Racism Against Asian Americans: “Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil”: Part 2: Attacks are Still Happening: videos + (haiku in three variations)

Research released by reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate revealed nearly 3,800 incidents were reported over the course of roughly a year during the pandemic. — Read on www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/there-were-3-800-anti-asian-racist-incidents-mostly-against-n1261257

The hatred’s still here 
Asian grandparents beaten
Walking on the street

Waiting for a bus
Or waiting for a stoplight
Nowhere’s safe but home?

“Respect our elders”
This explains Asian culture
I’m proud of my roots.

Nothing’s improved for the better, more attacks are happening. No one on the liberal progressive side makes the logical connection that we need more police, not less. All they blame is white supremacy, (but they’re the white supremacists), so I guess they’re ultimately correct in a hidden way.

This is where the hatred starts:

Historical context in the US:

Sexualization/Fetishizing of Asian Women:

Sad to know the hatred of Asians is not limited to the US:

My poem, “Invisible Asians”:

Poem: Invisible Asians


  1. One of the classic techniques to demonize a group to to dehumanize them. From the antebellum south through Hitler and Trump, this has been going on for a long time. I hope we can find an effective way to combat it.


    1. Yes the view that Asians are dirty peasants that spread disease has been around since immigrants first came here. Ironically Asian ancestors were probably here in North America. Trump gets so much credit for being a racist but Biden gave the eulogy for his friend the KKK grand Wizard. I’m for the truth, I won’t support the propaganda. Trump is a narcissist but in the USA, that’s normal. I don’t care to here about him anymore.

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  2. I can testify to the intrinsic truth of your post. I started to bloviate profusely about my own experiences with the American heart of darkness against my family. Instead I would just like to thank you for doing your part to bring awareness to this sickness that permeates every ideological and geopolitical group. There is no place for racism of any kind in a society that practices human virtue, dignity, and grace. That is a way of life long gone in the world. Still, it is our light tho some chose darkness.

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    1. Thank you for reading and caring about this topic I’d like to hear about your family’s experience, I think some people assume all white folks have the privilege of not experiencing discrimination but I think racism/ignorance is everywhere.

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      1. My stories are endless, Judy. I could make a blog site dedicated to the withering racism experienced by my tri racial family. We live with an eastern culture and philosophy within the family. I am judged for my love of wife and family not of my same skin color or Royal Norwegian Viking heritage. I have three generations living in my house and I love it and would not change the immense power of love and strength that provides. But, my girls have weathered withering verbal and physical abuse at the hands of males of all colors and women too. My 30 year old daughter is a nationally recognized artist, born in the year of the Horse. You know what that means for an Asian female. She is a quiet and beautiful woman subjected to sexual and verbal abuse by simply existing in full view. But, she has a voice of thunder and lightning and can reduce a man to crying jello if he wanders across a boundary. My girls (5) are often greeted with smug labels like dog eating whore for not accepting a man’s advances. Fat female blimps with sagging mottled skin, and the scourge of Pan Goatee, accuse my daughters of being submissive because of their beauty and nature. This accusation is hurled with hate without knowing them. I have been told by American women that I married my Korean wife because I just wanted a submissive sex doll. They say this without having ever met TIGER MOM. I have never met a woman as strong, resilient, and stoic as she is. I’ve lived and travelled in every continent and know the cultures of the world. It would be difficult to find a more resilient woman with such dignity and grace with the power of a volcano in her heart and soul. But her rascist detractors would never understand the difference between grace and submissiveness and she will not stoop to satisfy their desire to pick a fight. Our Korean community stands up and sets the example for the entire region of what it is like to live in a true community of connected and supportive people that always shows up to support each other in times of great happiness or deep mourning. If this is a dog eating Asian whore, then give me a world with 100’s of millions of them and I’ll conquer the world. My Dragon sisters and brothers are without peers when they dedicate their lives to strength and benevolence. There are the dark sides of everything including Asian, but they have proven themselves to be superior and this is why Korea is always ranked in the top 5 nations of the world every year, beating America by wide margins with the US being number one in only 1 of 258 judged categories. America has the world’s largest economy but that is a fragile lead that does not define the value or virtue of its population. Don’t get me wrong. I love my country and have dedicated 35 years serving my country in a noble and honest way. I resent the growing power of antogonists that would destroy this powerful nation instead of going to work to build it up and live our lives in person and in community that lifts us up instead of tears us down and we Americans and our vast diversity can choose to be the symbol of humanity or the symbol of the deepest and darkest intent of evil. We are at the line of battle against good and evil. Evil is a powerful foe. We must choose a way to salvation and contentment with honor or the life of a slave to our own evil and the way of life that eats it’s own. Just my over caffeinated life opinion as viewed from my personal and unique lens. I do not mind disagreement in that. Everyone has their view and I have mine.

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      2. Thank you for sharing this information. I love the way you described your wife “It would be difficult to find a more resilient woman with such dignity and grace with the power of a volcano in her heart and soul.” as a Korean I think you’ve precisely described Korean females! I think it’s because of the history of imperialism against Koreans, we’re resilient fighters and the spicy food reflects our passionate nature. So great to have multiple generations living together 💖

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  3. Yes, the liberal left occasionally brings up the subject of anti-Asian hate and then promptly forgets it again.

    I think a lot of it is motivated by jealousy.

    Asians are able to rise economically on their own without any government handouts in American society.

    So many blacks and many whites are resentful of this.

    They think only a KKK turned woke Communist zombie like Joe Biden is able to lift them up.

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    1. I love how you phrased this “They think only a KKK turned woke Communist zombie like Joe Biden is able to lift them up.” So great! 😅. I wonder if he got a facelift? He looks so different from when he was Vice President. Maybe he a a clone-bot. A woman getting a facelift is sad in my opinion but an old man getting one is so super vain. I know I’m being sexist but I respect people who age with grace. Biden’s always trying to prove that he’s virile by jogging, he needs to stop.

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      1. Yes, Biden does sort of look like a male botox version of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

        I wonder if they go to the same botox clinic. 🤔

        Yes, Biden needs to stop jogging and also stop tripping over his dog’s tail. 🐕

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      2. Haha! Whitmer also reminds me of Caitlin Jenner 🤣😂❣️ I bet they’re related! Biden’s dog ha! I forgot about that fiasco. “Major” has a biting problem he needs a muzzle just like Joe does.

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