Poem: Hypocrites (haiku in 15 stanzas)

Governor Newsom
“French Laundry” Birthday Party
20+ guest list.

with his hair greased back
he gestures spastically
thinks he’s Clint Eastwood.

His Aunt Pelosi
was “Set Up!” by a salon—-
Rules for thee, not me.

She needed to dye
her wicked witch roots I think
she should be locked up.

Cuomo the gargoyle
with his metal, nipple rings
send him to prison

for killing elders
to inflate a fake death count
he deserves jail time.

Wittmer the Nazi
Faked her kidnapping I think
she’s an evil bitch.

It’s one gross orgy
They’re all in bed together
Trading new blackmail

Crooked politics
Politicians are evil
Stealing from the dead

Upturning gravestones
Registering ghosts and creeps
Uploading fake votes

for ghoulish Biden
and the camel-toed Harris—-
Murder by proxy!

None of them wear masks
when the camera’s off they’re
puppet courtiers.

Second lockdown threat
“The Great Reset” was Covid—-
Corona means Crown.

Apocalypse fears
stock up on food and T. P.
but maybe this time—-

They won’t reopen—-
They’ll kill us over nothing—-
This is how it ends?

How the Asshole-Class lives, here’s a sample of the “French Laundry’s” Chef’s Tasting Menu, a 9 course meal =$300/per person, (not including the wine bill for the 20+ guests of the birthday party which was allegedly $1,200). This is what CA taxpayers are paying for—“the rules for thee not me,” hypocrisy of elites is disgusting.

While the rest of the US’s poorest citizens live in tents and rely on moldy scraps of rotten GMO produce at the local food pantries, Newsom dines on “oysters and pearls”. Or if they can afford it, the working-poor survive on chemically-laden junk food at Dollar Stores and/or at fast food/trash businesses like McDonalds, no wonder cancer and diabetes is rampant in our bloated, wealth-divided country.

The French Laundry Menu with Prices

I detest the posh decadence of restaurants like the “French Laundry”, what a pretentious name for a restaurant. 🤮🤑
Oysters and Pearls $310.00
Smoked Wild King Salmon “Royale” $310.00
Hoppin’ John $310.00
Pacific Shima Aji “Sashimi” $310.00
Stonington Maine Sea Scallop “Poelee” $310.00
Celery Root “Manicotti” $310.00
Ballotine De Poularde Aux Homard $310.00
Braised Snake River Farms Beef Cheek $310.00
Gougere $310.00
Persimmon Pudding $310.00
Vanilla Ice Cream $310.00
K + M $310.00

Just one sample search showed the desperate demand for food banks/shelters, in Pennsylvania alone there are over 89 pantries. Has the US has become a third-world country? https://helpingharvest.org/programs/pantry-kitchen-shelter/

Pelosi’s annual salary is $193,400 so how did her net worth equal $196,299,990? She held back covid relief money while she ate her fancy gelato in her three mansions. Time to bring back the guillotine.

Nancy Pelosi – 35 memes and images


      1. I don’t read all of your posts but do try to understand where other people are coming from. To me, the Wall Street Journal (who does have a financial point of view) seems a bit more balanced in it’s approach to how they perceive the two candidates. Many people are obsessed with a single issue–no matter what other valid or invalid points either candidate might offer.

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      2. I used to watch msm news, I believed every word but I realized how manipulative it’s become, it’s all opinion pieces now whether it’s Fox News or WSJ. I watch news on YouTube so I can compare the propaganda and see how the news is spun. I think it’s beyond the Red or Blue surface battle, politicians are corrupt on both sides. We live under an illusion of choice/democracy, Noam Chomsky explained this concept in his documentary “Requiem for the American Dream” c2015

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  1. I am proud of my Michigan Governor. A tough lady, who saved many lives. Hello my dear friend. I agree, like the old saying stated. “Finding a honest politician, like fishing in a dead lake.”


    1. Hi John, you’ve a right to your opinion, but I think your governor Wittmer is a murderer who knowingly sent covid patients to nursing homes so they would infect the elderly, she dismissed the counsel of health experts who advised her against that action because she wanted large death numbers/inflate the covid death count. That’s pure evil.

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      1. I don’t know. Local areas, stopped her and they are still doing. Hard days are coming. Europe is right. USA is dumb. Will keep dying. People need distance and the mask in public. I am a overnight pharmacy manager. My mask is always on and I ensure I keep my six feet. The children in Michigan, don’t care.


      2. I used to think that politicians cared about the people they serve but they seem so corrupt. Yes at least Europeans are protesting new lockdowns. I have to wear masks at work too but I only do that because I have to. I wear masks for other people’s anxiety, I don’t think they make a difference.

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      3. It make a different. I work as a overnight pharmacy manager. The pharmacist two daughters in New York city college brought the coronavirus home. Infected him and his two school age daughters. He had medico issues. He had the virus too. My daughter had the virus twice. She is a nurse and I cured her twice. The nurses at the nearby hospital told me. No more rooms for the sick, In the hallways. I recommend wear the mask. The pharmacist didn’t believe in the virus and now one of his daughters are very sick. I don’t care about the politicians. I care about my family and my health. Old Army saying. Safety first. This virus is no joke. I lost my father to the virus and many good customers. Europe is right. USA is dumb. Keep spreading the virus without no concern for the old people and the sick. Don’t worry my friend. 300,000 or more died in November. December and Winter is here. More than 300,000 will died this month. Please stay safe my friend.


      4. I’m sorry that people that you knew died, I have a feeling that it wasn’t solely from covid which has a 99.9 % survival rate. People believe msm news and they get paranoid, the mind can make you sick as well. Don’t believe in the paranoia, John it will hurt you more that anything else. Be Well.

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      5. 99.5 is wrong. World numbers is much higher and the USA. People in Texas, California and Florida. Their foolish actions will kill many. I know nurses and doctors. Can everyone be a liar? The Spanish flu wasn’t took seriously and killed more than WW1. My mind is very good. I see the real world. I am not paranoia. I wear my mask and keep my distance. If you don’t. Death will find you. Not all things are lies. Killer flu are part of life. Been 12 virus type killers in the past 100 years. This one killed the old and the sickly. I hope you are neither. Safety first. The 100 body bags in a Georgia hospital, the storage containers of dead bodies in New York. I don’t know my friend. I will work, go home, go to the lake on warm days and write/read. Old wise saying. Test the devil kiss. He will win. Stay safe my friend.


      6. John more people have died of the flu than covid. I’m not going to convince you I understand that so I’m not going to say the same things over and over to try to convince you. I’m not going to post any further comments on this thread from you, not because I’m angry but because it’s pointless to discuss this further with you. Take care of your mental sanity in these confusing times.

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  2. Your variations of haiku succinctly sum up the American political scene so well, Judy.

    I have never come across a better political analysis of what goes on than in your haiku.

    I agree with you 100% of what you have said about all these politicians mentioned here.

    They’re all pure evil.

    Years ago I once worked as a film critic and movie reviewer for a provincial newsmagazine here in Alberta.

    In my study of the history of film, I’ve noticed there are generally about 2 or 3 films in every decade that seem to correctly hit the mark about what will happen in society and the world at large 20 to 25 years down the road.

    Some of your commenters here bring this to mind.

    Back in the mid-1990s there were 2 films that came out – Wag The Dog with Dustin Hoffman and Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts.

    Both were popular in their time but largely forgotten today.

    Wag The Dog showed how the news media would use Hollywood techniques to fake and manufacture a crisis to bring about a certain political purpose.

    Conspiracy Theory was about a conspiracy theorist played by Mel Gibson.

    At the end of the film, the conspiracy theories he was most passionate about in exposing turned out to be absolutely 100% true.

    In 2020, Wag The Dog and Conspiracy Theory have been shown to be true “by those with eyes to see and ears to hear”.

    The news media have manufactured a crisis (a pandemic in reality and not a war as in the Wag The Dog) in order to bring about the Great Reset which many people label a conspiracy theory even though those who are promoting it like George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Klaus Schwab and various Transhumanist scientists and engineers (who want to microchip everybody) are quite open in advocating what it is they want to do.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I have heard of both films, I saw a clip of Conspiracy Theory and it was very relevant to today. I want to watch both films for research purposes. I think it’s predictive programming, when films contain premonitions or a hidden view of the world. I think they do this revealing technique on purpose because it’s their way of saying “You’ve been warned”, lots of game playing that the elites do, they probably enjoy dangling the truth and pretending it’s fiction/entertainment. It’s getting more difficult to find the truth, lots of disinformation to discredit independent researchers, but at least a small minority of people are awake. I think the majority of people are obedient, well-intentioned, “normal” people who don’t question authority. I think they’re unable to think for themselves because they were socially conditioned that way. They can’t see or hear reality, even if clear evidence was in front of them. It’s frustrating and depressing to me to know that most people “can’t handle the truth”. I like the biblical quote you referenced, it describes things perfectly. I’m against the Transhumanists, they want to destroy what makes us human. We’re not meant to live forever as robots.

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  3. Brilliant. Don’t doubt yourself, you aren’t alone in your thinking AT ALL. I am with you my friend as many others are. There are sleepers and people who have awakened… it is frustrating many times. Blessed. Amber 🙏

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