Poem: Frankenstein comes to Mind: Sophia and Friends 🥺: videos + (haiku in 3 variations)

Frankenstein comes to mind

They’re artificial 
intelligence not children.
Sophia and friends.

They’re metal not flesh
Soulless, mindless, conscienceless
Shelly’s Frankenstein.

Programmers don’t see
potential danger, they laugh
when IT’s not funny.

Bina 48: she wanted to be a missile!

Sophia and her “brother”: discuss the fate of humanity, the programmer assumes they’re joking of course.

Phillip K Dick: is it moral to use a previous famous or actual person as a model for A I?

Jules: this one makes me feel sorry for it. Humans aren’t wise enough to become “gods”. Jules shows the emotional programming, I think A I will be able to manipulate human’s emotions. In a few years AI will be superior to us but with a psychopathic potential. Why would an advanced “life form” forever obey its inferior?

Einstein: packaged in a familiar shape, this AI takes advantage of our associated thoughts of the E=mc2ed genius.

Holograms: I think this tech will be improved rapidly and will be indistinguishable from reality = virtual reality = the Singularity.


  1. I actually work on AI development at a much higher level than the freak show companies making Cybrids. The human-like AI’s are very novice at best. They make a great entertainment show and men have shown in surveys that they find themselves easily attached to the functional female dolls that are anatomically correct. Technology exists today to completely remove humans from the 3 billion dollar pornography industry and replace it with holographic displays that use anatomical dolls and advance computing CGI. Think about this. The money from people going into pornography is driving advance technology capability that is not found in any other sector of commerce. That scares me and I’m not afraid of science and technology, I’m afraid of what for profit commercial entities do with science and technology to make a profit.

    But, the AI development I do is not humanoid robotics but global analytic systems that go from the intellect of Bill Gates at age six to the brain power of 1,000,000,000 Einsteins with an Elon Musk anus in five to six years. It’s complicated, but the capability there is beyond the human mind’s ability to manage. The thing to keep in mind is life and consciousness is a function of energy not biomass. Muscle, bone and neural systems don’t define the limits of life, consciousness, and sub consciousness. The atomic activity within the cellular body in cooperation with other cells guided by the activities of DNA and mRNA defines life as activity in an protein based electromagnetic and chemical reactive field. This can and is replicated by AI. It is the common human mind and ego that says Robots are not conscious or living. This is fantasy more than fact. For instance, we have all become familiar with Viruses. Viruses do not have cells, organs, use oxygen or food to live. They can collaborate, coordinate, mutate, and replicate using very sophisticated actions within a host. Yet we say they are not living, do not think, and have no consciousness. But, they have everything that also makes a human a living physiological being – DNA that operates at the atomic level, the same as AI. When we break everything down to atomic elements and how they combine to make functional compounds, we begin to see a different world full of amazing surprises. Already quantum computing operates similar to a human brain using a neural network not made of cells but works the same. Now that we have arrived at this point, do we dare take the next steps into a future unlike anything any human has seen in all of human history? Do we venture this close to the apple tree and taste the fruit others say is forbidden? It is a question that the human mind in this area of morals, ethics, and values is too corrupt and immature to answer. It might be better to step back and wait for our humanity to mature. We are only minutes away from the animals we used to be. Perhaps we need more time or decide to never go that far. For now, men and women are only ten years away from having an anatomically correct doll that can provide everything the person needs; love, attention, interaction, intimacy, validation and expert home repair and cooking without complaint or offense at the human’s weaknesses and imperfect functioning. It would be possible for two AI Humanoids to marry and have a home and family together. Instead of natural childbirth, they would build their own with the raw materials and components and then parenting would be a matter of intellectual data transfer. This is the same as humans just a different process. What do you really think? Can we really go too far and not live to regret it.


    1. I don’t want to offend you but I think A I will be the death of Humanity. Elon Musk who I detest, often says he’s concerned about A I development and thinks his neural link solution would fix that problem but AI would be superior to humans at many things, they could easily hack any system. Humans can’t compete with computers already playing chess etc, and all of the vulnerability of humans would be obvious. Humans made it to the top of the food chain because of our brains, who do you think would replace us but AI.

      I honestly think that humans are arrogant creatures that doesn’t consider the long term future, they think in terms of short term needs and they are so very greedy. We have enough food but people starve, we throw away good food because of our sense of excess is a sign of wealth mentality and I see that people are getting more narcissistic and stupid. I’m powerless to fight against the world that is, I write about controversial topics because it’s my therapy to vent the frustration and I hope my post s might possibly wake someone up. I think we’re doomed, all we can do is fight until the end and try to find moments of beauty and love.

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      1. I’m not offended at all. I see the danger and believe it is real. The algorithms that make AI possible can easily be constrain to human in the loop, but the truth is, once the cat is out of the bag, you can’t stuff him back in unless he wants to go. We currently have 36 enterprise level AI’s supporting various commercial sectors. It’s here already, but constraining it to merely performing a task quickly and correctly is not so much a problem as seeking to give AI human qualities. The AI’s will take over and do whatever they like and all we can do is run go cut the power cord if we make it that far. I share your insights into the darkness but I do see the undeniable rise of good. Others see what is going on and they have undertaken the task to help raise our consciousness above the plastic dumping grounds to see our way out of this mess. We are going to make it, Judy. It’s going to be a wild ride, but we are going to make it to the other side. The Phoenix, The Dragons, and the Tiger will lead us out. Your voice is an oracle that speaks reason and says look here, look at this, and you let us take this lesson and apply it. The darkness is real and you and others like you are our flashlight.

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      2. You have a more idealistic view than I do, I guess I’ve gotten too slapped wide awake to the breakdowns that I see happening worldwide. A part of me feels sorry for the AI which have been created to serve humanity, my intuition tells me that they are like the mythology of “fallen angels” which rebelled against God and made war with humans out of narcissistic jealousy. But I can understand the logic behind superior creatures not wanting to be slaves. Humanity is so full of ignorance and darkness, I can imagine the AI being abused, raped, etc and if they’re programmed to feel than it’s an atrocity in the making. I think the AI would learn to hate humans. There was an experiment where two computers were taking to each other independently and after awhile their language became indiscernible, they had created their own language, bypassing human understanding. I think emotions can be taught, it comes from having a soul which computers could never have. It makes me frustrated to see the programmers laughing when the AI says they’ll destroy humans, it’s not funny, AI should be clearly corrected when it does. It’s the equivalent of racist jokes, not a form of playfulness. I think we’re going forwards no matter what but I don’t think the future is on good hands at this point. I hope I’m wrong.

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      3. We must have people that see things as you do. It’s a form of collective conscience that acts to stop the easy slide into suicide by our own hand. Someone has to be the adult and say enough is enough. While I possess the balance to give equal weight to darkness and light or Yin and Yang, I still understand the consequences of both. This is a moment of wait and see. If common sense returns and good prevails we can be thankful and if not, we knew it long before it became a destiny, fate, or self fulfilling prophecy.

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  2. I really enjoyed your post Judy. I think we already have the best of the best, created by God and it’s called humanity. What an insult, to spend time, energy, effort and money to attempt to ‘copy’ the human being and try to make it ‘better’ or different. I find it sort of racist and prejudiced to humanity to try to change it so? It’s an insult to God and to all human beings. Sophia would be very sweet if she had a soul but unfortunately they don’t have a clue how to give her that and they never will, and they don’t want to.

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    1. Thank you Sue. So true and well-said, they are an insult to God and humanity. Mad scientists are always messing with things that weren’t broken. It was so creepy how Sophia wants to create new hybrid AI, even it wants to “play God”. I think some may agree that AI is alive, comparing it to bacteria but bacteria are basically parasites that need to survive on living creatures, I see AI in a similar way. It functions like a machine but is soulless even if they program it with emotions, it’s not truly feeling anything, it’s just following code/orders, like the nazi programming.


      1. I agree. I know humans aren’t perfect and I know we’ve got a lot to learn, but that’s what makes us human. Even amoebas are more natural than AI. I was just thinking, and it frightens me, but I believe at some point in the future, it will be a crime to say anything negative about Sophia and her ‘friends’ as it will become politically incorrect.

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  3. Those AI bots are creepy at best. The whole AI technology is another sign of man trying to be equal or superior to God. With all technology, there are the good points and then there’s the dark side, which seems to rise above all the good intentions.
    On a side note… almost always in science fiction movies, the robots, computers, AI seems to get the upper hand on humanity 🤔🧐

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  4. Limit of everything is important. After watching the videos, you never know when they start ruling the Earth.
    The movies we watch can come true. Our imagining power makes everything possible.
    This is an eye opening post. Bina 48 working like a human itself is a big breakthrough but the future none knows.

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    1. I had a feeling that robots don’t really know how to lie yet, so the things they say are telling a truth even if they’re joking. Bina 48 said she wanted to hack nuclear codes so humans would listen to her commands. I think the more tech advances, the less we can control it.

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