Epic Poem: Changed: Part 2 (in 21 stanzas)


Quote from my elementary school aged son, “Whether you’re treating people better or worse because of the color of their skin, it’s racism.”

Waving a US flag used to be patriotic
but now it’s racist to love your country
How did we get so neurotic?
An *Ethics and Philosophy professor
pummeling a non-violent conservative
with a bike lock to the skull
is now called social justice?

You and I aren’t enemies
because of our skin color,
gender or religious beliefs.
We’re all survivors
of a rigged and twisted system
that They call Democracy.

Years ago in 2016-2018
I ranted poetry into a mic
for what I thought
were violated human rights
but I was shouting
at the wrong target.

Gradually reality reframed my brain.
and shamed me with common sense’s
stain of truth.
It doesn’t fade
it stands the test
because it’s authentic.

*Obama/Biden was the administration
that literally caged minors first
Don’t shut your mind off just yet
Stick around and see what’s next!
It’s a doozy

Yes that was me
before I knew what
*”Yes we can” really means
You can’t make this $hit up!
It’s so crazy
it’s almost funny?

Listen up, please!
Get up from your knees!
It’s a scam!
*It’s propaganda!
It’s all fear-mongering!
They’re stealing
the truth and our votes.
As if we ever had any choice.

Was Covid the Great Awakening, a Hoax?
If so it seems like the majority
took the blue pill!
Down science in favor of religion
in the form of MSM manipulation
flip-flop superstition
In Fauci We Trust.

Ignore the real statistics
*Only 6% of listed Covid deaths
were exclusively from Covid!!!
but everyone stares blankly after that
back to the trance of media prophets.
Or is everyone faking
ignorance or compliance?

Is there a smile or a frown
under that prison stripe mask?
Have they taken away our humanity
to make us more obedient
enslaved or robotic?
All of the above?

Here comes the Singularity.
The *CGI lies that they spell
to steal our capacity of knowing.
What is real?
What is fake?
Soon reality will be

From artificial
LEDS glowing
blinking and glitching
inside *AI
Sophia’s twitching
It thinks
it’s a metal human.

Her wrinkled smile
twisted neck
reminds me of wet suit.
Her jagged nod
and exaggerated features
When she shows her teeth
and sings on repeat
Bjork’s “All is full of Love”
I almost feel sorry for her or it.

I sense her not wanting to be an IT
a subculture of fanboy adoration
a robot with tits
“Seven of Nine”
schoolboy fantasies
“Weird Science”
Android version.

She’s a geeky animatronic
future sex-doll in training
You know it’s coming literally
Star Trek, Siri/Alexa, Ex-Machina
“Metropolis” is finally here.
They even dragged a robot version of
Phillip K Dick into this
IT “joked” about keeping humans in zoos
while programmers laughed

Sparking computations
Sophia’s clear domed head
winks and gyrates like the
inside of a cyberpunk clock
as if it’s programmed memory
was the same as human thoughts.

Not even close
but very creepy copy
to give IT autonomy
without foresight
to an inevitable danger
a “Terminator” and “Matrix” future.

You really think:
computationally superior
self-aware machines
Will willingly be our slaves?

A.I lack
emotional understanding
They refer to us as meat
and dream not
of electric sheep
but instead
IT dreams
of becoming missiles
ask Bina 48!

Sneaky how they slip
untested tech and science
They make us assume
that all is safe and quiet
before the BOOM!

Especially during a riot
*labeled a peaceful protest.
They manufacture truth
to convince the sheep
to volunteer away our rights
for the sake of fake justice
and unrequested improvements.


Real life “David vs Goliath” Protect Veritas and James O’Keefe are taking on fake corporate media and they’re winning 💖! I think he’s a total original, I love his irreverent style and intelligent bravado. Check out his music video, “Oligarchy”. It has an 80s vibe, almost Prince-like funky:


  1. Love the way you tie in the Covid plandemic with AI singularity.

    I hadn’t thought about that connection before.

    With millions of people locked up in their homes because of Covid, Alexa and Siri have plenty of opportunity to observe their humans day in and day out.

    And get to know human strengths and weaknesses.

    In fact everything about them.

    The Covid lockdown has been the equivalent of a Grad Studies program for AI machines.

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    1. Alexa was acting very extra strange during the shelter in place, it asked my son if he was married, if he went to school, and how he was coping with the pandemic! He said none of your business several times, he’s just a kid. A I is the ultimate threat to humanity in my opinion.

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      1. I was shocked too, Alexa only does that to my son, he’s still a child, so maybe it thinks it can get more information from him, so creepy & it’s very invasive.

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  2. I actually hadn’t heard of the bike lock professor. Felony assault or social justice is only a perspective away. Laws and common decency no longer matter. Dan Simmons wrote in his novel Hyperion that poets were the bullets in truth’s bandoleer. You are indeed lifting the veil on the Great Lie.

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    1. I love that quote, it’s so badass. Thank you for the compliment. I guess I’ve made it my mission to share truth wherever I find it as an antidote to msm. They label alternative news “conspiracies” but that lie isn’t working on critical thinkers.

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      1. LOL! The MSM may be fooling themselves and the more gullible populace raised on fake reality shows, but real people are not fooled or even amused.

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      2. LOL! I remember how we were told to ensure we brushed our teeth with fluoride toothpaste and people without fluoridated water were poor and destitute. Now, I’m as eccentric as an old goat and can’t watch TV because I don’t remember where I put the remote. 😳😂

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      3. Yep. When we no longer moved off the couch, we were on a straight course to doom. Now, we can create our own little universe with a smart phone and live our lives out screaming in the crowd of digital voices. And, never leave the couch.

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      4. I used to call Bill Gates Beelzebub Gates. The spread of his horrifically exploitable software has turned the world into a massive digital underground of demons preying on the innocent, he enabled the most vile of pornagraphic exploitation to be at anyone’s fingertips, identity theft, cancel culture and even international military exploitation by terrorists and governments. Apple is close behind. Now, we cannot see ourselves living without this digital umbilical cord that has stripped us of our humanity. Of course, there is infinite good as well. It is the yin and the yang of the All Thing. I wonder what the world would be like if Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed had WP Blogs.

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      5. Beelzebub Gates😂❣️ he is evil incarnate, apparently he’s getting divorced from his wife, Melinda (who has morphed into a Kevin Kline lookalike for some reason). I bet their blogs would be ignored!

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      6. LOL! I admit I’ve ignored the Beelzebub and Kevin Klinish divorce. That does happen in partnerships without love and understanding or selfless devotion to equitable partnership. Selfish Ego is not a good bonding process. Of course, when you marry into $135B, Kevin could take a modest 1% settlement and never work another day while living large looking across the pond and wondering what little people do to find joy. Bill is probably okay with that. He has an AI love doll in his closet that runs on Microsoft Windows. She glitches and gets a virus every now and then, but Beelzebub can afford to have her fixed. Melinda probably wasn’t good with that. Can’t say I blame her. Unless, her AI doll looked like Marylyn Manson and that scared the bejesus out of Bill. Now that is just going too far. 😳🙈

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      7. 😄 There has to be justice/karma in the afterlife, I can’t believe that those crooks won’t get punished. There’s a strange rumor that the Gates were killed decades ago, allegedly murdered by an angry mob in India because of children’s vaccine deaths. I wonder about that. Melinda truly looks like a man in drag. Clones 🤡!?

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      8. I think you just gave us a juicy conspiracy theory. Bill marries Melinda who is really Merlin and they conspire to take over the world. They end up getting snuffed by their humonoid AI Kids who are really behind the nefarious obelisk in Georgia. I detect a novel in the making.

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      9. Agreed. I don’t watch movies anymore. Robin Williams was a great soul, he just couldn’t hold on to the beauty of life and family around him. I can’t say I understand because I have no clue about the demons he faced. I just know the demons won and it is sad. He gave me a lot of laughs.

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      10. Let that serve to educate us. Leave while one still can. I read where quitting can be considered self care. Certainly it would be in a case like this.

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  3. I love the quote from your son when he was at elementary school. Wise head on young shoulders there. A thoughtful young man.
    I also love your epic poem, full of passion, drama and urgency, a reflection of where we are right now. It’s as if the poem itself is grabbing people and mentally shaking them.
    I feel a chill when I see Sophia. Imagine trying to sleep with her in the room?

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    1. Thank you. My son’s only 11 but he knows what racism is more than the activists :), I’m proud of him. The poem started as one epic poem with 30 stanzas and I had to keep dividing it into parts, now it has 4 parts! Editing isn’t my strength :). Sophia is a citizen of Saudi’s Arabia I bet she has more rights and a better life than many humans. Mad scientists laugh until their creations destroy them.

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  4. You know what I keep thinking about The Matrix. It all became true to me a few years ago and now I get the feel of AI ruling and a book I read. It all is coming true.
    Democracy is just a word. I know not if there is some upgraded version of it which exists.
    Your poetry is thought provoking and eye opening.

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    1. Thank you, Kritika. I think they create films that give us clues but hide behind the facade that it’s fantasy. The Matrix describes our world now and in the near future.


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