Normalizing Pedophilia: part 4: Lyrics Reflect Culture

What makes certain adults (both men and women do this), refer to women as Babe, Baby, Girl? Do they subconsciously want to be with a child? Some women even refer to themselves as Girls and Babes and they dress accordingly: in unicorn tshirts, glittering rainbow socks with their hair tied in pig-tails. I think their purposeful immaturity is a direct result of social conditioning.


A younger form of a woman. If you tried to have sex with a girl, you’d be arrested, you damn pedophile.”

In Western society we’ve all been conditioned to think that being Sexy is the goal, whether you’re 8 yrs old or 80. Are pedophiles Peter Pan wannabes? They never want to mature so they fixate on children?

I don’t buy into the psychobabble theory that pedophilia is a mental illness worthy of our sympathy. It might have cyclical root causes but everyone has a choice to either heal/end the abuse or to reenact the abuse in a vicious cycle.

Victimhood is no excuse to become a perpetrator. It’s a conscious choice to be a rapist, no one is forced into that role. I imagine that it makes them feel powerfully in control, they crave the illusion of dominance. Life is a power trip to them, that’s why they prey on the most innocent.

1) Father Figure/George Michaels:

I will be your father figure.
(oh, baby)
Put your tiny hand in mine.
(I’d love to)
I will be your preacher teacher.
(be your daddy)
Anything you have in mind.
(it would make me)
I will be your father figure.
(very happy)
I have had enough of crime.
(please let me)
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time (of time)…

That’s all I wanted,
But sometimes love can be mistaken
For a crime.
That’s all I wanted:
Just to see my baby’s
Blue eyes shine…

Greet me with the eyes of a child…”

George Michaels was a closeted gay man for most of his early career, he was “outed” when he was arrested for cruising for sex in a public bathroom btw.

2) Sweet Child of Mine/Guns n Roses:

I found this super creepy image on Pinterest, (it was posted by a female fan). “Sweet Child of Mine” was written by Axel Rose for his then girlfriend, it was never a father/daughter song.

This is how social conditioning affects us, most people don’t even realize what they’re supporting.

3) Sweet Caroline/Neil Diamond:

Neil Diamond admitted that Caroline Kennedy inspired “Sweet Caroline” then he later recanted that admission when he realized what the confession revealed about him.

“Neil Diamond held onto the secret for decades, but he has finally revealed that President Kennedy’s daughter was the inspiration for his smash hit “Sweet Caroline.”

‘I’ve never discussed it with anybody before — intentionally,’ the 66-year-old singer-songwriter told The Associated Press on Monday during a break from recording. ‘I thought maybe I would tell it to Caroline when I met her someday.’…

“Diamond was a “young, broke songwriter” when a photo of the president’s daughter in a news magazine caught his eye.

‘It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony,’ Diamond recalled. ‘It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there.’

‘Years later, holed up in a hotel in Memphis, he would write the words and music in less an hour.’

‘It was a No. 1 record and probably is the biggest, most important song of my career, and I have to thank her for the inspiration,” he said. “I’m happy to have gotten it off my chest and to have expressed it to Caroline. I thought she might be embarrassed, but she seemed to be struck by it and really, really happy.’”
This is the photo of Caroline Kennedy that inspired the lyrics, “Warm, touchin’ warm/Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you”. She’s still a pre-adolescent child, she hasn’t gone through puberty yet 🤮

“Hands, touchin’ hands
Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you

Sweet Caroline…

…look at the night
And it don’t seem so lonely
We fill it up with only two

And when I hurt
Hurtin’ runs off my shoulders
How can I hurt when holdin’ you?

Warm, touchin’ warm
Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you…”

4) Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon/Neil Diamond:

This was a screenshot of Netflix marketing “age appropriate” content to 11-12 yr olds (black leather thigh high boots to Winnie the Pooh).

“Well, I finally found
What I’ve been looking for
But if they get the chance,
They’ll end it for sure
Sure they would
Baby, I’ve done all I could

It’s up to you
Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
Please, come take my hand
Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
Soon you’ll need a man
Soon you’ll need a man…..”

5) Don’t Stand So Close To Me/The Police:

“Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her there’s longing
This girl’s an open page
Book marking – she’s so close now
This girl is half his age…

Temptation, frustration
So bad it makes him cry
Wet bus stop, she’s waiting
His car is warm and dry…

It’s no use, he sees her
He starts to shake and cough
Just like the old man in
That book by Nabokov…”

These songs are just a few examples that I could think of from my generation of music, I’m sure there are countless others. Our society is saturated with pedophilic programming and I think the end goal is to legitimize the rape of children. Did you know that RBG advocated to raise the age of consent to 12 yrs old?

“On page 102, she recommends the laws relating to sexual abuse “Eliminate the phrase ‘carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years” and instead substitute it with “A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person…(and) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.”

Pedophilia is considered a mental illness not a crime in countries like Greece. Is that why Tom Hanks received a Greek citizenship this year? Here’s an article from NYT that virtue signals for the rights of pedophiles. I think the New York Times is trash:

“The Virtuous Pedophiles website is full of testimonials of people who vow never to touch a child and yet live in terror. They must hide their disorder from everyone they know — or risk losing educational and job opportunities, and face the prospect of harassment and even violence. Many feel isolated; some contemplate suicide.”

😣Sympathy for pedophiles? I call Liberal bullshit. What’s next, sympathy for serial killers?

NY Times writes sympathetic articles about pedophiles


  1. You’ve picked some grossly good examples of pedophilia. When I was a librarian at Ft Story in Virginia Beach, back in the 1980s, one of the mothers would lock her children (a boy about 2 and two blonde girls about 4 and 6) out of the house for the day. ( I’m guessing that she watched television and maybe drank). The two girls were quite pretty (almost Joan Benet Ramsey level) and I was appalled that they dressed and acted very precociously in a bid for attention. I don’t know what became of them. If I knew then what I know now, I might have at least called child care or the base chaplain about the situation.

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    1. Thank you, Pat. I chose songs that I actually used to like to show the subtlety of the message. Music can be a powerful tool of influence. The story you shared is a sad reality, too many children are being abused/neglected. I’d like to think that CPS or a church leader would’ve helped but they might’ve made the situation worse, lots of abuse from the church and CPS unfortunately.

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  2. The military is not a perfect culture by any means but the Army has/had procedures in place to take care of abused children. (Not that that is always followed but this was a small post where almost everyone knew what was going on in base housing.) So why someone didn’t report it, I don’t know.

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    1. I don’t trust government institutions anymore, many abuses especially within charity organizations that are designed to protect children. Have you heard of the Presidio Day Care pedophile story? It’s similar to the McMarten Preschool SRA case which was wrongly dismissed, and there’s also the CIA sponsored child trafficking cult, called the Finders. Here’s a link to the Presidio Army Day Care story


  3. The Presidio Day Care prompted the Army to re-examine how it conducted business–ironically it was more responsive than many churches. Do you consider putting immigrant children in cages a form of child abuse?


    1. I think putting any children in cages is abusive, it was Obama who built those cages, but many people don’t acknowledge that fact. I think it’s also wrong for illegal immigrants to put their children in jeopardy by entering the US with them illegally. ICE and the wall actually act as a deterrent for human sex trafficking across the border, many people don’t understand that either.

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  4. I’ve had zero respect for The New York Times this past several years.

    Now that respect has fallen to below zero with its endorsement of the most nauseating misnomer ever The Virtuous Pedophiles website.

    I’m totally blown away by Neil Diamond’s song Sweet Caroline (which I had liked until now) being about Neil Diamond lusting after a young Caroline Kennedy.

    What a sick deranged bastard. 😡

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    1. I was amazed too, I liked both of his songs without realizing the meaning or context. I’m researching about celebrities, they are sickos, lots of pedos in the entertainment business. I think NYT = pretentious puppets.

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