Poem: All Asians Look Alike to Racists (haiku in 8 stanzas)

All Asians look alike to racists? If you look at the difference in the eyebrows and the shape of the eyes, this asian man is obviously not Andy Ngo! Journalist, Andy Ngo was the first to identify John Sullivan as a radical left/BLM rioter at the Capitol riots. I think this false accusation is Sullivan’s lame attempt at revenge.
What’re you smoking?
John Sullivan/bug-eyed dope
You think we’re all chinks?

CNN platform
You tried to frame Patriots
with MAGA hat flags

Do you realize
What you are/what you stand for—-
Black Supremacy.

You ruined your life
over a false flag riot
You were never poor.

Victimized by wealth?
You’re obsessed with racism
You draw it to you.

Blinded by hate’s rage
the Privilege of Victimhood
Blacks are racists too.

won’t be cured by more hatred
Look in the mirror.

Andy Ngo’s fearless
That’s why you’re so scared of him
Get an eye exam.

“Sullivan himself is facing multiple criminal charges by federal authorities for his alleged involvement in the Capitol Hill riot. There are recorded examples of the 26-year-old agitating the right-wing crowd. When radical individuals climbed the wall to reach the plaza just outside the Capitol building’s entrance, Sullivan can be heard shouting on-camera: “You guys are f—ing savage. Let’s go!”

“We did this together. F— yeah! We are all a part of this history,” Sullivan shouted in video evidence cited by federal prosecutors. “Let’s burn this shit down.”

“He is now accusing Ngo, who has alibis that can attest to his whereabouts overseas on the day in question, of the same inflammatory and evasive tactics that Sullivan employed during and in the aftermath of the Washington attack.”

“…Sullivan decried in his blog post how he was charged as an agent provocateur who lacked press credentials from any accredited news agency, which he stated invalidated his work “as an independent journalist and small business owner.”

An FBI special agent had noted via sworn affidavit that Sullivan even admitted that he has no press credentials. The federal investigation did not yield “any connection between Sullivan and any journalistic organizations.”

“…”I risked my life to capture the story that CNN, ABC[,] NBC, and Fox News couldn’t even come close to telling,” Sullivan maintained, showcasing his almost hour-long footage that caught the shooting death of 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol building. He had received $35,000 each from CNN and NBC for rights to air his recording, according to invoices from the major left-wing broadcasters filed by Sullivan’s legal counsel in federal court.”


“That was not Sullivan’s first crack at radical protesting. In July, Sullivan was arrested for his role in organizing a violent protest in Provo, UT, in which a driver was shot by a protester who was blocking a road. Several days later, Sullivan was arrested, charged with rioting, making a threat of violence, and criminal mischief.

According to numerous witnesses at the protest, he was also caught on video threatening to beat a woman and kicking her car door hard enough to leave a dent. As we would find out, Sullivan not only attended but organized that protest without a permit, and between 80 and 100 people showed up to unlawfully block the roadway.


“A series of leaked screenshots purportedly from BLM activist and Insurrection USA founder John Sullivan’s Discord server have been leaked. In the screenshots, the radically far left activists admit they wore Trump hats and other MAGA gear as subterfuge, and admit that the police willingly let them enter the deified halls of the U.S. Capitol.”

“…Another user, who calls himself “deaththreat” admitted that he was ‘in the front line of the battle’ and knows ‘who was there personally’. He adds, ‘It was a large sum of anti-Trumpers.’”

“…Stunningly, another user admitted that “[Cops] let us all inside.” He added that the police told him, “‘We disagree with your choice but respect your decision’ and just lets them inside.”


BREAKING REPORT: First Extremist In Capitol Building Siege Identified And Guess What? It’s A BLM/ANTIFA Terrorist That Made THIS Threat To Trump- SS On Alert


  1. Racists almost always think some other group all looks alike. That has been one of the complaints voiced by many Asians and African Americans both. Facial features, height, weight and other physical details are ignored or dismissed as irrelevant You bring up some very good points.

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    1. I think all the Dems/corporations condoned the violence so they can’t all be impeached. I hope Cuomo, Newsom and the Michigan governor get impeached for intentionally killing the elderly at the nursing homes.

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