Activate Operation Krispy Kreme! 🍩 😂🤣

Thank God for humor! I love this Krispy Kreme video so much! I assumed it was an exaggeration but people were actually given a donut incentive for taking the vaccine! Yes let’s give sheeple diabetes and heart attacks, cavities too! The medical system is so generously dishing out poison, they should throw in a pack of cigarettes to combat all of the stress they put us through.

“He’s a gentle servant…” Screenshots from ManBrrPig’s “Operation Krispy Kreme” this video never gets old. Jokes are funny only when they are true!

I’ve been creating short parody videos lately, and geez it takes a lot of effort to make a less than a minute video clip. I wish I could make videos like Operation Krispy Kreme, I think it’s comedic genius. In our PC culture we’ve lost the balancing power of comedy, the court jester was the only one that was allowed to say the truth without punishment but comedians nowadays are scared of cancel culture. We need truth-tellers desperately and humor is sometimes the best way to reach people.


  1. Yes, I had heard that news story about Krispy Kreme oferring people free donuts for a year if they got the jab.

    That added another bit of evidence and empirical proof to the idea that Big Corporations were certainly wanting people to take the vaxx for some godforsaken (no doubt in the literal sense of that word) reason.

    That video is absolutely hilarious. 😅😂🤣

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