Poem: Revelations : Part One: Magic Mushrooms & Santa: videos + haiku


The link might get deleted so watch it while you can, if deleted, search on Odysee or Bitchute “Eric Dubay mushrooms”.

Santa leaves presents (psychedelic mushrooms) under the trees. Santa enters through the chimney.

This documentary is from Eric Dubay who is famous for his Flat Earth documentaries, I don’t believe in flat earth but I think his other theories are fascinating. I came up with similar theories like God = good and the Devil = d’evil, but I didn’t know about Santa and the sacrament, (I’m going to post about Santa and Saturn worship soon). Dubay didn’t come up with these theories himself but he presented them in a very coherent way.

In a different time, these books would’ve not only been banned, the writers and publishers would’ve all been burned alive for blasphemy.
Red and green are the colors of Christmas because they represent the red mushroom “gifts” left under the green trees by Santa. The red berries needed to be dried before eating so the mushrooms (as ornaments) hung to dry like stockings over the fireplace.
This shamanic culture enters through the chimney dressed in red and white clothes, sounds familiar? The adorable costume resemble the mushrooms they use. Amazing how traditions spread through seemingly different cultures.
The Catholic pope’s ceremonial clothing also resembles the psychedelic mushroom, just as Santa Claus’ red fur-lined suit does. The image of the mushroom was infused in the artwork too with Christ as the sacramental mushroom.
Who knew that Santa
was a shaman giving out
psychedelic shrooms?


    1. I thought the information was mind blowing, Dubay didn’t come up with these theories, he read a lot and followed Alex Jones and David Icke but he does a good job at presenting their theories, I think Jones and Icke are agents of disinformation though. I’m going to do a post about truthers and disinformation soon.

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  1. In a class I took in Greek and Roman Mythology, I had found out how the modern Santa Claus seemed to be based on Saturn (who also dressed in red and white and gave out gifts during the feast of the Saturnalia and went around saying Ho! Ho! Ho!) but I didn’t know that the modern Santa also had its roots (pun intended) in red and white mushrooms distributed by a shaman.

    I also didn’t know that red and white magic mushrooms grew at the base of pine trees.

    As for the Isis and Horus myth being the basis of Jesus and Mary, that is part of The (I Forgot the Name Used) Project which was tied in with George Soros’ Occupy Movement.

    Remember back in 2011, you had Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Paris, Occupy London etc. where various downtowns were occupied by unwashed leftist radicals financed by George Soros?

    I remember walking around the site of the Occupy Edmonton camp after it had been dismantled in late 2011.

    They still had graffiti on the sidewalks around the camp which hadn’t been washed off yet.

    Most of the graffiti attacked capitalism and called for a global socialist one world government.

    But there was one piece of graffiti that I found strange and wondered how it connected with the rest.

    It said There Is No Jesus. Jesus Is Just Horus Reborn.

    Later about the year 2014, when I lived in Vancouver, I came across a series of videos on YouTube about The _______ Project (I forget the name in the blank space).

    The __________ Project started out as something that promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11 but gradually evolved into teaching there was no historical Jesus.

    Jesus and the Virgin Mary were only re-adaptations of the Isis and Horus myth it taught.

    The ________ Project on a practical social justice warrior scale emerged as the Occupy Movement and both project and movement were apparently financed by George Soros.

    That Heru-Jesus photo you have there I saw in a video about The ___________ Project.

    It was a photo with their supposed facts that they produced.

    I think Soros is trying to deny Jesus’ historical existence because if he can convince people of that, the easier they’ll accept the Antichrist (who’s the Messiah that Soros probably worships).

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    1. Thank you for the added information. It validates a theory that I’ve been thinking about lately. The Truth movement has many agents of disinformation, Alex Jones and David Icke are the prominent ones. They leak truth with disinformation, (like Q). They influenced Eric Dubay. He’s predominantly a flat-earther that was forced to attend church when he was a child. He rebelled by making it his mission to prove that Christianity was a false religion. I think he’s a bit misguided. He has videos that “expose” Freemasons (who are secretly Lucifereans) but he practices kundalini yoga and occult beliefs. I think his knowledge isn’t deep, his theories about flat earth don’t convince me. I’m going to write a post about disinformation. The Occupy movement seems to have turned into Antifa, same black hoodies and burning/destructive tactics. I’m no fan of Wall Street but the occupiers were unemployed anarchist assholes. Bill Maher gave the same dis-information? about Isis/Jesus in his documentary “Religuous”, thank you for pointing out Soros’ atheist agenda. Yesterday I watched a 5+ hr video that completely convinced me that Freemasons are Satanists. I’ll post on that soon.

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    1. I think religion is all meant to be symbolic but people miss the point. DMT is released in our bodies and plants for a reason. I think most people are disconnected from spirituality.

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  2. A fascinating and informative post Judy, Thank you. So many ‘coincidences’ and links between those mushrooms and Santa, (or Satan). I can’t believe I’ve never really noticed the Santa-Satan anagram. In plain sight. I guess.

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    1. I was really surprised too, I always associated the red mushrooms with fairytale gnomes before. I’m going to post about Saturn worship soon, it’s what is the foundation for the religious festivals. Thank you, Sue.

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