad apples never grew up/never learned right from wrong. The thing is many of these rioters probably came from comfort and privilege, they just never learned to have a conscience.

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  2. I appreciate the time and research you put into getting this information out. It’s sickening beyond belief how our country is being hollowed out by the far left, media, educators and so-called “social justice warriors” who could use a real education — beginning with history. To see them essentially spit on decent, law abiding citizens, and the opportunities and freedoms America affords them, I can only imagine the wake-up call when Mommy and Daddy are no longer funding their radical and violent lifestyles. I echo much of your sentiments and am also filled with disgust for what is happening in America. Monsters have been created while we slept.

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    1. Thank you very much. I think I vent my frustration through writing these posts, I’m so glad you appreciate them. Yes, SJWs need a history lesson! They seem to rewrite history (and the present) to suit their agenda. I think the latest statue they destroyed was of Abraham Lincoln, they are total anarchists. They destroyed a war memorial that celebrated black soldiers and a Frederick Douglas statue too, they have no logic or intelligence. It’s a mob mentality, they’re the dumb puppets of corrupt Democrats that care only their their own profits, not for the people who believe in their fake altruism.

      Haha yes many of the pampered SJWs are from rich families, they’re so conditioned to think they are “special” and entitled without earning their advancements. Nepotism rules the “upper crust” they never had to work for their success. I’m making broad generalizations but that’s what I see in the world.

      My parents were immigrants that came here lawfully, they learned English while in their 30s, took the citizenship test, started businesses, put their kids through college without any scholarships, they never relied on welfare, they had no elitist “connections”, only through hard work they achieved the “American Dream”. Now people seem so narcissistic and entitled to everything while giving nothing.

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      1. It is for immigrants like your parents that I am so against just handing over the keys to our country for those who do not earn the right to be here, for those who do not learn our laws or language, for those who do not respect the citizens or opportunities available. I’d guess your parents appreciate everything they have because they worked for it. Same for you going to college without scholarships or welfare. BLM likes to cry victim yet they have been given so much without working for it…and do they appreciate anything? No, they destroy what they’ve been handed and only demand more. Makes no sense.

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      2. Yes I think something happened within our pampered society, our sense of respect seems gone. I’m pro-immigration because I think diversity is beautiful and a sign of strength, but appreciating and having gratitude is an important part of citizenship/patriotism. I think it’s also great to retain cultural traditions, language while adding new adopted traditions. I think the new generations are out of touch, they act as if they’re entitled to everything, and they dismiss the past, to rewrite history. New tech paved the way for young people in their 20s to be making exorbitant amounts of money, but they lack the maturity to live with integrity.

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      3. So thoughtful and true. I’m fine with immigrants who want to come here and work for their American Dream…those who will contribute to the depth and diverse culture of America… and not just take-take-take.

        I hadn’t considered the other detriments of Tech making youth so wealthy as the narrative I usually hear is that they have degrees, school loans and can’t get jobs. Still, it appears to have been more of a curse than blessing as presumably it has also contributed to an arrogant selfishness…

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      4. I think America is strong because we’re from everywhere. My parents have an American flag on their house, they’re proud to be citizens here and they worked hard all of their lives. I’m fortunate that they immigrated to America. I think those that complain or hate our country should seriously leave, they would beg to return I’m sure, if they had to live in a communist country. I think the graduates with liberal arts degrees can’t get jobs but the techies get instant $100,000 starting salaries. I used to live in San Francisco when big tech came in. Young 20 year olds bought houses by evicting the long time working class residents, it was so obnoxious. Rents went up 3 times the amount, I eventually left to move to Oakland but it’s gotten obnoxiously expensive here too within the last 5 yrs. Yes so much arrogance, narcissism and stupidity.

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      5. I think you’ve accurately described it all. Your parents sounds like the type of immigrants I just love and enjoy getting to meet and hear their stories. When someone has to work for something — whether a job, citizenship, house, etc., I do believe they appreciate it much more rather than receiving without effort.

        I, too, wish the ones who hate our country would leave rather than ruin it for the rest of us who love America. I also think they would cry to return once they see what communism is really like. I can only pray that does not happen with this election or all of us will be suffering at the hands of their votes of stupidity.

        Your example of what happened with the 20 year old techies gives me deeper understanding to their arrogant selfishness. I’ve seen the gentrification in other cities and find it interesting that the same ones pushing the residents out are often the social justice warriors. While my locale has largely been insulated from that type of activity, it is beginning now with an influx of out-of-state people wanting to escape the problems they helped create in those sanctuary states…so soon, my area will probably be ruined as well.

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      6. I couldn’t have immigrated to a country in my 30s and learned a whole new language, my parents were “old school” people seemed smarter and stronger in the past, now people seem so pampered. Too much income with very little maturity is a recipe for narcissism. I’m sorry the incoming people are invading your area. Sounds awful. I hope they learn to adapt vs try to change your area.


      7. Oh, that’s probably wishful thinking. We had another invasion in the late 80’s. Prior to that people never had to lock their doors, they would give you a break in a line…say good morning, drug crimes were nearly nonexistent. …I shudder to see what this will bring.


      8. Back in the days when people were polite, I miss those times. In my neighborhood it seems like only the older generation says hello or good morning. I’m getting to be so grumpy, a few weeks ago there was a group of drunk young women being loud for a very long time outside of my building, I finally looked out to see one of them crouching on the sidewalk with her butt exposed. I shouted at them to leave, they seemed shocked that someone was calling them out on their obnoxiousness. I was young once too but geez I wasn’t ever defecating on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. So Gross.

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  3. I dislike the new world. Big business supporting the riot. In Michigan, more white than black trying to destroy the cities. They are organized and they want attention. They have attacked the small college towns in Michigan. So sad, people come long distance to destroy. Hard to understand. Without cities, without businesses. Where do you live? Where do you buy food? I hope for better days my dear friend.

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    1. Yes, I don’t understand the love of destruction. I honestly think many professional rioters have been brainwashed to think that anarchy is a good thing. The times seem parallel to the 60s in a way but without the peaceful, non-violent focus. The ones that suffer the most are always the innocent and the poorest people, very tragic for them to have their neighborhoods destroyed. I hope for peace and a return to sanity.

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  4. Harris County, Texas has something similar to a “White savior” as a District Attorney.

    When Kim Ogg had the chance to charge a repeat felon and illegal alien with threatening his ex-wife and children with a gun, she chose to let him go and return his gun and bullets. Maybe she thought that she was saving the felon who had a long rap sheet from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    The resulting problem was that a Black police officer (more specifically, a sergeant and a someone who had worked honorably for 41 years) was killed while another officer was wounded and the son of the shooter was also wounded.

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    1. That’s such a senseless murder of an officer and the son of the shooter. Kim Ogg sounds like an idiot. She should be held liable in some way for releasing him. I really don’t understand the mentality of leniency against repeat felons especially one who was here illegally. The US needs to solve it’s own internal problems before trying to save the whole world, in my opinion. I’m for legal immigration, but not for open borders.

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