“Fee-dom” vs “Fweefom” : Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have a Plagiarism Problem

I thought Biden chose Harris as his VP simply because she “fit the optics” as a black woman, she fulfilled his PC quota. It’s not important/not emphasized that she’s half-asian, because Asians don’t count in the political pandering ruse, since we don’t fit into the liberal narrative of critical race theory. We’re just lumped together with white people and are branded with the “privileged” label, although we experience continuous discrimination as a minority.

Asians were the convenient targets for violence and hatred this past year as the scapegoats of covid-19 but all the racial injustice spotlight was on BLM, based on lies about police brutality of black people. Statistically more whites are killed by police than blacks—black on black crime is ignored by BLM because they don’t really care about black lives. Asians are the “model minority”we work without complaint, succeed without government help, we get attacked and killed but we never riot. Don’t get me started on that issue, I can rant for awhile on that one! Anyway, I didn’t realize how much Biden/Harris had in common but they’re actually very alike. Remember when Harris called Biden a racist during the debates? But now they’re best buddies? She’s such a two-faced politician.


She plagiarized Martin Luther King Jr. How low can she go and how stupid can she get? Do career politicians like Harris and Biden assume that no one is smart enough to research previous speeches/interviews? Maybe they think they’ll never get caught or even if they did, they’d get a “free pass”. Sad truth is they have been getting away with it, for 47 yrs in Biden’s case.

Harris loves to pander to the audience but her lies catch up to her. She lied about smoking pot while listening to “Snoop and TuPac“ while in college but she graduated in the 80’s, years before either of them started making music in the 90’s. She claims to have celebrated Kwanzaa since childhood (and has adopted Hanukkah too although she’s not Jewish), but the childhood photo she herself posted was in front of a Christmas tree. I don’t believe anything she says. I cringe whenever I hear her witchy laugh. Her blatant insincerity is identical to Joe Biden’s, they’re a perfect match.


Her mother was Indian, her father was Jamaican, they divorced when Kamala was a small child. Kwanza is an African-American holiday, I doubt that she celebrated Kwanza with her family when she was a child. It’s just another video/photo-op/press release for her. Kamala is a chameleon posturing for the cameras. Btw the African cloth that the pandering politicians wore in honor of BLM/George Floyd, is from the African tribe that sold their fellow black people into slavery.


Is everything that he says, a lie? He wasn’t anywhere near the top of his class, he was at the bottom. He’s a tough guy that bullies any voice of dissent. Why did he “win” the 2020 election? Massive voter fraud, but why did anyone vote for him at all? Trump derangement syndrome. The phrase “cutting your nose to spite your face” comes to mind. I go back and forth on whether Trump is a force of good or evil, but he’s the “enemy of my enemy”, are there any good guys in leadership at all?

Either he was stupid or he was faking (or most likely both), this is how Biden said that he fractured his foot, after coming out of the shower?! and then playing with his dog?

“The little pup dropped the ball in front of me for me to grab the ball … and I grabbed the ball like this, and he ran,’ Biden explained.

‘I’m joking, running after him and grab his tail. And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug. And I tripped on the rug he slid on. That’s what happened. Oh man, that’s not a very exciting story,’ he added.”

He was supposed to keep the boot on for weeks but it was off within a week? Why is he putting the full weight of his body on his fractured foot? Why is he balancing/exercising with his “fractured” foot raised high above the ground? This clown is not my president. 🤡💩


  1. Yes and back in his 1988 Presidential run, Joe Biden plagiarized several of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock’s speeches including one about being a coal miner’s son (Joe Biden was never a coal miner’s son. Whereas of course Kinnock was).

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    1. That’s true, he copied his speech point by point including a story about his wife. His repeated plagiarism cost him to lose his chance for presidency, back in the days when journalists did their job. How times have changed :(.

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      1. Yes, she keeps lying to try to please her audience but it catches up to her and she looks dumb. She should be real, genuine if she wants people’s trust. I can’t imagine her listening to Tupac (even if she was born in the right time), look at her power suits, she’s from wealth. She was a crooked District Attorney in SF who locked up a lot of poor, black men…she was not listening to Tupac. 🤥!

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  2. I’d guess Biden/Harris think most of the people are sheeple, swallowing the MSM propaganda…and when you see what’s happening now, well… They both sicken me…maybe not as much as AOC and Omar who are dangerous beyond belief… No, Biden will never be my president and sadly, America is not looking like my country right now either…

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    1. Problem is that so many people are sheeple :(! Good, intelligent, well-intentioned but they are sheeple. AOC/Omar that whole crew are scary and stupid, dangerous combo. The Green Deal is insane, we will be taxed beyond our capacity. I live in CA it’s the liberal role model for destruction. Biden is a communist asset (bribed or blackmailed) I’m going to post about the “alleged” contents of Hunter’s laptop soon. It’s sickening.

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      1. Yes, the efforts of the Far Left are sickening. Like all the time and energy they’ve wasted for 4 years in trying to defeat our president and now pushing for impeachment/25th. I wish they would be tried for treason now.

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      2. I think mild-mannered Pence was probably always a snake in disguise. I want to share info with you outside of WP for that perhaps. I just heard that Tech is cracking down on groups, WalkAway is nonviolent ex-democrats they’ve been banned/deleted from FB. QAnons have been targeted, framed for the Capital protest and are now considered domestic terrorists. I’m thinking that it means no one can write about them or share their info under threat of arrest? It’s worse than I thought.


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