Poem: Witchcraft, Magic and Rioting, California’s Version of Normal + (Tanka) “California’s Trash”

Just in one day, I found these modern day artifacts that represent US culture. It seems that witchcraft, magic, rioting are all commonplace, everyday occurrences. I live in crazy, drug-enabled California so hopefully this new normal is limited to this area only.

California’s trash—-
Pedophile politicians
Homeless satanists
Suicidal ass rapists
Nihilistic demonics.
Whole Foods and Target have a lot of occult T-shirts to program us with, “witchcraft is cool!” Nope.

California was a fantasy place before I came and it’s even more so now. SF is a portal city, it will pull you in like a riptide.

“And in the master’s chambers
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember
I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
“Relax,” said the night man
“We are programmed to receive
You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave!”



“Could it be, oh I don’t know…Satan!” Dana Carvey’s church lady skit was a parody of Satanic Panic during the eighties when children were first being kidnapped and trafficked. I naively laughed along back then, not understanding that Carvey was programming us to dismiss the possibility of actual Satanists. The McMarten Preschool tragedy was not faked but that’s how it’s remembered. Years later the discovery of underground tunnels were found just as the children had said. The remains of animal bones and a pentagram were also found there even after the tunnels had been filled in, evidence remained. None of the accused pedophiles were imprisoned, they all got away with raping preschool kids in satanic rituals. Comedians like Dana Carvey convinced us that Christians were judgemental, paranoid nerds with over-active imaginations.


      1. It’s an excellent concept. We only need to look at the last 30,000 years of human conquest for unification where the masses are enslaved to provide the Grand Poobah of the realm with all his heart’s desire while the queen conspires to put her son on the throne to see how it will turn out. If you are the Grand Poobah, life might seem excellent in that social construct. But what do you do with all those excess unproductive people? It seems the camp solution in an unfriendly climate might be the answer. It works well for North Korea. Now, Baby Kim, the Rocket Kid, makes an excellent Grand Poobah. Just look at any of the videos coming out of NK. The people are always smiling and celebrating his wonderfulness. What are we worried about? All this craziness is self-correcting. Just ask any of the last 10 Roman Emperors of the Western Empire. The wine and orgies of excess were the stuff of legend. Everything would be great if those darn barbarians weren’t so hell-bent on searching for greener pastures and avoiding the Tartars. 🤔🧐🤓 hmmmmm. Someone should write a book on the subject. Chris would be perfect.

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      2. Baby Kim, the Rocket Kid 😅 fits perfectly. I’m impressed with his horse riding in the mountains skill. It’s funny that both he and Putin are such manly men, didn’t Putin wrestle a bear while bare-chested! or was that just a meme? The assholes in charge will be replaced by new assholes in the event of a revolution but I wish they’d all die from an Adrenochrome/pineal gland overdose, instant karma.

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      3. Pootin is the real deal. I used to say he is the only world leader that could fight his own fights and no other world leader could beat him man to man. But, Baby Kim is a real Tiger underneath that stylish hairdo. When he throws a tantrum the NK population decreases rapidly. My favorite quote of the day, “ the assholes in charge will be replaced by new assholes.” to those are the most true words I’ve ever read. I’m a big supporter of instant karma.

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      4. Ha! You understand both Poo-tin and Baby Tiger very well. I think he was generous to force his comrades to wear his stylish hairdo. What a benevolent tyrant. Didn’t he feed his uncle to the dogs? Don’t mess with the Chubby K :).

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      5. Yes indeed. We see this through the same eyes. Czar Pootin may not want to pull the Tiger’s tail. I heard about Baby Kim feeding his uncle to the dogs. That’s old school regime right there. He knows how to make everyone do his bidding. His dad and grandpa taught him well.

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  1. More excellent investigative reporting, Judy.

    Your last few pictures and quotes remind me of something the great British journalist, essayist, historian and satirist Malcolm Muggeridge once said, “The only way a conspiracy theory of history would work through the centuries is if an actual literal historical Devil exists.”

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. It was synchronous to see the commercial branding of paganism/occult in plain view, all within a 5 block radius. That’s an interesting quote and name, Muggeridge reminds me of a Harry Potter character. I think he’s right. There’s a demonic force in the world, especially in serial killers, victims who escaped them said the killer’s eyes changed to black. People who became possessed later said they couldn’t remember what happened. That’s not to excuse their behavior, possession involves permission, they’re still responsible.

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      1. Malcolm Muggeridge was one of the few journalists from the West who reported on what Josef Stalin was actually doing in the USSR back in the 1930s- the persecutions, the forced famines and the kangaroo court show trials.

        Most other journalists from the U.S. and the UK were singing Stalin’s praises as building Utopia on Earth (now Trudeau, Biden and Pope Francis are going to Build Back Better).

        Particularly the New York Times who never seem to have met a Communist despot they didn’t like.

        Muggeridge was later the editor of a British humour and satire magazine back in the 1960s called Punch.

        He wrote several books and essays on numerous topics- Classical Greece, Ancient Rome, The Renaissance, the so-called Age of Enlightenment, the French Revolution and of course Stalin’s USSR .

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      2. He sounds like a brave soul. The NYT is like reading those old National Inquirer magazines nowadays, actually NI were probably writing more truthfully, when all they write is puff pieces about Biden winning Super Mario BS. Project Veritas is kicking their ass where it counts by suing them, CNN and Twitter. I think James OKeefe is a journalistic hero, a modern day Muggeridge in a sea of fake news imposters.

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  2. Amazing post Judy. The biggest conspiracy is that the devil don’t exist. He detests humans because we’re made in God’s image and is never going to have anything but hatred for us.
    It makes sense that we’re seeing a global shift now, to make us less human, through vaccines, nano tech etc. Perhaps they hope it’ll make us more palatable to Satan.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I used to not believe in a literal devil but now I’m wondering what’s going on. There’s definitely a dark/satanic cult and they believe in a devil. I feel like they’re the ones who will make sure that apocalyptic prophesies happen but in their favor. All these cults are government corruption are making me more spiritual. I think covid is their mechanism for Agenda 21 and NWO or maybe that already was started decades ago.

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