Epic Poem : Changed : Part 3 (in 23 Stanzas)

*Biden logo-ed T-shirts?
Who organized this publicity stunt?
Wrapped like baked potatoes
in silver foil blankets
waiting to be fed and diapered.

I know I sound mean
but the current Emperor
wears no clothes
and every non-zombie knows
They’re just too afraid to
Say it!

Stern Jen Psaki
can never compete
with drop dead gorgeous
Kaleigh McEnany:
and beauty
all in one.

Psaki can’t equally
compare with her at all.
No matter how much makeup
They pour on her
She still resembles
*Zuckerberg in drag:
fake eyelashes,
dark shadow and blush.

It makes little difference.
Cosmetics can’t rearrange her
condescending lack of grace.
Good luck with that, Jen
try telling the truth sometime.

Democrats want to exploit
unaccompanied minors
to replace the old crew
of *Blexiting survivors
“leaving the plantation”

Black Conservatives
broke off the chains
of being woke by being awake
They impress me
with their courage
and intellectual awareness.
They’re part of MLK’s
political lineage
Donate to them
not to BLM.

Illegal alien is the legal term
that we can no longer say
Political Correctness
finds it offensive
Erase all dialogues
of dissenting opinion.

Fascists attack
grammar and math
as being racist.
They abuse Abe Lincoln too
How rude!
even though he freed the slaves?
That’s not good enough for Them?
They removed his honorific name in vain
from a *San Francisco high school
to prove that they’re completely insane?

The school council and
teacher’s union is a sad joke.
They locked our kids away from school
for over a year and
some will never return
from Suicide
only their mourners
can tell their stories.

The teachers union
secretly *influenced the CDC
while *dropping their own kids
off at Private School!
“Rules for thee, not me”!
Power breeds hypocrisy.

Kneel, raise a fist!
“Silence equals violence!”
apologize for your ancestors!
apologize for your maleness!
apologize for your privilege!
apologize for your paleness!

Apologize for existing!
Join our mob or be beaten
doxed and canceled!
We’re the designated victims:
Judge, Jury, Executioner

Social Justice Warriors in
black hoodies, bear mace and masks
replace the Brown shirts
of our forgotten genocidal past
our mad, collective history
begins again.

My Korean born parents
came to the US legally
without any hand outs
from government charity.
They learned to speak English fluently
but were made fun of for their accent.
but hatred of Asians doesn’t exist.

They passed the citizenship test
and proudly displayed
the US flag on their lawn.
Mom said after 911’s tragedy
she finally felt like an American.

Empathy and compassion
bonded her status to belonging.
Finally after being on the outside
for so long peering in
to the Golden Land of Opportunity
That’s how South Koreans
viewed the US as immigrants.

My parents never received pity.
I’m proud of their self-empowerment.
They worked their hands til they cracked.
Overtime was my father’s delight
to work all night until sunrise
for time and a half.

He did that for us without stopping.
He was the last
generation of breadwinners
The pants-wearer of the family
How society’s changed!

I judged him all of my life
for his human faults
but he kept our clan alive and well-fed
in a gorgeous house with a fire-lit hearth
I’m sorry I criticized him for so long.

They bought property,
ran businesses,
They owned an entire
urban block’s distance.
They put their three
kids through college without
any scholarships or student loans.

They paid and saved
for everything we had
As children they grew up
in poverty during a war.
There’s no hint of privilege
in their story.

They worked tirelessly
for what they achieved.
They didn’t live for greed or glory.
What they had, they earned honestly.
Their story fulfilled the American Dream.
I’m grateful for their sacrifices
and their moral modeling of integrity.
I believe in legal immigration
as an act of self respect.



  1. I like how your poem shows the immigrants to America in the past worked their own way up to economic opportunity.

    And by doing so earned self-empowerment through true self-respect.

    Now thanks to the Biden Administration’s policies, today’s immigrants who would cross the border illegally think they have a sense of entitlement.

    And almost all Democrats agree.

    😂 @ Jen Psaki being Zuckerberg in drag. 🤣😂

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I think something switched in people, they seem so entitled now, no gratitude. I’m sure the migrants have lives that are trapped in corrupt government actions but we’re also trapped by our government in the US. What’s the point of having immigration laws if they’re meaningless?
      Ha! Psaki and Zuckerberg, they look so similar, maybe they’re androids! 😄

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  2. I love your poem Judy; as always, the truth, wit and sarcasm …………….

    Oh, and I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I hope you’ll participate cos I’d love for my readers to come over and read your blog. Caz

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  3. With honesty and sincerity a person builds self from the scratch but the government policies ruins the world. Such are the leaders we choose and the ones who are capable have no monetary support.
    Fabulous epic poem series. Enjoying them.

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    1. Thank you, Kritika. I’m starting to wonder if they liked us really vote. Those machines can change the winner, I think that’s what happened in Venezuela and probably the last US election. Makes me sad.

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