Racism Against Asian Americans: “Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil”: Part 1

The Devil I’m referring to is mainstream media. I’m tired of the lie that racism against Asians is predominantly from white supremacists. I’m going to “speak the truth and shame the devil”—the majority of the crimes against Asians was committed by racist black people, not racist white people, no matter how MSM repeats the false narrative. Speaking the statistical truth doesn’t make me a bigot. Asians get hate from all sides of the color wheel of racism. If we’re going to heal our country, we need to start telling the Truth. We need to understand the why behind racism instead of manipulating a politically motivated agenda.

(Jessica Irani, unsplash.com)

Andy Ngo tells the truth about the massage parlor shootings in Atlanta:

This was not a hate crime. This was a crime of rage from a sex-addict who happened to be white. Among the shooting victims 2-3 people were non-Asians, but no one cares about their deaths. I’m going to say what I’m not supposed to acknowledge; massage parlors are almost always store fronts for prostitution/sex trafficking. Some of the women were trafficked from Asia and smuggled into the US as sex slaves. The asian sex slave porn fantasy fuels these businesses, “Johns” expect a “happy ending” hand job for a little extra money. A good friend of mine (who’s a legitimate massage therapist and is white, not asian) once naively worked at one of these massage parlors not understanding what was expected of her to get the “good tips”. These Asian sex trafficking businesses are everywhere in all US cities hidden in plain sight, this is the true racism that we’re not supposed to mention.

“A San Bruno man who admitted to hiring undocumented immigrant women to work as prostitutes in his South of Market massage parlor was sentenced in federal court Wednesday to a year in prison for money laundering.

Anthony Gar Lau, 46, operated Golden Flower Steam and Sauna Spa, one of 11 Asian massage parlors raided in July 2005 by federal agents who were investigating a Korean sex-trafficking ring.

Lau is among 29 people indicted by a federal grand jury in 2005 in connection with the raid. Investigators said the sex-trafficking ring allegedly brought young women from Korea and forced them to work as sex slaves in Asian massage parlors and unmarked apartments in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

During the “Operation Gilded Cage” raid, 104 Korean women were removed from 11 San Francisco massage parlors.


The latest authentic Asian hate crime attack:

What bothers me the most about this footage of an elderly asian woman being severely beaten to the ground and kicked in the face several times by a racist stranger, (who once again, doesn’t look like a white supremacist), is that the nearby men at the shop completely ignored her attack, even closing the door, one of the men was a “security guard”. Do Asians lives matter to anyone other than Asians? Lately local volunteers have been patrolling asian communities, but it makes me sadder to see that the volunteers are often unarmed, elderly Asians themselves, how would they even defend anyone?! This crime wave is a direct result of defunding the police, in every major democrat run city in America, the crime rates have skyrocketed by it seems like 300% or more.

A more graphic angle and backstory, the attacker was previously imprisoned for killing his own mother:

I used to feel safe walking in my neighborhood during the day or night but not anymore. Several of the attacks against Asians happened just blocks away from where I live. I’m now afraid to walk outside, especially while alone. Earlier this year I bought a key ring that can be used as a self-defense weapon and I’m prepared to use it in an emergency. I will not go down without fighting for my life. I might end up dead but my attacker will be missing an eye. I was raised as an apologetic and humble Christian but I’m no longer that person. I believe in God as a good, loving being and I believe in karmic justice, but being “good” doesn’t equal being a victim. Asians are so often culturally raised to be “good” and I think it’s allowed us to remain victims. We don’t speak out or fight for our rights. We don’t burn down buildings or loot to express our frustrations. We don’t target, beat, rob and kill elders from different races because we’re “victims of oppression”. We don’t make excuses for our success or failures, we keep our mouths shut and mind our own business. Enough of that stoic stupidity, I hope Asians will finally rise and stand up for ourselves, it’s no one else’s job but ours. We don’t need Biden’s virtue signaling bullshit executive orders, no thank you to the “white saviors” of the world that don’t really give a shit, they just love the applause.

“I shouted for help but nobody helped me”

This beautiful man’s hate crime story says so much about how Asians are trained to forgive and move on with their lives. He’s not a victim because he’s not filled with prejudice and hatred. He even forgave his attacker (who once again, wasn’t a white supremacist).

Go back to your own country:

Attacks are nationwide but many of the hate crime deaths are in the SF Bay Area, these attacks haven’t been labeled hate crimes even though it’s the obvious motivation:

These attacks were ignored by the public, this incident happened last year, look at how few views it had on YouTube only about 10,000 after an entire year because no one cared about this story:

“Race in America”:

An hour long documentary that’s worth watching that covers a lot of the issues that Asian-Americans experience. Daniel Dae Kim is a Korean-American actor who was in the shows, “Lost” and a “Hawaii Five O” reboot. I cringe when prominent Asians have to side-step around the fact that the “white supremacist” narrative is false. They tend to stress solidarity with other POC minorities, I think they do this to avoid being seen as racists for calling out the reality of black on asian crimes. I will never forget the race war that happened during the 1992 riots following Rodney King’s brutal beating by racist LA cops. Koreatown was burned down with no assistance from police. Korean shop owners guarded their stores with rifles on the rooftops. Don’t mess with badass Koreans, we won’t stand down when we’re being attacked. While the police guarded decadent Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive (where no protection was needed), Koreans survived by arming themselves.

“Is this Patriotic enough?” (US veteran shows his scars):

How many decades of generations does it take for Asians to be considered citizens of America? When will we cease to be seen as foreigners? When will racists stop saying, “Where are you from?” or “Go back to your own country?” How many Asian-Americans have to die or be mutilated to be considered patriots? When I was a child, I experienced racism directly. I was called Ching Chong, Chinese/Japanese, Pancake face, Slanty-eyed and the cringy false compliment, “exotic”. Someone asked me once if I was “half-something”, he said that I had great bone structure so I must be half-something/mixed race. Yes idiotic people are this ignorant against Asians, I have a lifetimes’s worth of stories. “Can you see from those slits?”, “Can you even open you eyes?” (these particular quotes weren’t said to me, but I’ve heard this said as a “joke”).

Where did Covid come from? (lab-made vs the racist bat soup theory):

A year later, the official statement is that the origins of Covid are unknown. Asians have been beaten, raped, murdered because of the very racist theory that Covid came from the dirty, Asian peasants who butchered and ate “exotic” animals like bats. This has always been the way Asians have been portrayed throughout history. The Progressives love to blame Trump for the Covid backlash against Asians but this hatred has been here for as long as Asians have lived in America. We have always been treated as permanent foreigners. Racism against Asians has existed unchecked because our issues don’t matter in the political narrative. We’re expected to support BLM, LGBTQ, Latinx migrants—but the support is not reciprocated. Look at who’s marching in the anti-Asian hate rallies…it’s almost entirely all Asians. We are expected to be self-reliant, uncomplaining, successful/not a burden; and we’ve been holding our own weight despite all the disadvantages. I’m tired of this invisibility. I’m tired of being the model minority, the silent minority, the unheard, the invisible in my own country. Asians are Americans too.


      1. Sad but I think the hatred pre-dates the orange man, racism was always focused on blacks vs whites, I guess some people think 2 wrongs make a right. When white people are force to kneel to black people that’s the nature of racism. Asians didn’t have enough voter power to matter in politics that’s why they’re consistently ignored.

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  1. It wasn’t the violence against that woman that leaves my hope for humanity hanging by a thread, I’m unfortunately no longer surprised by that. It was the people who refused to help her. They are just as guilty as the man who was stomping her face. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that someone could see that happening and not try to help. As much as I worry that these could be the end days, there’s a part of me that hopes they are. We deserve it.

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    1. So true, the violence and hatred doesn’t shock me anymore either, I feel desensitized numb from 2020. The apathy of “normal people” who can calmly close the door while a grandmother’s pummeled on the street is what will destroy our society. The security guard and witness should be liable, I agree. Sad thing is there’s so many attacks like this and no one helps, they might even record it, but they won’t help.

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  2. An informative and well-researched article, Judy.

    I remember you have written several posts on anti-Asian hate crimes the past few months long before the mainstream media focused on the Atlanta killings and suddenly realized there was anti-Asian hate going on in America.

    I remember when I was walking down Broadway Street in Vancouver (where interestingly enough Vancouver City Hall is located) and my back was acting up (from an injury I suffered when I was younger when I was thrown from a horse), I noticed there was a lot of massage spas along the street that had brochures outside the doors.

    I picked them up so I could compare prices as I sat down at a sandwich shop.

    In the brochures, they had photos and names of the masseuses.

    They were all Korean names and from the way the women were dressed in the photos, my journalistic instincts kicked in and I began to think these spas were part of a sex trafficking ring using Korean women.

    That was when it first hit me that there were major sex trafficking rings operating in Canada.

    So when I first heard of the Atlanta spa slayings, that hit me as well.

    Were these spas part of a sex trafficking network?

    Of course that aspect was totally ignored by the mainstream media.

    Last year the Canadian news media did report on anti-Asian attacks in Vancouver of which there were a lot at the height of the pandemic.

    There was also an attack on an Asian woman in Calgary last year when a woman skateboarding in a public park was spit on upon by a passing cyclist and told to go back where she came from.

    When the suspect was arrested and turned out to be a First Nations person rather than a white, the media dropped the story like a hot potato (the same the U.S. media does with black on Asian attacks).

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I noticed that Asian hate crimes were happening last year but the coverage was usually only by local broadcasts. The racism against Asians wasn’t important compared to the 24/7 coverage of the non-existent “white supremacists” aka Trump supporters and BLM rallies. It’s not by accident that the perpetrator’s racial identity is only identified when they’re white, otherwise msm is colorblind to hate crimes committed by POC.

      I think there’s a major sex trafficking network that uses the cover of massage parlors, it’s been happening for awhile. The cops know about it and I think are even paid bribes. Asian women are forcibly trafficked, they’re tricked into sex slavery. There was a SF Chronicle story about a Korean woman who escaped trafficking. She was a college student that got into credit card debt and the Korean mafia loan sharks trafficked her in the US to repay her loan. The Asian submissive sex slave is a booming business. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Tu Na massage is totally different, you don’t even remove your clothes. I’d recommend those medical massages :).

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  3. Gosh, I’ve watched through the videos…my eyes tearing up at the cruelty and injustices. I am so sorry you (and the Asian community) have endured any of this but also thank you for courageously standing up for what you know is the truth.

    I agree with all of your commentary. However, I think we already have too many laws and ones that aren’t enforced, and I don’t believe in specific crimes such as a hate crime. I think a crime is a crime and the more we continue to specify, the more we become divided. My feelings are that any crime against another HUMAN PERSON – NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE – is a crime.

    Your post was very educational about Asians and not speaking out. I didn’t know that. Probably others didn’t too and that could be why so many did not know of these travesties. Still, I find it astonishing that when Asians are hurt, they’ve remained silent and carried on…while Blacks shun responsibility and blame everyone else for their problems, loot, burn, and hurt and shame others for achieving, when they themselves won’t do the work and expect others to change for them. Of course, there are exceptions and I think you know I’m primarily referring to BLM and Far Left.

    Lastly, it’s sad and disgraceful (but I understand it) that the Asian community must take matters in their own hands to have a volunteer civilian protective force when we have laws and the police are suppose to protect us and our communities. It seems tax dollars are simply funding an agenda (like defund the police) that we don’t want or need. I think the lawlessness we’ve seen in the last year has only emboldened Blacks and others to act out and particularly with random violence and cruelty. This must STOP. We MUST stand up and speak the truth as you have if we want things to change for the better.


    1. Thanks for your comment WG. I think it’s typical of msm to spin the stories to suit themselves, I’m just disappointed that most believe in the false narrative. There are actual white supremacists—diluting the label by making every conservative a white supremacist is so pointless. I believe most people, black, white, asian, latinx are good, (not racist/stuck in victimhood), but the ones that are racist need to be called out for their hatred.

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      1. Yes…I think most are good…but seriously wonder about the effect of tech on the frontal lobe of compassion…and particularly when so many seem to be programmed and addicted by big tech…


      2. I think tech’s purpose is primarily spying on us and providing distraction. The romans had their “bread and circus” to distract the masses and the puppeteers of our world do the same via television, movies, music, books…the propaganda is everywhere but most people think it’s all innocent “entertainment”. In reality it’s programming us, desensitizing us, altering us.

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      3. And that explains my sentiment exactly of “Don’t jump in if you don’t want to jump out.” I’ve refused to buy into Big Tech’s marketing ploy that such and such will make my life better, more convenient, etc., when in reality it is doing exactly as you indicate and essentially enslaving its users.

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  4. Very interesting article. I know from my experience as a law enforcement officer in the US, that the white supremacist community, very widespread and violent, is usually behind most of the hate crimes, however, there is a black counterpart that’s just as racist and just as dangerous. This only demonstrates that the US is a very violent country where many people think they’ve the right to hate and to administer their twisted justice at will. The fact that people are allowed to carry guns is also a major part of this problem. However violent behaviour takes place in diverse forms, with and without weapons.


    1. Thanks, Francisco. I’m sure there are white supremacists just as there are black supremacists, it bothers me how mainstream media uses every opportunity to paint the US as a white supremacy, it’s not accurate. I think it’s wrong to demonize white people, I think it’s what can actually cause racism. If white people keep getting punished for what their ancestors did, there will be a whole new generation of white people who become racists. There are racists of every race, the lie is that people of color can’t be racists. I’m for the 2nd amendment, if the police are defunded we need to protect ourselves.

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    1. True, we’ve all been indoctrinated, some more than others. I think none of the real problems ever gets addressed, generational wealth divide is at the root of racism/inequality and I think the school system and our institutions contribute to this by rewarding victimhood vs merit. Charity helps no one in the long run, empowerment through knowledge is what’s missing, progressives seem to miss the point. I know this from working at “at risk schools”, the students are promoted forward without learning anything because they’re “disadvantaged”. These policies hurt kids not help them.

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      1. Agreed. My sons won scholarships into a private school and there was no privileges there – despite their ‘poor background’ they had to work even harder for their grades as some teachers didn’t like that my sons received ‘charity’.

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      2. That’s awful that some teachers were disrespectful to your sons for receiving well-earned support. I think merit should be rewarded regardless of race, many “privileged elites” have been caught for bribing their way into Ivy leagues too, those elite children who cheated should have a lifetime bar from higher education.

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      3. Oh I agree. Those same teachers were brought down a peg or two when I eventually had to go to the Headmaster 🙂

        My youngest son became a teacher in a local public school and treated everyone equally, regardless of background, etc.

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      4. I’m glad you didn’t let them get away with their trash, bad teachers are so awful.

        Your son sounds like an inspirational teacher. I think teaching is one of the most meaningful and important professions that exists, I wish it was regarded with more respect in Western culture and that the screening process was morally rigorous. The teachers should authentically care about the students. My sister and her daughter are teachers too.

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      5. That’s great that your sister and daughter are both teachers. I don’t think some people get the importance of morally good teachers!! And it’s not enough just to be a teacher, you must be caring, empathic and want your pupils to be their best selves they can be 🙂

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      6. My sister and her daughter are teachers, they’re like twins :). I agree teachers really need to care and want the success of their students, and they should be paid like doctors/lawyers. My friend was a 5th grade teacher plus had to work at Whole Foods to pay his bills.

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      7. I agree, I’m not sure if he’s still having to work FT as a teacher and PT at Whole Foods but it doesn’t surprise me, the SF Bay Area is unreasonably expensive. Priorities in our society are wrong. We value entertainers vs educators.

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  5. I am so sorry my friend. Who can find the words that can express the heartache of racism adequately. Bringing awareness to how prolific this societal issue really is and the slave trade is everywhere. That to me is one of the most frightening things. People make rash decisions based on one source. Not the best way. I like that you back up your info with links or even actual interviews. I love you my friend. Stay safe. Sending you big warm hugs too. 💕🤗❤️🥰 Joni

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    1. Thank you my friend. So many people think that the sex trade is liberating but it’s all about exploitation, many prostitutes were sexually abused as children, the underground slave trade is even worse. People don’t want to believe it’s happening, denial is strong. I’m anti-racism against all racism, including white bashing. I’m so tired of the fabricated news. I love you too, Joni, warm hugs to you💖🤗🙏🌸❣️

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