Nurses Expose Covid Malpractice

If Covid has a 99% recovery rate in healthy, relatively young people why are the death rates so high? I initially thought the numbers were elevated due to conscious misdiagnosis but now I think medical neglect, malpractice and apathy are also reasons for the rising death count.

Erin Olszewski secretly videotaped evidence of medical fraud while she worked as a nurse at Elmhurst Hospital in New York. YouTube deleted the full documentary but The Highwire interview has clips of the original footage. YouTube should be held liable for their censorship of truth. They disgust me with their biased platform.

Olszewski describes how non-covid patients with negative test results were falsely listed as confirmed covid patients and how non-covid patients (who were probably only having panic attacks due to the constant media fear-mongering) were routinely ventilated and put in rooms with covid patients. The phrase, “avoid hospitals like the plague” fits this nightmarish scenario perfectly. Healthy people were killed, not necessarily by covid but by medical negligence!

Olszewski is an Iraqi War veteran who became a nurse. When asked if the hospitals were like “war zones” she said:

“I feel like this is worse, because it’s almost like friendly fire. You know people are walking into these hospitals assuming that they’re going to be taken care of and you are literally going to walk in there and you will never walk out…Everything about these numbers that you are hearing across the world, globally is a lie…They are mixing covid and non-covid which is creating hospital acquired infections…so they are literally creating the pandemic.”

~Erin Olszewski

She cries while telling the story of a 37 year old man who died due to a new hospital policy (f*** you, Cuomo!) which took away the rights of the family to determine the best care. What she described was essentially not just staff incompetence, but intentional murder.

“All I can think of is that he knew we were fighting for him when he died.” (she said this while tears slid down her face).

~Erin Olszewski

“The doctors don’t even step foot in those covid rooms to see those patients…I was there almost a month, I never once saw a doctor come in that room…I feel like the treatment that those patients there are getting…I literally the first hour of my drive home, just cried. We as nurses, it’s ok for us to be exposed but you as doctors you do not even come in there. You can’t get exposed, but we can. And y’all making all the money.”

~Lawanna Rivers

“So I saw a lot of people die, that shouldn’t have died…I was put in what’s called “the pit” and in this pit was 8 patients all covid positive, my first day of orientation I was told that whatever patients go into the pit they only come out in a body bag.”

~Lawanna Rivers

I now realize that I’ve been under a false illusion that getting covid was an unavoidable inconvenience but one that I could survive, (like getting a severe case of the flu); but it seems that the real threat is the diagnosis of covid—leading to hospitalization and death. Cloth masks aren’t protective against the microscopic virus so I think it’s the luck of the draw, whether you get it or not. I think strengthening the body’s immunity is probably the best practice.

The survival rate for covid is high but if the negligence of doctors/hospitals is the true “super spreader” then we’re all in grave danger. Remember to take care of yourself: by eating well, exercising (indoors so you don’t suffocate yourself with the mask on outside), taking vitamin D/going outside for sunlight and using herbal remedies as a preventative. I don’t mean to frighten you, but please take care of yourself.

I found some videos about breathing exercises and tips for recovering from covid at home, for instance don’t lie on your back if you’re having problems breathing, it’s better to lie on your stomach propped up with pillows. Covid affects the lungs the most so strengthening them is crucial. Be well my friends💖


    1. I agree, I wonder if they were always inept or if it was because of covid protocols. They weren’t resuscitating patients like they usually did, it the attempt to help seemed non-existent in some cases, (the Pit sounds like a hospital nightmare). I never liked hospitals, now I’m going to avoid them even more.

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    1. Wow, WP is cracking down too?! I figured they would, but how sneaky to put my posts in spam. Thanks for letting me know! I haven’t taken their invasive covid test, and won’t unless it’s forced on me. I heard it breaks the blood brain barrier (and that it was a punishment for Egyptian slaves to be pierced up inside the nostril). They’re taking away our right to “informed consent”. WP sucks for their part in censorship!

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      1. You know when I watched those Covid tests being shown on television and they were shoving those huge swabs up people’s nostrils, something about it extremely bothered me and something about it rang a bell though I couldn’t quite place what.

        But when you mentioned about Egyptian slaves being pierced up the nostril, it all came back to me.

        I had taken a Classics course in Ancient Egyptian History in University and they had mentioned that.

        Wow, I never thought such barbaric ancient Egyptian practices would be brought back in the 21st Century.

        I imagine it’s just the first of many that will be imposed on us.

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      2. Yes I thought it looked painfully invasive! Reminded me of mummification, how the brain was pulled out through the nose! Gross. Also reminded me of lobotomies.

        A blog that I follow, Crandew posted cool video clips about the tests and Egyptian slaves. Maybe I’ll repost them. The video said that once the blood brain barrier is broken, bacteria can go to the brain causing a disease like a “zombie apocalypse”? My coworkers are getting tested every week, voluntarily. I also saw a video that seemed real, a swab was snuck out and examined, there was a microchip-like thing in it.

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  1. Wow.

    That’s terrifying about a brain bacteria causing zombie apocalypse.

    A friend of mine who lives in Germany has always been quite mystically inclined and her intuitions and dreams usually turn out uncannily accurate.

    A few years ago she had a dream where she was looking in a mirror when suddenly a nun appeared in the glass of the mirror.

    But the nun turned out to be a demon wearing the vestments of a nun.

    Shortly after that, Pope Francis gave an interview in which he denied the existence of Hell which is very unusual for a Pope to do.

    Anyways she was telling me a few weeks ago, she had a dream where the village near her farmhouse was being attacked by zombies.

    And she and her eldest son and her eldest son’s best friend had to go down to the village with axes and chop off the heads of zombies.

    I was tryng to analyze that dream and see if it was just symbolic or allegorical or whether there might be some literal truth to it.

    Now in lieu of what you told me, perhaps it does have a literal meaning.

    I’ve noticed for the past 21 years since the year 2000, many people have been obsessed with the idea of a zombie apocalypse.

    I always wondered whether it was some form of pre-planned programming.

    But then I wondered how would they turn people into zombies?

    That is of the literal zombie movie variety and not the heavily brainwashed crop of fools wandering around today who believe everything that mainstream media and politicians and government health “experts” tell them.

    But perhaps this blood brain barrier being broken is the way.

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