Disgusted: Part Two: Bio weapons, Eugenics and Depopulation

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” ~the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones

Either WP isn’t showing my posts or readers aren’t reading them anymore but I’m going to keep posting on controversial topics regardless of the response. I’d rather have a handful of real followers vs a thousand that ignore my work. I realize that many might be afraid of the information that I present. I can understand that and I agree, you should be worried about the state of our world.

I don’t want any of this information to be true, I’d rather be wrong but I’ve been researching this for awhile and the more I investigate, the more I realize the information fits together like a puzzle. I’m not a scientist, not a journalist, not an expert at anything but I have common sense, strong intuition and logic. Look at the pattern of similarities in the new nano technology and modern diseases, I think they’re directly related.

The Georgia Guidestones states an elite eugenics’ plan of depopulation, this plan only needed the trigger of a large scale disaster. I believe that “disaster” is the Corona Virus, (the Crown’s Virus).


Vaccine Passports are now going into effect where I live in California, USA. Stores are financially incentivized to require a vaccine passport, businesses want workers jabbed with toxin or face unemployment, I think schools will be the next institution to give in to the forced inoculation. I imagine the pressure/discrimination will probably increase against those that refuse the stab, refusers will be targeted and scapegoated for hyped-up “new strains” and they might possibly be interned in FEMA run, Covid Internment Camps. If you think this can’t happen in a civilized society you’re being naive. This is already happening to a lesser degree in Canada, where citizens are forced to quarantine in Covid hotels if they refuse a covid test upon arrival at the airport. They’re treated like prisoners, they can’t leave the hotel even during fire alarms, can’t order food in either. Innocent people are being pre-judged and treated worse than criminals, while actual criminals are being released early to “protect” them from covid.

I foresee that Dissidents (anyone who disagrees with the program), Christians and Conservatives will be the new martyrs: tortured, experimented on like lab rats, raped/beaten, you know the rest. Modern day Holocaust is what I see for humanity on the horizon. This is what already exists in North Korea, Russia, China and the United States is next. What do you think “Build Back Better” means? It’s the same motto as “order out of chaos”, break the system down to rebuild it in a new form. I’m sure you’ll call me paranoid/crazy, but this is the probable reality that I see. This is why I’m continuing to post these warnings. Please Wake the Fuck Up. Let’s fight this while we are Free! I feel like a middle-aged, Asian Sarah Connors, from the Terminator, ha, at least I still have a sense of humor.

What toxins are they putting in the air? Residents filmed a dust storm that looked like falling snow. What were these foul-smelling, multicolored dust particles? The positive aspect of technology is that video footage of this toxic dump was filmed. Trusting the government is futile. They don’t care about us.

Chemtrails are not Contrails: Contrails are harmless vapor released from airplanes, they form a trail that dissipates after an hour or so but Chemtrails are very different. Their trails remain in the sky for hours and form into clouds. The rainwater and snowfall was analyzed in pristine mountainous areas and all kinds of toxic metals were found in dangerously high amounts, even blood was found in the samples.

What will Smart Dust really be used for?

Nano worms in masks? Unfortunately I think the strange fibers are everywhere, not just in masks. I think some people are like canaries in a coal mine, they’re highly sensitive and are susceptible to getting ill from them because 1) their bodies are rejecting the toxins or 2) their immune system is damaged and they can’t properly fight them. I think everyone else has the disease in a dormant state. I don’t know what the true purpose is—is it a bio weapon, is it mass surveillance, is it part of the trans humanism agenda?

Nano worms, fibers and quantum dots Excellent video below, I highly recommend it. The fibers and nano objects found in Morgellons patients look very similar to quantum dots, I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

Morgellons is not a Delusional Disease I have to forewarn you that this information is disturbing but the reality is horrific, many people are suffering in silence. I myself am sensitive to these toxic fibers, it’s prevalent in California where I live. The singer, Joni Mitchell publicly stated that she had this disease and I believe it eventually killed her. CDC covered up the disease, they made fun of it and put a “zombie preparedness” page up on their site as a parody.

Monsanto/GMO connection:

The mysterious fibers might be related to GMOs and the cancerous Roundup pesticide. Is this what’s killing the bee population? Did you know that Bill Gates is buying up farmland? He’s got his devious hands in everything doesn’t he?


Neural link, Transhumanism Remember the scene in the Matrix when a robotic tracking device creature was removed from Neo? The idiot, Elon Musk has created one just like it and it’s meant to attach to our brains. The way that this tech will be welcomed in is through the medical door, “this cures dementia and paralysis and so on,” then they’ll promote it as a lifestyle trend, “open your fucking door and drive your fucking car via your brain implant.” An implanted hand chip is already in Sweden, the things that fools will do for the sake of mere convenience is very troubling.

He wants us to be cyborgs so that AI won’t take over the world but guess what Elon, artificially connecting to tech is a whole other can of shit. We are organic beings, we are not machines!


      1. The Georgia Guidestones is very strange, I think it was built by an anonymous Freemason. The commandments are in many different languages and seem to be aligned with the sun/stars. There might be a time capsule buried underneath also.

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  1. Great post! I think that most people simply won’t accept what’s happening until it’s too late. They can only admit there was a fire after the house is gone.

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    1. Thank you, Crandew. That’s a great analogy, I bet they could even see the arsonist pouring the gasoline and lighting the match but “duh, what happened?” is their response. It’s like they’re in a brain fog, the fluoride must be working overtime on them.

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  2. With Morgellons, is as if they’ve taken a tick triggered disease, like Lyme’s and bio engineered it. Interesting that some doctors have admitted that the fibres are of no known textile on earth, have seen them under unbroken skin, watched them work their way to the surface of the skin and been able to take them out as physical evidence.

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    1. I think some doctors are still fulfilling their oath to do no harm, but most are “just following orders”. I think you’re right, it seems to be a mutation of Lyme’s disease and I think they’ve been spraying the atmosphere with it for decades. It reminds me of how in Tuskegee, evil doctors purposely infected people with syphillis, let generations (babies got it too) suffer for decades in order to study the effects of Not treating it.

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      1. Just been thinking about Tuskegee. Pure evil. The Georgia Guidestones seem like the new ten commandments according to The New World Order. No.8 is ‘Balance personal rights with social duties.’ Perhaps that could mean making people take vaccines, against their will.

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      2. So angry what the government did, so like the Nazis. You’re right, No.8 sounds so communist, the Freemasons were the ones that built the Guidestones. It’s a mini stone henge too, designed to view the seasonal equinoxes. I’m getting tons of new information from a YouTube channel that’s mind blowing about Freemasons and religions. I better post it before the channel is deleted. What times we’re living in!

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      3. Talking about watching videos when we can, I missed out on watching the documentary ‘Out Of Shadows.’ You posted it but it’s now deleted from youtube, but there is a ‘Behind the Scenes Out Of Shadows’ on youtube right now, which I just watched.

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  3. Another excellently written post, Judy.

    I like what you had to say about chemtrails.

    My dad and I were friends with a U.S. Army nurse who served during the Vietnam Day.

    On one fine day, she and the unit she was with were sprayed by Agent Orange by one of their own government’s planes.

    While the U.S. government was busy denying to the world at the time that they were using Agent Orange in Vietnam, Joan’s own unit was bombarded with it.

    Joan and her unit to say nothing of numerous Vietnamese civilians suffered lifelong health problems as a result.

    Joan moved to Canada where she managed to get a disability pension after getting Canadian citizenship.

    I first found out about chemtrails from her because she started following and researching the phenomenon as soon as she noticed it in the skies.

    She took notice of anything peculiar happening in the skies as a result of her Agent Orange experience.

    She was the first to tell me about how chemtrails were toxins seeded and sprayed in the air.

    With her science, medicine and nursing background, she also researched GMOs
    and thought it was a deliberate attempt to poison the population in the food supply.

    A few years before my dad’s death, my dad and I lost track of her.

    We received a Christmas card from her saying she was moving into a new home and that’s the last we heard from her.

    She could no longer be reached at her old phone number.

    I often wonder what became of her.

    I can well imagine what she’d think of the state of the world in 2020 and 2021.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher and I appreciate hearing your friend’s story. Sorry that she served her country and it betrayed her. I wonder what happened to her. I think people are forced awake when they experience government/medical betrayal directly. That’s what started waking me up too, I could see the CDC was covering up what they knew and lab evidence and it was so obvious that nothing would be acknowledged in the end. Researching a labyrinth of information to shift through. So many people are waking up so rapidly though that I’m not sure what’ll happen. It gives me a sense of peace to know that you and many in the WP community are aware.

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  4. It’s like a free for all out there. Nano particles are definitely a reality and already choking the oceans and even the most remote areas of the world. These non biodegradable particles are all human action generated. It seems everything is mounting in so many ways that the collapse will be catastrophic and The Georgia Stone will be wrong as we struggle to maintain any population at all. Whoops, miscalculated, better fire up the CRISPR and make some more people.

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      1. Yes indeed. How about that. We’ve come full circle where we lived in caves to keep out of the weather and cut down on saber toothed tiger bites on our backsides. Now we’re moving into caves again to protect us from ourselves.

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      2. It is a difficult task to see a future in this world today, but we will have a future and none of us will go forward to ruin it. Our children will and those few raised with a keen awareness of humanity and the integrity of self armored with good virtues will save themselves and ultimately others. What they will need is organization instead of governments. They will need respect instead of laws, rules, policies, and punishments arbitrarily applied. They will need a deep self contemplation and connection felt and applied to their tribe and their God instead of religions of old men and rebel gurus. And so on. Until then, it gonna get real up in here. 😳😉

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      3. Just our luck that Armageddon will occur concurrently with Ragnarok and maybe a Mayan end of world event. I think the Hindu also have a plan in effect too. The zombies are in for a real surprise. They’ll have to eat each other cuz we normal folk are going to be dust and ash.

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      4. I’ve always thought that if there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d be dead within the first few days. Who wants to survive surrounded by zombies? I’m not afraid of death, just don’t want a painful one, dust an ash sound ok to me, my spirit will be elsewhere.

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      5. I think I would ultimately become a Zombie snack, but I’d make them work up a powerful hunger trying to take me down. Nobody eats for free. 🤨

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