Poem: There’s a genius to it

I realized
Through all the mad sadness of this world
There is much absolute gladness
Just as well I have hope for us
Despite all the blindness
Nothing’s changed
Just rearranged the madness
Perception is everything.
This temporary grace
Is peanuts in comparison
To a super sonic everlasting
Beyond imagination
Righteously comprehending
Holy Spirit asscending
Consciously aspiring
Absolutely forgiving
God is Love.


  1. Beautiful, lovely poem, Judy. ❤🤗💖

    God is Love.

    And as Jesus’ beloved disciple John wrote in one of his Epistles, “God is Love. And they that abideth in love abideth in God and God in them.”

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  2. Wonderful poem. I have also been feeling the Holy Spirit in my life lately. He is the Comforter. He has his radar out at the moment, to help all those who need Him.

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