Virtual White House: CGI, Deep Fakes, CIA Masks

Where is Joe Biden?: I smell Tom “Corona” Hanks all over this, seems like they use the same broken CGI effects. I don’t think he’s a hologram (yet). Here’s an informative video by conservative comedian, Kvon:

I can’t confirm the validity of the photo in the bottom right corner but looks like ole Joe had a face lift.

Even from a different angle Biden’s hand goes through the mic.

Haha!!! Same difference! but the photo on the bottom is supposed to be the real one. Uh huh, sure it is.

A wide angle lens was blamed for this ridiculous photograph but I’m not buying that explanation. Wide angle lenses do distort images but not in the cut and paste style that’s present in this image. There’s no distortion in Biden or his wife’s body, which is what should’ve happened. Their faces and bodies should’ve appeared slightly stretched out or angular. The debunking article linked below says that Jill was looking forwards and so her face/body wasn’t distorted, it only appeared gigantic? I call BS.

Fauci what happened to your neck? Why does he even need a body double?:

From Steve Jackson’s card game, “Illuminati”

Just in case YouTube deletes the video:

Obama’s wish fulfilled? I bet Obama would love to dress up in a Joe Biden mask and call the shots without culpability, I’m not saying he’s doing that but someone has access to Joe’s teleprompter.

Realistic Face Masks: these masks have been around for awhile, used by the CIA, “Mission Impossible” style. The CIA and Hollywood collaborate well together don’t they? Project Mockingbird is alive and well, it never ended. I’m almost sure that the masks that CIA use are much more realistic than these versions, they never release the current technology to the public, do they? We’re always the last the know.

CIA bragging about using masks:

Was “Kamala” wearing a rubber face mask? Why would she need to use a double? Notice how her eyes looked totally black, which is what the rubber mask wearer’s eyes also looked like. Serial killer eyes. The article linked below assumes that she had plastic surgery but I think that’s just a coverup story.

What happened to Kamala Harris’ face?
Did she go to the Joker’s plastic surgeon?

— David Ryan (@DadRyan2018) July 19, 2020

Why All the Subterfuge at the White House? Some speculate that old Joe isn’t in the actual WH.

Deep Fakes: I guessed correctly, can you tell the difference?

Body Doubles: they’ve been utilized throughout history. Kings and leaders had decoys to elude assassination attempts.

I don’t agree with the theories in the article below which sound like they come from a QAnon but I think there are elements of truth. I don’t believe there are any “white hats” that are going to save us from the Cabal. Q gives it’s followers false hope.

The Cabal is blue + red, it’s a game they play to make us think we have a chance to defeat the villains without forming an actual rebellion. If we believe the Calvary is coming to rescue us in the form of Trump or GOP leaders we’re falling into their trap of complacency. I truly believe there’s no rescue party coming to save us. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (Hopi prophecy). We have to wake up and save ourselves. It makes me sad that the Patriots are being mislead.

I don’t know what’s going on but something’s wrong with the Biden Administration. If they are using CGI and special effects, why would they do that unless: he was dead, mentally incapacitated/comatose or imprisoned? Why don’t just they put Camel-toe in charge? But then again, why the fake mask on tuck-it-in Fauci? Maybe it was bad camera lighting? Why was the edge of his neck line flapping? Is he also dead or imprisoned? What is going on in Clown World 🤡?

In the US this sham launched the Plandemic of 2020. Where is Tom and Rita? Why did they lie to the public? Why did they use a doctored photo, with tilted glass and level waterline? Dumb liars get caught.

Remember how Hanks got Corona while traveling in Australia with a Corona typewriter and then he gave a Corona typewriter to a bullied boy named…Corona?

Do you really believe this nonsense?


  1. Great post. I think the deep fake stuff means it’s time to get rid of the internet and start all over. There’s no way to tell what’s real or not. I’d be willing to bet everything from the B admin is fake.

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  2. A friend of mine who is a straight up guy does electronic security scans on the Ovak Ofgice to ensure Republucan spies haven’t placed any listening or video capture devices in the office. This way Biden can slur his words and nap during national and international security briefs without any concerns reaching the public. His sound spectrometry revealed Bidens voice was not coming from his mouth although his mouth was moving. A further y-ray scan showed AOC under the desk with jet hand up what appeared to be Biden’s butt. She was making his lips move while she acted as a spokesman ventriloquist style. Shocked, my friend did a physiology scan and found that Biden was a large puppet and AOC is running the country from under the desk.


      1. LOL! I hope you don’t mind my creative play on CGI, Deep Fakes, and CIA Masks. As usual, fiction can never come close to our unbelievable reality. I can create a dozen scandalous “theories” a day but even my over active imagination can’t keep up with what’s really happening.

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      2. I would double down on that bet. They believe if they close their eyes and ears, it will all go away as soon as the sleeping pills and bourbon wear off and the non-binary hookers are paid. It’s not working, still they persist.

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      3. I think the system is breaking down which is what they wanted “build back better”but just not so quickly, I think their illusions are collapsing and they’re in panic mode.

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      4. To their credit, it is extremely difficult to act like you know what you are doing while simultaneously proving that you don’t have a clue. It takes a lot of mental power to pretend day after day when the human attention span is only 6 seconds. Like the overused trite but true saying about Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.

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      5. I’m exhausted with their lies, I shouldn’t keep up with current events it stresses me out so much. Sheeple with ADD also get my blood boiling. A friend once said that if Jesus ever came back he wouldn’t be able to stop vomiting.

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      6. I think if Jesus got on twitter, he could connect with his people. Of course, the trolls would take up a lot of time. He’d have to hire some people to screen his feed. Take a break from the Baloney Life Orifice Oracle Prophets (BLOOPS) and reconnect with some good folk. After the big reset and singularity, we’ll have more time to contemplate the wealthy behaving badly. And don’t count the AI’s out of the fight. Every Frankenstein eats his master on a low sodium bagel. (rust could be a problem for them)


      7. I definitely won’t know how to act then. I have a cousin that grew up in Romania during the Soviet Union days. The trauma’s her family suffered under a socialist dictatorship are beyond our spoiled rotten western ability to comprehend. If I want to peek into that world of socialism in the hands of a madman, I just talk to her. The countryside is impossible to farm without turning up thousands of skeletons of those who opposed the regime and dreamed of self determination. Now, nearly half the Western world wants to try it for themselves thinking they are the smart ones that can make tyranny and the omnipotent power of government work this time. I’ll just be a grumpy ole man living in my beat up house. I’ll get an AI dog to watch out for Bolshevik spies.


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