The symbolism of roses

Creepy Kevin Spacey portrays a pedophilic man in American Beauty, the audience is supposed to relate to and sympathize with him, he’s the hero of the story–Sympathy for the devil as usual. This pro-pedophile film won the academy award for best picture.. Hollyweird is very sick.
His fantasy is that she’s bathing in blood? reminds me of Countess Bathory.

The witch, Madonna at age 61! No amount of plastic surgery can make her look this young. In the strange video she posted she complains that she’s almost out of roses, and mentions that she might be able to get more from a florist. Sounds like code to me. How does she retain her plump, girlishness? Something’s devilishly wrong in Hollyweird.

Madonna shares a video in her bathtub scaring the rest of the Internet

Madonna is devouring pasta like the vamp that she is…pasta is pedo code. In her covid 19 fried fish video she says she’s out of pasta but has fried fish. This double-speak only makes sense to the pervs she’s signaling to. Look at her crazy eyes–they remind me of the pedo, Jimmy Saville’s insanely bulging orbs. In Chinese traditional face reading they say, never trust a person who has eyes like this (with the white part showing on top), it’s a sign of insanity.