Recap of 10 “Conspiracy Theories” that MSM Finally Admits are True + Poem: Stockholm Syndrome

Tim Gouw,
Despite the conspiracy jokes 
at my expense
yes, I did take offence
at all the foolish nonsense
of people who never bothered
to research what I offered.

It takes courage to challenge authority
It takes courage to challenge a mob
When fools ridicule
you know you’ve done your job.

Mainstream Media followers

will never try
to think for themselves
It’s easier for them

to believe the lie

Worship at the altar
of propaganda fraudsters
rather than watch a 30 minute video
they don’t have time for that
Because They “choose truth over facts”!
They’ll always look away from
any reality that disturbs them.

Believe it or not
I won’t get any pleasure
from saying, “I told you so”
being right is a curse
in this inverted universe.

They want us blind, deaf and dumb
speechless, thoughtless, numb
with an empty, useless brain
and censored silent tongue.
Third eye suicide
at the end of a gun.

Knowing what I know—
Let’s hope I’m wrong.
If I’m right
I’ll hug you
and say, it’s not your fault
It’s Stockholm Syndrome.

1) Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom and other Democratic governors sent covid patients to their deaths in vulnerable nursing homes. MSM finally admitted to it after months of fawning over gargoyle-look-alike and alleged sexual harasser, Andrew Cuomo. The lame MeToo angle distracted the main issue, dominating attention in order to silence the truth about the nursing home murders. I want especially want witchy Whitmer toppled. Fair is fair, she was just as much of a murderer as he was, why isn’t she experiencing any investigations? She allegedly offered bribes for silence on the murders, but I doubt that Cuomo will be impeached after all the drama. No one in power ever really gets punished, the ones who are caught are low on the totem pole, they’re disposable and replaceable. Scapegoats are a plentiful commodity.

2) Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a fake story hatched by Russian hackers/disinformation. Is that the only excuse that Democrats can come up with? Msm is finally admitting that “they were wrong”, (caught in their lies again). American voters deserved to know the censored truth in 2020 not 2021. Social Media is the main source for news for most people nowadays so Facebook and Twitter are directly responsible for misleading the American public. Both Zuckerberg and Dorsey act as if they’re the gods of knowledge with the right to disseminate truth based purely on their personal whims and biased opinions. Nothing will come of any of this because the FBI and court system is absolutely corrupt, our Supreme Court justices are bribed/blackmailed cowards. The most disturbing reveals from the laptop aren’t the political bribes , (diamonds were even allegedly left under Hunter’s pillow), his father, the Big Guy always received a cut. Google “Hunter Biden Finger Lakes”—-underaged sex trafficking is the most evil aspect of the Biden laptop and what MSM won’t ever address.

Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances)

3) COVID is a scam. Masks weren’t ever protective against viruses and the covid death count is a lie propagated by msm the majority of listed covid deaths had co-morbidities. Masks are helpful in blocking droplets of spit while coughing but to force the healthy to wear them is ridiculous. It’s the equivalent of holding a newspaper over your head to avoid getting rained on. All viruses are microscopic and can easily go through cloth masks, (it’s written on the mask’s packaging itself but is routinely ignored— like cancer warnings on cigarette cartons, no one reads the fine print?. People are being arrested and heavily fined for not wearing a mask even while outside. Flip-flop Fauci is inadvertently acknowledging the futility of masks by suggesting that we now wear two. I hate seeing his squinty weasel-like face, he’s so smug in his false authority.

4) White Supremacy isn’t the huge threat that msm pretends it is, Woke Culture is the real threat to our society. Msm will always spin a narrative but when you notice it, you instantly pop their bubble. The Atlanta shooter was a sex addict/psycho not a racist/psycho, and the difference is important. The non-Asians he killed don’t matter? MSM is such complete trash. How many Asians have to die in actual hate crimes for their lives to matter? I wrote about the bullying of Asians last year at the start of the plandemic, (the violence escalated unchecked) no one cared about our discrimination because Asians are the easiest of targets—we don’t complain or fight back, we apologize, we bow, cower and even smile nervously while being attacked. MSM virtue signals with corny stories of solidarity, but they just need to tell the fucking truth about Atlanta. Notice how no family members of the slain Asian masseuses spoke? Why—because trafficked slaves or even voluntary Asian sex workers don’t have family proudly standing by them after they’ve been killed. The Stop Asian Hate movement has significantly quieted after MSM realized that most of the perpetrators against Asians were Black. The LA riots in 92 speaks volumes about the unspoken racism between these minority groups. This topic is too controversial for MSM or Racial Equity Workshops to discuss. I spoke up and was immediately shut down by the director of racial equity in the city that I work in. The director happened to be biracial but she seemed ashamed of her whiteness, I bet she doesn’t even realize that she rejects her white mother and herself by oppressing and labeling white people. (Click watch Youtube to access the age-restricted video, good summary about genuine Asian hate crimes).

5) BLM is a scam. Defunding the police is a bad idea, the crime wave has tripled and isn’t stopping. California is basically lawless, it’s the Wild West out here with elderly Asians as easy targets, but of course the Progressives rant on about gun control. The cops won’t come when your home is invaded but you’re not allowed to arm yourself in self-defense? The second amendment was designed to protect the freedom of American citizens, self-defense is a human right, it’s our right to be able to protect ourselves from a corrupt government. Why are BLM leaders buying mansions when they’re Marxists and where did they get the funds? The majority of police related deaths are perpetrated against white people but no one wants to hear that fact.

6) Antifa exists, despite what the media says. Antifa are the equivalent of Nazi brown shirts, they are the true fascists regardless of their name. Members of antifa are ironically often middle school teachers and professors. The bike lock attacker was an Ethics professor. The Proud Boys are in direct opposition to Antifa—so do the math, (opps I forgot, Math is racist). The Proud boys aren’t white supremacists, their leader is a person of color.

Why is this inept fool in government? Nadler always seems like he just pooped his pants. 💩

Andy Ngo is a truth hero.

7) Joe Biden isn’t mentally sound, he has memory loss and speech impairment and he’s a racist. No matter how long we conspiracy theorist’s have been shouting this, it all fell on deaf and dumb SJW ears. He’s not fit to be the president of anything, much less an entire country. Biden received the most votes of all presidents??? Nope. Not even the frothing-at -the-mouth SJW hatred of Donald Trump caused Biden to win. Voter fraud has been in place for awhile but the 2020 election was the most obvious steal of all time. Conspiracy theorists were right about his mental incapacity but hatred for the orange-man-bad was all that mattered. How many more times will he refer to Kamala Harris as the president-elect? Does he know who he is? He can’t mumble out a complete, coherent sentence without his teleprompter. The US is in mortal danger under his inept leadership.

8) The covid vaccines utilize gene therapy technique but the experts won’t explain in layman’s terms what the vaccines actually do. They most likely, permanently alter human genes. I’m amazed that reasonably intelligent people have voluntarily taken this untested, trial vaccine, most vaccines need at least 2 years of testing and study. The sheep that voluntarily lined up to be a guinea pigs proves to me that they’re beyond reaching. I’ve given up trying to wake them up. I’m writing alt truth articles only for the awake and the undecided. I’m no longer wasting my energy on the woke crowd, they’re too deeply brainwashed and incapable of logic. Project Veritas caught Zukerberg in a hidden camera admitting his concerns, he should know he’s married to a doctor, (a real one not not a doctor of education like “Dr.” Jill Biden).

9) Geo-engineering/chemtrails, Al Gore admitted on camera that chemtrails were used to combat climate change. Nano particles are in the air, our water, food supply, slowly weakening and poisoning us. Just like in the film the Matrix, scientists like Bill Gates, (well, he’s actually Not a Scientist but he has his diabolical hands on every scam) want to literally block out the sun to combat global warming. The sun, our most important source of energy for living—they want to block it out. The puppeteers in charge are so psychotic, I wonder if they’re even technically human. The film, “They Live” describes our world so perfectly.

10) Smart Dust is a real technology. Nano-sized particles can be inserted into the human body via the tip of a medical swab, (they’re so much more discreet than ankle monitors), besides using them for government spying, who knows what other function it serves once in our bodies?


    1. You heard of the human monkey hybrid too? WTF are they doing to our world! Maybe I’ll do a part two, too many truths are leaking out. The blood drinking truth came out? I’m speechless!

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      1. That’s right, if heard that blood transfusions of young blood was a new big business for the rich. There’s also vampire and baby foreskin facials. Sick people that want to live forever.

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  1. That’s a great poetic summation of 10 conspiracy theories now acknowledged by the mainstream media to be true, Judy.

    Human-monkey hybrid and drinking blood of the young to reverse aging?

    Now those are two I haven’t heard about the mainstream media now admitting as true.

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    1. Thank you! Yes all of our leaders/institutions are criminal and they think they have the right to rule over us. If only we all woke up to this, they would be so afraid of us. The creeps at the top are actually very weak, lazy and unintelligent creatures that have us do all the work.

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      1. People are waking up but msm continue to black out the millions of people who take to the streets like the million+ that marched in London last weekend against Covid masking and all the associated restrictions!!

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      2. Yes they’re tricks are being revealed and it’s my hope that we’ll have a version of herd immunity but with knowledge. If enough people were awake it would collapse the lies. I hope the US can join with the protests in UK. So proud of those protestors.


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